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YRC - Mrs Castling

Welcome to our new School!


The children have settled into their new classroom environment very well. They came in with excitement and then with quite awe as they looked around and took in the room layout and all the new furniture and resources.


The children quickly got busy in the areas, both inside and outside as the children now have free flow access to the outdoors learning environment as well. Some found their old favourite areas and started to use the new resources in there and others explored new areas, learning how to use things and what went where.


It is safe to say the quiet awe didn't last long!



Giant African Land Snails


In YRC a lot of the children were showing an interest in minibeasts, especially in the play dough, where the children were enjoying making snails using different coloured play dough. This interest changed our 'Sweet Shop' into a Minibeast sweet shop!' Lots of the children made snails, worms and snakes to sell in their shop, "but they're not real, just sweetie ones" Connor explained.


Due to this interest, the children were lucky enough to meet some real live minibeasts, except they were not so mini! Mrs McCallum brought in some Giant African Land Snails. All the children got a chance to gently touch the shell and then if they felt brave they had the chance to hold one as well! A lot of the children wanted to hold one, so they wet their hands with water and then put their hands flat on the table so they were steady and ready to hold the snail.


Wow, what adventurous children we have!

Making our own Space Rocket


After a while, the pop up space rocket disappeared and cardboard boxes turned up in its place.


"What shall we do with all these boxes?"


"We could make our own rocket"  Kaden said and the rest of the class agreed.


The children who wanted to help started to work together to find out the best way to build the rocket. They started by building vertically but the boxes kept falling inside one another, "we need to go this way" Kaden explained and started placing the boxes horizontally instead. The children naturally paired themselves off and started working with their partner to try and use the strong sticky tape to put the boxes together.


The children worked all morning and when they had finished they had finished complete with a door which opened upwards and a window to look out of. 


Well done! 

Space, Space and more Space!


The children came back from Christmas really excited, not only about what they did over the holidays, but because of the change in the classroom.


"the construction is where the book area was and the book area is where the construction was" Leighton tried to get his head around the change and summed it up perfectly in a sentence.


Before the holidays the children had a vote on what they wanted the role play area to be, and the majority of children voted for a Space rocket. This could be due to the live video stream we watched of the British Astronaut Tim Peake blasting off into space and wanted to do it themselves!

Our Christmas Performance

Arts Week

During Arts Week, we had a painting to discuss and from there decided what we were going to do relating to that painting. In this painting there were a lot of colours gently mixing into one another. So we decided to work on the children's colour mixing skills and to learn how to make other colours.


We each made a colour wheel and really enjoyed the whole process; pumping out our own paints from the dispenser, mixing them with our brush, gently washing the brush and then drying the brush. We got very excited trying to figure out what colours we would make, and lots of us were correct in our guesses.

Warning: Construction in Progress


The construction area is a firm favourite with the children, so much so that we had to expand the area to allow more room for the children to work and build!


In this area we have also introduced enhancements to the area to make the children think about what they are building. These enhancements include graph paper, pencils, rulers and clipboards to help them plan and draw what they are going to build and also some 'Famous Structure' books to help the encourage the children's thinking and imagination.


Since these books have been introduced, we have noticed some firm favourites recurring in the building area; The Angel of the North! Most of the children recognised this structure and were really interested in representing it through their building work. But the children haven't just been interested in things which are local to them, they have also been really intrigued by the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpar and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

Paper Plate Portraits


Take a look at some of our paper plate portraits that we made using paints and coloured wool. Can you work out who is who?



We have had a lot of birthdays to celebrate in our first half term of school and this has influenced the children's interests and play. To help enhance their learning we set out invitation writing in the writing area, with party hats and decorations. We also had birthday cake making in the playdough area, which was full of cake stands, number candles, normal candles and cake trims. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


In Class RC we have been showing a lot of interest in the story, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.' 


To help develop our interest we had the story and story sack in the reading area, with a number caterpillar jigsaw and caterpillar patterns in the mathematics area. 


We even worked on improving the story sack, as we noticed that some items from the story were missing, so we made our own!

Smoothie Making


The children have been very interested in the fruits falling from the trees outside, and in the mud kitchen they have been making pretend soups, smoothies and milkshakes. 


To follow the children's interest we decided to make smoothies in class.

We all got to take turns to help with the smoothie making, some of us cut the bananas, others helped to add in the juice or the other frozen fruit. It then got blended together in a blender, which was very noisy!


We all got a chance to taste the smoothie, and everyone in the class tried it with the majority having seconds! 


Welcome to Reception

September 2015 ~ Autumn Term


To see what we did last year in Reception please click on the link below.