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YR S - Mrs Castling 2014-2015


Welcome to the YRS page. Here you can find out all the fun and exciting things we have been doing in school.

This is us...!

Fine Motor Activities


Every morning before the register we do lots of different fine motor skill activities and games. These games help to improve the muscles in our hands which in turn help develop our pencil control and how we hold a pencil.

Here are some examples of some of our morning activities:



We have started learning our letter sounds now. We practise our phonics everyday which helps us to learn how to blend sounds together to read them and also how to segment words to write them.


We have opportunities to write and mark make in many areas of our classroom and we love to practise and show what we have learnt so far.


We love numbers! We enjoying playing and exploring with them in many areas of our classroom. Since we started in September we have focused upon number recognition and formation quite a lot and the children have really enjoyed seeing their own progression.

Trip to the Vets

Following on from some children's interests in animals and pets, a small group went on a little trip to the local vets. The children got to see inside the vets and where the animals are treated. They even got to watch when the Vet treated some patients.

This trip helped to drive the children's interest further. The roleplay area was changed to a Vets so that the children could re-enact what they had seen and so that everyone in the class could develop their interest further.


Our new roleplay area showed that we have some very caring and considerate children in our class who carefully and gently looked after the un well animals and nursed them back to health.


Outdoor Learning Week

We had a lot of fun during outdoor learning week. We made shakers in class which we then played outside as a whole school!

We all read the story "We're going on a bear hunt" and then re-read it outside and then re-enacted it as well. We even found a bear in our own cave!

We also had a visit from a Sculptor who came in a told us a story about 'Tree Spirits'.  We really enjoyed the story, and were then given all the natural resources needed to design and make our own.

We carefully picked out what we needed to form a face on the tree bark and we carefully placed the items on. When we were ready we glued the items down. We made some fantastic faces!

A Tale of Two Birthdays

In the EY's and KS1 Christmas performance all of the girls took on the role of the stars and all of the boys took on the role of the shepherds. We each had a role and time to go onto the stage area and we also sang all the songs and did the correct actions!

iPad Fun

As part of an afternoon, we all got to use the iPads. We really enjoyed opening education apps and completing the activities. We also learnt how to turn the screen on and off, how to control the volume and how to unlock the screen. What a busy afternoon!

Fantastic French!

Please take a look at our french conversation clips. We have been working really hard on initial conversations and also counting to 10.

Sarah and Isaac saying hello!

Still image for this video

Class counting to 10

Still image for this video

Mother's Day Assembly


Reception took part in a special Mother's Day Assembly. All the children made a Mother's Day card and painted a picture of their mam. The children learnt a fantastic song called 'Supermam,' some children had words to learn to speak in front of all the grown ups and we all took part in a Mother's Day Movie!


After our assembly was over, we met our grownups and were able to give them our cards, pictures and flowers. Our grown ups got to watch the Mother's Day Movie as well. This is where we  all spoke to a camera about why we love our mam's so much. There were a lot of laughs and a few tears too!

RS Class Assembly

RS had their first class assembly towards the end of the Spring term. Our topic for Spring term was all about growth and change, so this is what we focused our assembly upon. Our class assembly showed exactly what the children had been enjoying doing this term, including learning about how beanstalks grow, and planting our own. How sunflowers, butterflies, frogs, penguins and snakes grow and change and their life cycles.


We all had words to learn and we also had two different songs and actions to learn as well. We did very well as we all remembered our lines! Our grown ups gave us a big round of applause and seemed very proud of us!

Discovery Zoo


Due to our interest in snakes and their life cycle, we got to have a special visitor. Discovery Zoo came to see us and brought along some friends. In small groups we got to see and touch a corn snake, a skink, and a chameleon. 

We asked lots of interesting questions to find out more information about these animals. We were all very brave and we all gently touched each reptile how we were shown and were tried our best to not scare the animals with our enthusiasm!

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs!


We have come back after the Easter holidays with a renewed love for everything Dinosaur! As a class we decided we wanted to have a "Prehistoric Jungle" as our role play area and helped adapt our dinosaur themed tuft tray with our ideas as well.


We have been reading lots of different Dinosaur texts including fictions and non fictions and bringing in our own dinosaur books from home so that we can show our friends.


At the moment we are interested in Herbivores and Carnivores and the difference between the two...Watch this space for where we take the topic next!