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Year 3

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during this time. This page will be updated daily during our distance learning time in the summer term and we will have lots of ideas for different things for you all to do at home. 

We now have an email address which your grown ups can contact. We are checking this regularly and would love to see what you are all up to! Please send us photos and videos so we can share them in a weekly post on this page.

Summer Term

Welcome back, we hope you have all had a lovely break and enjoyed the fantastic weather we have had! As we move into the summer term, we will set activities and work here daily. We will also set the spellings that should be learned over the half term as well as weekly spelling patterns. If possible, spend some time each day reading, practising spellings and working on times tables (3, 4 and 8x).


We understand that many parents are working from home, please do not feel any pressure to complete these tasks these are here to support you. Where possible, we will also include ideas that children can work on independently or with a small amount of input. If children do manage to complete these activities, we would love to see pictures or videos of this on our year group email.


Stay safe,


Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon

Happy Half Term


As it is half-term, we want you to enjoy yourselves this week and make the most of this wonderful weather.  If you want a challenge we have got a list of life skills that you can try to develop, some you may find some easy and some will be hard but if you can try and learn an additional life skills this week that would be amazing. These skills may even make your life easier parents, so they are certainly worthwhile.

w/c Monday 18th May


Hello, this is our final week before the half term holiday. We are so proud of all of the hard work you are doing and love seeing the photos to see what you are all up to. 


This week the White Rose Maths is repeating some of the fractions work that was carried out earlier on in home learning. Fractions is always very tricky topic with some difficult concepts so it might be good to go over this area again.  We will put the worksheets and video links daily as usual. If you remember the content and want to try something slightly different, BBC Bitesize will have work on fractions this week. Alternatively, if you feel secure with this there are some extra sheets looking at calculation skills,  there are links in the plan to videos. These resources will move down the page as the week progresses so as not to confuse those looking for the usual daily sheets.  


This week's English will be taken from Oak National Academy. Over the week children will build on their skills before writing a character description on Friday. We haven't seen a lot of writing, we would love to see some of your character descriptions!


Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon


Friday 22nd May


Try the White Rose Challenges:



Character Description: Write a character description

We would love to see some of your writing!


Other subjects

  • Art- Try this drawing lesson where you will use texture to make a drawing more interesting. (Year 3, week 5, Friday if the link doesn’t take you straight there)


  • It is important to keep doing some physical activity each day. Can you share your favourite ways to keep fit? There are some ideas in the Keeping Active folder,  we would love to see you trying some of these over the next week.


There will be no daily work next week as it is half term. We have set some times tables for you on MyMaths and remember to keep up with your reading too.  There are lots of ideas for fun activities to try on our website (look for the yellow stars instead of selecting Year 3) We hope you have a lovely, relaxing week.


Stay safe,


Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon


Here are this week's photos. Thank you so much for the amazing contributions this week, you have all been working so hard and doing so many different activities. We are particularly impressed with the Viking Passports! There has been some really hard work gone into them. We have given them their own folder so you can see them.  Have a lovely week off! 

Viking Passports

Thursday 21st  May

We have been so impressed with all of the work sent to us this week, especially the fantastic Viking Passports. If you have any work to share or any pictures of what you have been doing please send them to us at and we will upload the week’s photos on here tomorrow.


Lesson 4- Count in tenths

Or see alternative provision lower down the page.



Character Description: SPaG focus- Similes

Other Subjects

  • Science- Look at the PowerPoint, there is another investigation to try, this time it is all about the size of shadows and looking at how you can change them.
  • You could also make a shadow theatre and put on a show. If you have described a character in English why not make them into a shadow puppet and give them their own story? Or you could retell your favourite story in your shadow theatre.
  • The sun is  a source of light and can be very dangerous if we are not careful. Research how to stay safe in the sun and create a poster to explain this. There is a PowerPoint to help you.


Wednesday 20th May


Lesson 3- Tenths

Or see alternative provision lower down the page.


Character Description: Identify the features of a text

Other subjects

Science- this half term we would have been learning about light. Work through the PowerPoint to understand how shadows are made. The worksheet has an experiment that you could try at home. You will need a torch (a phone torch could be used) and some samples of different materials that you can find around the house. I look forward to seeing your results.


Music- Try this music lesson all about pulse, you don’t any resources to take part.  (It is under year 3, week 1, Friday in case the link doesn’t take you directly there)


Tuesday 19th May


Lesson 2- Making the Whole

Or see alternative provision lower down the page.



Character Description: Reading Comprehension- Compare


Other Subjects

Here is a DT lesson to try all about making 3D models and  creating design specifications. Can you make a phone or tablet holder that meets your client's specification? I look forward to seeing some of your designs or actual models.  

Keep going with your Viking Passports from Monday. I have seen one amazing one example from James so far!

Viking Passport

Loving to hear about people doing their Viking passport, we are so impressed. One person has just sent me a copy of theirs and it's great, so feel free to magpie any ideas.


Update: We have been sent a few now and thought they needed their own photo album. How good are these passports? We are so proud of all of your hard work!

Monday 18th May



White Rose, Unit and non-unit fractions:


Look too familiar? See the information above. 



See the PPT for this week's spellings. 

Character Description- Reading Comprehension- Word Meanings


Other Subjects

This Viking project is quite a long one, I would expect it would take you at least two days to complete. You will need to carry out some research to help you to complete the Viking 'passport'.  Some of the areas you will already know lots about, some of them you may need to research. If you don't have a printer, you could make your own passport using the sheet to guide you. 


Here is a useful site:


There are also many resources and video clips available on BBC Bitesize:

Friday 15th May


Try today’s lesson on White Rose- Friday Family Challenge.

See below for worksheet.


Did you beat Hawk Girl? You can either try to beat your time or try Thor. Thor is 6,7,& 8 times table. If you do Thor focus on 8 times table to start with.



Spelling Test

Keep on reading, if you have finished can you write a book review.

Reading lesson today on bitesize, focussing on how to summarise a text.

Have a recap on speech, go through the PowerPoint and then write a conversation with two people using speech rules.

To help you and have a bit of fun try making a fake iPhone conversation.


Other Subjects 

Last morning Viking task looking the Viking home, see PowerPoint below.

Vikings task is to look at how did the Vikings fight? go through video clip and read information and ask the questions below in full sentences.

What protection did Vikings use?

What weapons did Vikings use?

What were Vikings warriors called that went in battle wearing wolf or bear skins?

What were the Viking boats like?

What happened in AD892?


Yesterday's challenge Mr Rippon scored 42. Today's challenge is how many times can you bounce a ball in 60 seconds?




Thursday 14th May


Try today’s lesson on White Rose- Multiplication and division problem solving.

See below for worksheet.


If you need any additional support look at BBC Bitesize  -multiplication and division problem solving


Did you beat Batman? If so move onto Hawk Girl if not beat your time vs Batman. Sheet below attached remember to get your parents to time you. You will need to get full marks and complete it in under 5 minutes to get the next challenge.



You should be a pro at your spellings now, can you write all ten down in your neatest handwriting without looking at the sheet.

Keep on reading, think about the setting. Would you like to be there?

Try todays lesson on BBC Bitesize on Their, they're or there. watch the video go through the tasks and get full marks on the quiz.

I have also attached reading task on the earth, read the sheet learn lot of interesting facts and fill in the answers.


Other subjects

Back to the Vikings today, what was it like in Viking Britain? Watch the clips and read the information then answer the questions below in as much detail as you can

Explain why all Vikings weren't raiders?

What did boys and girls do instead of going to school?

Where did the Vikings live?

Name three gods and explain what they are the god of?


Try task four on the Viking activities, which one is the odd one out. Some tricky ones so you may need to do some further research.


Yesterday's task Mr Rippon got 72 after he thought Mrs Flowdy might beat him. Today's 60 second challenge is to get a ball and see how many times you can kick it off the wall in 60 seconds, once confident try not to take a touch to control it.


All worksheets and PowerPoints attached below.

Wednesday 13th May


Try today’s lesson on White Rose- Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.

See below for worksheet.


If you need any additional support look at BBC Bitesize  - Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number lesson


I have attached a superhero challenge (Beat Batman) get your parents to time you to complete all the questions. You will need to get full marks and complete it in under 5 minutes to get the next challenge.



You have new spellings to learn. Now that you know what the words mean can you use the words in a sentences.

Keep on reading, can you tell your parents about the main character.

Try todays lesson on BBC Bitesize it is proof reading, this is a tough skill to master so work through the tasks and you'll be a pro when it's our editing lessons.


Other subjects

A bit of science today, do you know the difference between a vertebrates and invertebrates? watch the video then go through the tasks.


Try task three on the Viking activities, what could the question be?


Yesterday's task Mr Rippon got 17. Today's 60 second challenge is to get a ball throw it up clap and catch it. How many times can you do that in 60 seconds.


All worksheets? PowerPoints attached below.

Tuesday 12th May


Try today’s lesson on White Rose- Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

See below for worksheet.


If you need any additional support look at BBC Bitesize at multiply 2 digits by 1 digit lesson


Continue working through TimeTable Rockstars can you get any quicker:



You have new spellings to learn. Do we know what all the words mean? can we write a definition, you may need a dictionary to help you.

Keep on reading, can you tell your parents about the main character.

Try todays lesson on BBC Bitesize writing a diary based on The Enormous Pumkin.


Other subjects

A bit of geography can you and identify the areas that the Vikings invaded and where they came from. Below is an example of a completed one and a blank map to fill in. Can you name the capital cities of each of the countries. If you have a world map or a globe can you find these counties on there.


Make sure you try the next Viking Morning Task, what do we think the item is? It is something we use everyday.


60 second challenge get a ball of any sort throw and catch it off a wall, see how many times you can do it. Mr Rippon is going to try it, can you beat him?


Make sure you tune in for today's dance tutorial:

Monday 11th May


Try today’s lesson on White Rose- Multiply and divide by 4 and 8

See below for worksheet.


If you need any additional support look at BBC Bitesize at multiply and dividing by 8 lesson warm your brain up by doing hit the button for the 4 & 8 times table.



You have new spellings to learn. try writing them out in your neatest handwriting.

Keep on reading, can parents ask questions about the book to ensure your child is understanding what they are reading.

Try todays lesson on similes and metaphors on BBC Bitesize:


Other subjects

Look at the Viking's activity PowerPoint and see if you can work out what the first item is and what could it be used for.

Have a look at the Viking Alphabet, see if you write a secret code. Can your parents work it out.


Attention Dance lovers, Gateshead School Sports Partnership are doing a virtual dance festival. Each day this week they are doing a tutorial on how to do a dance. Why not give it a go especially those that did the Gymnastics & Cheerleading Festival:You can view the all the videos on youtube: or see danceunite document below.

Spelling Summer Week 4

Spelling Summer Week 4 1

Spellings Summer Week 3

Spellings Summer Week 3 1

V. E . Day

(75th Anniversary)

We hope you enjoy the bank holiday today.  If you are still keen to do some work why not try some of the cooking maths challenges on White Rose? 


If you are doing anything to celebrate and remember VE Day (following guidance on social distancing, of course) we would love to see your photos.  Some of you may be joining in with the 2 minute silence to remember or with the Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2 at 3pm.

“To those who gave so much, we thank you.”

Stay safe,

Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon

Thursday 7th May


Try today’s lesson on White Rose- Multiply and divide by 3 Try this video to help you to remember  the 3x tables.



Remember to keep working on the weekly and half term spellings as well as doing some reading.

Try this reading lesson on BBC Bitesize:


Other subjects

V.E. Day- Design a V.E. Day medal. There is some information on the sheet below to give you some ideas. You could even make the medal using some cardboard, tin foil and ribbon. Remember this is just a guide and you can adapt or change the activities as you like.


Computing- learn about sequencing, programming and making computers work in this lesson:


Remember to stay active, there is the physical activity bingo game a little further down the page, see how many of the activities you can complete throughout the day.



Harry Potter

I know some of you love Harry Potter as much as I do so for any fans out there I have come across a brilliant site that has lots of Harry Potter activities. The best part is  they have guest readers to read the first Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone). If you haven't read any of the books or seen the films yet, why not have a  listen to the first chapter and see what you think? There are quizzes and lots of suggested activities to complete too once you have listened. 





Wednesday 6th May


Lesson 3 –Subtract money


Today’s shop challenge- Can you give change?

Choose an item and pay with  an amount of money. How much change would you get?

Try paying with different coins. If you don’t have any coins you could trying drawing the change that you would need to give.


On Friday, White Rose will set a baking challenge linked to maths. If you would like to take part, have a look at the ingredients list saved at the end.  If you don’t have the ingredients, you will have to ‘make do’ just like they did during the war or see if you can find an alternative ingredient. Year 3 comes under KS2 (carrot cake) but of course you are welcome to try any of the activities. We’d love to see some of your baking.




Direct speech- See the sheet saved at the end for more work on inverted commas using a text linked to World War 2.

Can you write what happened next in the story? Make sure you use some speech.


Other subjects

Science- what plants need to live.

Although we have already looked at this topic in school this will be a good chance to revisit what we learned. I know lots of you have been doing planting and gardening as part of your home learning so we hope you enjoy these activities.


Go in to the garden or on a walk and look at the flowers and plants around you. Create a picture showing the plants. You could colour or use paints or you might even find some natural resources (sticks, stone etc)  to create a picture from.


VE Day- Make a quiz, word search or crossword  based on all of the things that you have learned about V.E. Day. There is a presentation attached with some extra information if you need it.


Have a lovely day!

Tuesday 5th May



Lesson 2- adding money


Shops- Today in your shop can you add different prices together? Pick two items and find the total cost.

Also, make sure that you know what all of the coins represent. Raid a money box and look at all of the different coins finding the value of each. 


This website has some fantastic activities and games on for learning all about money and responsible ways to look after our money.



Try this lesson on inverted commas.


Did you include speech in your story? This is one of the import skills we have worked on in year 3 this year.  If not, why not try to re-write a paragraph that includes some speech?


Other subjects

Use this website to find out more about V.E. Day. Then try to complete the thoughts from the sheet. If you don't have a printer, why not try drawing your own speech bubbles to write in or even type up your thoughts about it in an email and send them to our class email? We love to hear from you all. 


Monday 4th May

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  • Complete Summer Term- Week 3 Lesson 1- Convert pounds and pence. There is a video and a worksheet.
  • Try your 8 times tables, keep trying to beat your score
  • Why not make your own shop, start by labelling your toys with prices. We will have the next challenge for you tomorrow.


Watch the end of 'Jotun - Journey of A Viking'

Now write the ending of the story start at 4:45 to end.

Continue to use expanded noun phrases, adjectives, adverbs and exciting verbs.

Think about:

How does he move towards the stone.

Describe the stone

Where does Jotun go with it?

How does he place it?

Who are the other characters? Are they happy?

What happens next.


Other Subjects

Creative Curriculum, go through PowerPoint to learn about Anglo Saxon Kings in particular Alfred the Great and create a poster listing 5 reasons why he was so great and powerful.

As it is VE day on Friday complete the comprehension below.


Friday 1st May


  • Complete Summer Term- Week 2 Lesson 5- Maths Challenge. There is a video and a worksheet.
  • Go onto Times Table Rockstars, once finished go the shop and dress your character super cool. 




I hope you enjoyed writing your story opening and build up of 'Jotun - Journey of A Viking'

Now it gets exciting, you are to write the climax. Start at 2:45 end at 4:45

Can you including exciting verbs,adverbs, and expanded noun phrases.

Challenge try using some short sentences to develop suspense. 

Think about:

who jumps off the boat? Describe them and their weapons

What giant creature appears? what does he do?

How does Jotun use his sword? What happens to the creature?

Where does Jotun go next?

Describe the cave? What does he hear?

All of a sudden he slides down ... 

How does he use his word?


Other Subjects 

Read through the powerpoint (below) and gain an understanding about Vikings. You have a few questions to answer you can either answer then in full sentences or display the answers along with any interesting facts. If you need more information visit:

Who were the Vikings?

Where did they come from?
What did they do?
When did they come to Britain and why?
How to the travel?


Try a bit of science looking at states of matter

Science is always better when its practical so make you do activity 2 looking a freezing and melting.

Thursday 30th April





I hope you enjoyed writing your story opening of 'Jotun - Journey of A Viking'

Today you are to write the build up stop at 2:45 in clip.

Describe the character of Jotun,what does he look like?

What is the atmosphere like and weather like as he travels through the snow?

In the distance he's seeing the viking boat, describe them using technical vocabulary (see longboat picture below).

How was he feeling here?

He explores further, was does he see glistening? Describe it.


There is a great lesson on apostrophes for possession at:

This is a great revision session and a chance for you to show off to your parents.


Other Subjects 

Today we look at when the Vikings invaded different areas, look at the Powerpoint below to see at the order of the events. Then can you order the pictures from earliest to the most recent, if you use the pictures make sure you add the year. If you don’t have access to a printer try and draw a time line and write/draw what happens.We have added a Viking wordsearch for a bit of fun.



Wednesday 29th April





Write a story opening of the story for Jotun - Journey of A viking. The opening will is describing the setting. Use your senses to help you. Can you use adjectives, verbs, adverbs and a simile.

Think about how dark the sky is.

What are the houses made out of?

What is in the distance?



Other Subjects 

For a bit of fun logon to Purple Mash and create a mashcam of either a Anglo-Saxon or a Viking. I have set it for you so if you click the purple alert button for a shortcut. When you create it you can copy it and make a wanted poster.


Tuesday 28th April


  • Complete Summer Term- Week 2 Lesson 2- Subtracting fractions. There is a video and a worksheet.
  • Go on Rockstars to get your speed up with your times tables



Our class novel for this half term was 'There's a Viking In My Bed', use the front cover (below) and blurb to help you write a prediction. 

Think about:

Who is Mr Ellis?

Who is Tim & Zoe?

Whose bed is the Viking in?

What does the Viking do when they find him?



‘Mr Ellis, there’s a Viking in my bed!’

Tim and Zoe can’t believe it when a guest at the Viking Hotel discovers an ACTUAL, real-life Viking in her bed! And things get even more exciting when he decides to stay for not one, but THREE adventures!


Other Subjects

The next Viking weapon we are going to look at is a Viking Shield, research what it is used for and what  it's made out of and draw your own Viking Shield. They were round and used as protection during flights, and were also used as weapons to ‘punch’ enemies. Think about the colours you would use? Is it going to have a symmetrical design? Look at the images below to give you some inspiration.



Monday 27th April


Complete Summer Term- Week 2 Lesson 1- adding fractions. There is a video to and a worksheet. 

Don't forget your MyMaths Homework.



Grammar today visit the BBC bitesize lesson. Remember an adverb is a word that provides more information about a verb, or sometimes about an adjective or another adverb. Work through the three tasks and if your up for the challenge write 5 sentences using adverbs.  

I have attached a picture of this weeks spellings below, learn them and get your parents to test you on Friday.


Other Subjects

This week we are going to look at different viking weapons, today is the sword that Vikings carried in their scabbard. Visit the Royal Armouries website and design you own sword and give it a cool name.


It is important to still keep active, why not have a game of active bingo can we get a line by the end of the week.




Stay Safe

Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon

Spellings Week Commencing 27th April

Spellings Week Commencing 27th April 1

Summer Term 1 spellings to learn throughout this half term

Summer Term 1 spellings to learn throughout this half term 1

Photos Summer Week 1

What a busy week you have all had! Thank you again for sending us all of your fantastic pictures. It is so lovely to see how hard you are all working but also all of the fun you are having with your families. Please keep sending them in, we love seeing what you are all getting up to.


Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon

Friday 24th April


It’s Mrs Flowdy’s favourite in maths today- problem solving. Can you solve the challenges? You can send us your answers if you like.   

There are lots of maths games here to work on your 3, 4 and 8x tables. Hit the Button is usually a favourite.  



There is a lovely reading lesson here based on a funny poem by Allan Ahlberg.   


Other Subjects

BBC Bitesize have a lesson on the importance of teamwork:


CHALLENGE- I want you to build an amazing obstacle course! Use whatever you can find (please check with parents first) and then complete it.


· Make it as big as you can and try to be creative in finding obstacles.

· You could build it in the garden or in the house.

· How long does it take to complete? Can you beat your time?

· Bonus points if you can get a grown up to take part!

Don’t forget to send us your pictures or videos!


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon

Thursday 23rd April


  • Complete Summer Term- Week 1 Lesson 4- Order fractions. There is a video and a worksheet.
  • Go on Rockstars to get your speed up with your times tables.


  • Keep practising your spellings!
  • Write a book review of your favourite book. We could share these on the website and it might help your friends to find a new and exciting book to read. I have just read some of  'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton which is an exciting mystery book. A group children find a tree and go to the top where they have amazing adventures in different lands. They have to make sure they get back to the tree in time so they can return home!


Other Subjects

Our new topic is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Keep going with the Anglo-Saxon work from yesterday as we gave you lots of activities!

This website is also fantastic if you want to do a little bit more research:



Our new topic for science is light.  Follow this link to get you started.  There are some videos as well as some interactive and practical activities.

  • Make a poster to show how light travels.
  • If you don’t have a hand torch for the practical activities you could use a phone torch.

We  are missing you all very much and would love to see some of your practical work. You can send any fun things that you have been doing!


Stay safe,

Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon

Wednesday 22nd April


Complete Summer Term- Week 1 Lesson 3- Compare fractions. There is a video and a worksheet.


Did anyone manage to make any of their own fraction models?  I love this idea for making equivalent fractions with Lego. This is taken from the White Rose Facebook page.



Picture 1


  • Complete the BBC Bitesize daily lesson to revise adjectives.

  • Choose a character or setting from your favourite book and write a description using lots of powerful adjectives. Don’t forget to use your punctuation. Do you think you would be able to include a question? What a great effort it would be if you could also include an exclamation!


Other Subjects

Our new topic is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Use the first video to introduce you to this topic.

There is an interactive activity to explore an Anglo-Saxon village and learn about their daily lives. Here are some activities that you might like to try to linked to this topic over the next few days:

  • Draw an Anglo- Saxon village
  • Make an Anglo-Saxon house (cereal boxes might be a good start)
  • Write a description or an advert for a job that the Anglo Saxons would have done.
  • Make a page for a children’s book all about Anglo Saxon life, make it bright and colourful with subtitles to help the reader.
  • Anglo-Saxons weaved to make their clothes. You could have a go a paper weaving (lots of tutorials available on YouTube)
  • Make your own video to tell people about Anglo-Saxon life. (Speak to an adult and follow our internet safety rules before you upload it anywhere!)

Please remember we don’t expect you to do all of this! You might even come up with your own ideas but we would love you to send us some pictures of videos of your work!

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Flowdy and Mr Rippon

Tuesday 21st April


Complete Summer Term- Week 1 Lesson 2- Equivalent Fractions (2). There is a video and a worksheet.

This follows on from the previous two week’s learning which children will need to have completed first.



  • Keep reading. Parents might be interested to know that children often read independently and silently in school for up to 30 minutes at a time!
  • Work through the presentation attached below to help you to learn your spelling pattern.
  • Write each spelling into a sentence to help you to learn the meaning of the word.
  • Complete the BBC Bitesize homelearning video and activities from today about pronouns.

Other Subjects

  • Use the website below to find out about what a palaeontologist does.
  • Make a poster to show what a palaeontologist does.
  • Write some questions and interview a family or friend about their job
  • You might want to do this over a video or telephone call if it is someone that you don’t live with.
  • Use today’s BBC Bitesize lesson to help you to improve your Geography skills. We would love to see your own maps!
  • Try the 60 second challenge below to help you to keep active.

Monday 20th April


Complete Summer Term- Week 1 Lesson 1- Equivalent Fractions (2). There is a video and a worksheet.

This follows on from the previous two weeks which children will need to have completed first.


Could you make some practical examples of equivalent fractions? You could use food, pencils, toys or even make some models (paper plates would be good to show halves and quarters)



Create a free account on Oxford Owl and spend some time reading. 


Other Subjects

  • Have a look at this information on fossils: there's a really good video at the top of the page. 
  • Why not try to write about how fossils are formed? There was some work on this in your original pack. If you have already completed it, why not try to improve it with more scientific vocabulary?
  • You could try to make your own fossils too!



Easter Holiday Fun

Easter Holidays

Well that was a strange half term! Believe it or not we are at the end of term and the start of the Easter holidays. We hope you all have a lovely rest from school work. There are some ideas for activities below but please do not feel like you have to do school work during this time.


White Rose maths will still release their daily lessons during the holidays, the videos will not be deleted so please do not feel that children need to complete them straight away. We will assume that you are starting week 3 at the start of the new term on 20th April and will set tasks any appropriate tasks on MyMaths then. Of course if children want to do some work there are many games and activities on MyMaths, Purple Mash and Rockstars that they can continue to work on as well as keeping up with reading.


One thing that we have missed with not being in school are all of your easter egg designs! If you are able to decorate a boiled egg please send us photographs by Thursday April 9th and we will display them here.


Try not to eat too much chocolate, have a lovely time and stay safe!

Matthew has been learning to tell the time and created this impressive resource. This is such an important life skills to have,see link below for an interactive clock game:


Matthew's impressive pokemon egg.
Picture 1
Henry did a biology lesson about the lungs. He also made a lovely Easter picture for his Grandma.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Lauren's fantastic egg entry of the boy in the dress.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Lucas has been using purple mash to create contemporary themed games. He has also been doing some maths exercises and playing virtual battle ship with his friend using video calling. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Charlie has started his own time capsule project, impressive.

Jacob made an great lego roller-coaster 

James made a police themed rollercoaster 
Here are more examples of your fantastic home learning, it's lovely to see such a variety. Here is the Lego challenge being completed on Purple Mash and a very creative bug hotel, well done!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Maths Help

For anyone struggling with the finding fractions of an amount task on MyMaths here is a video showing an example of how to solve them in a little more detail you need to watch

Lesson 3 - Step 8 - Fractions of a set of objects (2). There is also an extra worksheet to go alongside this if you feel like you need a little more work on it. smiley

3rd April


Thank you for all of the photos we have had so far, it is lovely to see how creative you all are. Also don't forget if you are completing physical activities make sure you fill in our Road to Tokyo charter:

You just need to search for Lingey House by putting in NE10 8DN.


Here is a creative challenge that will keep you busy, a 30 day Lego challenge. I would love to see any creations that you have made. If you don't have Lego, why not draw a picture or make the ideas using craft materials?

2nd April


Today's Challenge is to create a word search around a theme (Easter,School, Teams, Spellings):

email you word search and other people in your class can complete them.


Remember to continue sending in your photos, if really does brighten up our day.


Tomorrow Jo Wicks workout is fancy dress themed, can we dig out our World Book Day outfits out to wear during the workout. Don't forget to send them in:

Great effort by James & Jacob creating a word search, can anyone complete this? 

Jay teaching Mr Rippon how to rainbow flick, will he be able to do when everyone is back?

Eva entertaining staff with a karaoke 

Jay and Eva complete crossword made by James



Happy April Fools Day! Please email if you managed to trick anyone.


I hope we enjoyed Jo Wicks this morning, if completed it make sure you fill in our Road to Tokyo charter. you just need to search for Lingey House by putting in NE10 8DN







Great work Jacob practising his handwriting along with collect many items to do forest school activities.

Wow! Charlie is taking home schooling serious, he's even got his own school uniform.He's been working hard through his school activity pack.

Kaiden has been feeding the ducks this morning during his 1 bit of exercise. Even the swans need feeding in these tough times.


Happy Belated Birthday to Harry Hewitt, he certainly looks happy doing cosmic yoga.

Henry he's had a very busy week and is certainly keeping himself occupied. Doing a futsal lesson via zoom, may need to get onto Tyneside Futsal.Along with doing a bike ride, making lego and making a coloured raimbow on the window.
Emily making some delicious cakes (1 for me I hope) along with completing some maths from her homework pack.
Lucas playing scrabble, a great way for him develop his vocabulary along with drawing dinosaur shadows.
A hectic day for James, who started with this Jo Wicks workout followed by reading, times tables rockstars and baking.
Lauren created her own 'lego world' called the clubhouse. She has also been practicing her maths by playing dominoes.

She has also been working hard at beating her score on Times Tables Rockstars, I may need to challenge you.

Aleya making a volcano amazing,making her own PE games in our garden, playing monopoly and working hard on her activity pack. 

Kadie doing her Jo Wicks work out, great technique.


Hello Year 3. We hope everyone is well and that you all enjoyed the sunshine that we had last week! Here are a few extra ideas for you to try. The most important things that you can do for home learning is to keep reading and practising your times tables. You should know your 2, 5 and 10x tables and this year we have worked on our 3, 4 and 8x times tables. Don’t forget to go onto Rockstars to practise or try some of the other games or websites that are on the school page.

White Rose have a daily maths video and worksheet. Week 1 starts with fractions, we have not covered some of these ideas yet in class so don’t worry if it doesn’t seem familiar but the videos are very good.  There are some great ideas to work through on the question sheets too if you can.

Here are some additional ideas but remember to have fun!

  • Write a newspaper report (there are some lovely templates that you can use on Purple Mash- logins were sent in the home learning packs.)
  • If you have completed the first video about unit and non-unit fractions why not try to make some fractions around the house?  For example if you have Lego, can you make 1/4 of a group of bricks red? Or use pencils, can you make 2/3 of the pencils blue?
  • Design your perfect playground. Think about all of the things that you might like to have there.
  • Check MyMaths as there is some extra work added.
  • Make a spring picture. What different things can you see out of your window now we are in spring?


Mrs Flowdy  and Mr Rippon