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YR B – Miss Bell 2013-2014


Gibside National Park


Reception recently went on an educational visit to Gibside National Park. 

We looked carefully for signs of Summer and the different animals and nature that we could see around us.

We compared the different buildings and talked about their similarities, differences and who might have lived in them.

The children listened carefully to instructions to make sure they kept safe throughout the day.



YR have been learning how to say colours in French AND in sign language. We've recorded ourselves singing a French colour song to help us to remember the colour names..

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World Book Day


As part of World Book day, we all became story characters and brought our favourite books into school.

We invited our friends and families into school for a 'Reading breakfast', to share some of our books, act out stories and talk about our favourite parts.

Construction challenge!

The three little pigs have made a building site in our classroom and asked us to help them to build the strongest house that we can before the big bad wolf comes!

We have been working in teams and testing different construction materials to decide which makes the sturdiest house to keep the pigs safe.

Magic beans

After reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, we followed instructions and planted our very own magic beans! We discussed how to look after our plants well and what they need to grow the best. We are keeping a class bean diary to see any changes that our beans make each day. Let's hope they don't turn into giant beanstalks!

Fairy tales


After reading the story of Cinderella, we became Kings and Queens for the day and  made our own crowns, decorating them using repeating shape patterns!

Santa comes to Newcastle!

The children visited Santa in his grotto and Fenwick’s window as part of an educational visit. As they were travelling by bus and walking through a busy town centre, we discussed the ways to keep ourselves safe outside of school. The children thought about the things that they would like for Christmas and asked Santa when they saw him.

Reception visit the library

The children took part in an educational visit to the local library. They discussed ways to keep safe when travelling there and back and things to look out for.

They enjoyed listening to different stories and getting the chance to choose their own book from the library to have a look at with their friends.


Junk materials


In reception, we thought about the different uses of materials and ways we can recycle objects to help the planet.

We created our own 'junk instruments' using empty milk bottles.

We filled the bottles with rice and talked about how we can make the sound louder or quieter, depending how much rice we used.

Before performing as part of the whole school orchestra, we decorated our rice shakers with coloured cellophane, ribbon and sequins!

Natural materials with James Bedingfield


We looked at various different natural materials that we can find outdoors and talked about the different pictures that we could create. Some of the children made faces, castles and even monsters!

Welcome to YR!

Saltwell Park


On Tuesday 15th October 2013, we had an educational visit to Saltwell Park, as part of our Outdoor Learning Week.

We enjoyed looking around us for signs of Autumn and finding our way through the maze!