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YRS - Mrs McCallum

Our New School 

We have been very excited to explore our new classroom and school. We have been busy indoors and outdoors. 

Our World

Spring Term

Melanie, who is a vet visited our Reception class. Melanie showed us x-rays of animal bones and explained how she helps different kinds of animals.

We have been looking at different mini beasts in class and we decided to go on a mini beast hunt.

Adam the ant has lost his home because of the strong wind. We decided to make Adam the ant a new home.


We had some visitors in our class... 

Four Giant African Snails!

During child initiated play we have been busy indoors and outdoors...


Welcome to Reception

September 2015 ~ Autumn Term

Our Christmas Performance

The children have been exploring different ways to move and balance. The children created an obstacle course whilst they were outside. Once the obstacle course was in place, the children were eager to cross it.

The children visited the library this week  and explored a variety of books. The  librarian talked to the children about the different kinds of books they may find at the library. The librarian then read the book ‘Open Very Carefully, a Book With Bite’ to the children. The children were really engaged with the story and were all eager to answer questions about the book. The children were then asked to choose a book to read. The children handled the books with care and understood that the print provides information. 

We have been reading the story about the 3 Little Pigs. In the play dough area we have been using different materials to discover which material would be the best to make a house. We discovered using bricks with play dough in between them worked the best. Once we built the house, we pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf and tried to blow the house down.    

The children enjoy learning outdoors and were able to go on an autumn walk. The children explored the different colours on the leaves and talked about why they thought the colours changed. The children collected a range of materials and then they sorted them into groups such as pine cones, leaves and sticks. 

During Arts Week the children explored colour mixing. The children mixed the three prime colours and they created new colours. The children then used these colours to create a colour wheel.

We follow a topic but we also follow our own interests and experiences. 

The children have been practising their writing skills in class by helping Mr Frog write his party invitations. The children were working hard to form their letters correctly. They also used their phonic knowledge to help them choose the correct sounds. 


In Reception we have been making smoothies.

We explored different types of fruit by smelling and looking at them. We chopped up the fruit and put it into the blender. The blender mixed the fruit into a smoothie and we tasted it. We talked to our friends about the fruits we liked and disliked. 


Our topic this term is 'Ourselves’. The children brought in four items that they could share with their friends about what they liked or who they lived with. The children enjoyed sharing their photos and toys with their friends.

Discovering our likes and dislikes.

To see what we did last year in Reception please click on the link below.