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Welcome to Reception!

We hope you enjoy reading our news and see what we have been learning.

Summer Term


This term we are learning about the farm.

We have been learning about the different types of farms and we have worked really hard with our writing!


We have also enjoyed following our interests in the classroom...

Spring Term

This term our topics are 'The Arctic' and 'Space'.

Road Safety


We had a special visitor in our school to help us learn about road safety. We know we have to stop, look, listen and think before we cross the road. We even practised crossing the road in our classroom!

Chinese New Year


We have enjoyed exploring how Chinese New Year is celebrated, We have been trying Chinese food and we even made our own dragon!

Autumn Term 

Our topic for the first half term is Families. We enjoyed creating self portraits and drawings of our families, and talked about who is in our family. We have looked at families in stories and enjoyed sharing stories from home with our friends.


Our topic for the second half term is Celebrations. We will look at popular celebrations and events, including Halloween, Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving and Christmas.



We enjoyed our school halloween party! We dressed up in scary costumes, and danced to monster party music. We then played musical stone statues, pass the skull, and creepy corners. We all sat together for our party snack of fingers in a bun, crunchy beetle crisps and blood juice!


Happy Halloween!

Hatton Gallery


We have been artists in the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle! 


We loved exploring the art in the gallery, learning about the artists and their work on display. We discussed Pop art, looking at shapes and colours used by the artists.


We then made our own pop art using six coloured shapes, arranged carefully to make a pattern. 

Diwali Diva Lamps


We have been making salt dough lamps as part of learning about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We read the story of Rama and Sita, and learned that the lamps are lit in the story to help light their way home. Every year, families who celebrate Diwali also light these lamps as part of the festivities. 


We loved forming the dough using our fingers, then adding patterns in the dough with plastic tools.


We left them to dry, then painted them with brights colours. We added some glitter which would sparkle with the candlelight. We love these and can't wait to use them at home. 

Mr Big Music Morning


We have had such a treat! We took part in the Mr Big Music Morning, making music to match the story of Mr Big, alongside real musicians. They played drums, keyboard, violin, guitar, trumpets, French horn and some percussion instruments. 


We first read the story together, then we added music and sounds to match what was happening on each page. We enjoyed making rhythms with tin cups and spoons, drums, wooden percussion, and some trumpets. It sounded wonderful and brought the story to life!


We then danced along to our favourite songs, pretending we were the characters in the party at the end of the book. 

Library Visit


We loved visiting our local library! We listened to the story, Bumble Bear, joining in with ideas for what happens next. We were then able to spend some time reading in the library and sharing our books with friends. We were also very lucky to receive our own copy of the book, to read at home with our family.


We can't wait to visit the library again with our family and friends! 

Teddy Bears Picnic


We loved preparing for our Teddy Bear’s Picnic! We used simple tools to carefully spread butter and jam onto bread, and cut them in half for jam sandwiches. We read the story It’s The Bear and talked about what we would take on a picnic.


We enjoyed our picnic in the park, with our friends and our teddy bear friends too!

A Visit from Year One


We have been sharing our work with year one, who have also been reading Owl Babies. We enjoyed making new friends and showing each other what we have learned about the characters and the story.

Apple Picking


We have been apple picking in the school grounds! We enjoyed talking about what we could make with our Lingey House apples, and we decide to bake apple cookies. We shared stories about baking from home, and discussed what ingredients we needed.


We helped to measure, mix and form our cookies, the classroom smelled delicious we couldn't wait to eat them! 

Autumn Walk 

Recently, we have been learning about owls and their families in our book, 'Owl Babies'. We went on a nature walk to gather materials for their nests and discussed our findings together. We look forward to making our owl nests in class.