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Year 1

Wednesday 27th May Maths - Playing games for revision!

Tuesday 26th May - Maths



As under normal circumstances this week would be May half term I have decided that English lessons this week will be slightly more fun and interactive. I will be posting links to games/ websites/ activity ideas. You can pick and choose what you would like to do. Remember the most important and best thing you can do is to keep reading everyday.

Creative Curriculum


Our next Creative Curriculum topic is castles. Your challenge over this half term week is to build your own castle. You can use whatever you like to build your castle- let your imagination run wild! Don't forget to send pictures to us and have fun!

Monday 25th May

I've put the exercise links first today - you could do these to get wide awake before you start. They are grown-up friendly too, so you could get your grown-ups joining in to keep them fit! wink


As you know, next week is both a bank holiday and half term week. Therefore, many of you might choose to have a school work free week, and use the week to relax, do projects, get crafty or whatever else you enjoy. However, a few parents (and children) are preferring to keep to a weekday routine. Therefore, we will continue to put up lessons/activities next week, but as always these are just here for those who would like them. 

Friday 22nd May

Friday White Rose Family Challenge


Here is your Friday maths challenge. Challenge 1 is probably most suited to Year 1 blush


As always today I would like you to reflect on the week and write in your Friday journal. Take this is a speaking and listening opportunity to ask your grown ups what they have enjoyed this week and take some time to plan activities for next week that in normal circumstances would have been May half term. 




heartCapital letters 

heartFinger spaces 

heartFull stops 

heartUse 'and' to make your sentences longer.


Friday (or weekend) Science

Which of your senses do you use to taste food? Does food taste different if you cannot see or smell it? Get your grown up to find a little selection of foods to taste. Put on a blindfold and hold your nose. Taste the different foods. What are they? Try each one the first time with the blindfold AND holding your nose, then a second time just with the blindfold. 

Creative Curriculum


Ahoy year 1!


Thank you for your help after my last letter to you, you were right I was in North America. Did you manage to label it on your map? I had a fantastic time in North America but as you know by now I don't like to stay in one continent for too long! I have travelled south. Do you know compass directions? I have seen the most amazing things in this mostly very hot continent. I have sailed my ship down past the Amazon Rainforest. I have been to watch a football match of a team playing in bright yellow shirts. I have seen a huge statue called Christ the Redeemer. Can you guess where I am and label it on your map?


Cheers mates


Pirate Pete

Have a go at this interactive lesson and write about what you learn in your continents book. 

Thursday 21st May

I have attached a link to a hundred splat square below, for if you would like this to help with your numbers to 100. It's the one we use in class which makes the fun noises... smiley



Today for your English job I would like you to have a go at this interactive lesson on BBC Bitesize. It is a fun way to practice phonics sounds and being able to use them in our writing- this is such an important skill and something that we need to keep reminding ourselves of so that we don't forget. Have fun!



Read the story carefully and then answer the comprehension questions. Remember if you are unsure of the answer you can read the story again to help. 


Wednesday 20th May



Good morning Year 1, hope you are enjoying your week so far! Today for your English job I would like you to have a think about the continent Pirate Pete is visiting. Did you manage to guess yesterday that he is in North America? Some of the best theme parks in the world are in North America so today I thought it might be fun for you to design your own theme park! You will need to think of a name for your theme park and design some different rides and attractions. You could draw your theme park, build it with Lego, draw it on a computer program- use your imagination! Once you have designed your theme park I would like you to write a paragraph to advertise your park. Your advert should make people really want to visit your theme park so think carefully about interesting and exciting words you could use. 


Creative Curriculum 


Have a go at the interactive lesson to learn more about North America. 


Wednesday 20th May - Maths

Again, there are a couple of sheets in your pack which will support you with today's maths. I have put a picture of the sheets on the last slide. You could have a quick game of Hit the Button halves as well, maybe you could keep a record of your score each time to try and beat it!

White Rose Maths

Tuesday 19th May

You might want to start with 5 minutes on Hit the Button practicing your halves. 

Then today's maths is looking at quarters. If you split something into quarters, you are splitting it into 4 equal parts. Can you find anything you can cut, break or share into quarters? 

If you have picked up your latest pack, there are a couple of good sheets to help you practice your quarters, using your coloured pencils to colour a quarter of each shape. 

White Rose Maths


English 19/5/20


Today I would like you to design your own pirate map of your house and surrounding area. You can label each part of your map sounding out any unfamiliar words. Think carefully about what you can see when you go for a walk near your home and what you can see when you look out of your window. For an extra challenge can you add an adjective to describe each place? E.g beautiful park, super shop etc.


Creative Curriculum


Ahoy Year 1!


Thank you for all of your help so far, because of you I have had an epic journey around many continents of the world but I need your help again! I have arrived at a new continent. I have seen The White House, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. I had such a fun time visiting Micky Mouse in Disney World. The president's name is Donald Trump. Where in the world am I?


Cheers mates,


Pirate Pete


Where do you think Pirate Pete is now?  Can you label this continent on your map and write about it in your continents book?

White Rose Maths

Optional Den Making - Saw these and thought you might enjoy them! Courtesy of Ikea.

English 18/5/20


Today I would like you to practice your sentence writing skills. Below I have put up a link to a writing activity with picture prompts and key words to help you and give you ideas. You can either print a sheet off to write your sentences on, or simply use your own paper and have the prompts on your screen. 



White Rose Maths- Friday Family Challenge

English 15/5/20


Today is Friday Journal day, the perfect time to reflect on the week and think about all the fun and lovely times you have had at home. Talk with your grown ups about your week and listen to them about what they have enjoyed too. Then you will be ready to write all about it. 


This week at home I have enjoyed giving my dog Buddy a haircut. His hair was getting very long and making him too hot walking in the sunshine. I have also enjoyed making crunchie tiffin using a recipe Miss Procter sent me. I enjoyed eating it even more! 



Picture 1
Picture 2

Creative Curriculum

Today I would like you to have a go at this online lesson all about Africa to find out some more information about this amazing continent.

Friday 14th May Maths

Thursday 14th May


White Rose Maths


English 14/5/20


Ahoy Year 1,

Thank you for your letters yesterday. The continent that I am in right now is very hot as I am very close to the equator. Do you know what the equator is? Maybe you could find out more about it! I have seen some amazing animals in this continent. I have seen elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos and zebras! Can you guess where I am? I haven’t seen my pirate crew in quite a while now and I would love to tell them about this amazing continent. Could you help me? I’d like you to send a postcard to my good mate Pirate Paul describing this continent for me.  

Cheers mates

Pirate Pete


So, can you guess where Pirate Pete is?


Have a look at this information PowerPoint all about Africa and write a postcard to Pirate Paul.


Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday! Today's maths lesson and another game to practice your skills is posted below as always!


Just a note: the school are also now posting the daily 'White Rose Maths' sheets. This is not connected to the lesson I have posted. We were informed some parents were using this free resource, which is now no longer free, so we are putting it up for those parents smiley For anyone else, please don't let this confuse you, I promise I am not suddenly setting double work!


I've posted an optional science experiment too, might be one you'd like to try, or save until the weekend. 

White Rose Maths

English 13/5/20

Thank you for your help yesterday Year 1 Pirate Pete has been found! But you know what he is like, he doesn’t know where he is! I would like you to write a letter to him today to ask him about where he is so that we can use his clues when he writes back to us to work out where he is in the world. Think about the questions you would like to ask him to find out some important clues. Maybe you could ask about the weather, animals he has seen, human features he has seen and physical features he has seen. I will email them to Pirate Pete!


Have a go at this Pirate reading activity.



Tuesday 12th May

For today's maths, start with the video below, put the sound on mute and try and give the directions yourself. Once you have worked through the slides, the link to the pirate game is underneath. 


For your exercise, I have posted the links again below, you could choose Zumba or a fitness workout again. 

White Rose Maths


English 12/5/20

Good morning Year 1. I haven’t heard from Pirate Pete in a little while and I wondered if you could help me. I’d like you to create a missing persons poster for him. We know that he loves to travel the world but we don’t know where he is right now! Missing persons posters describe what the person looks like, tells you where the person was last seen and includes a picture of the person. I hope we can find him!

Creative Curriculum

Today I would like you to choose a famous pirate from the PowerPoint and create a fact file about them with facts you have learnt. Don’t forget to draw a picture too!


Monday 11th May

Good morning all!

I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend! Your maths for today is below, and underneath I have put 2 links for either a fitness workout or a zumba dance workout. You could stick with Joe, or if you are ready for a change you could pick a different one of these each day. I'll keep posting the links so they don't disappear down the page. 


I know I promised challenges too, you can find these on the Year 1EC class page so that they didn't get muddled with your work here. 



I've heard lots of people are doing baking, crafts and all sorts for VE Day, we would love to see photos, or even videos of your singing along to 'We'll Meet Again'! 

White Rose Maths


I will be posting a daily link to an additional optional maths lesson from White Rose Hub.

11/5/20 English

Today is the day to write the final part of our stories. How is the problem going to be solved? Think about what your character can do to come up with a solution. Will your story have a happy ending? Think about stories that you know for inspiration.

*Note for grown ups- at this stage children are not expected to write overly detailed stories. As long as their story clear beginning, middle and end in three parts a couple of sentences is enough for each part. 


Journal- As we didn't write a Friday Journal last week maybe you could write a list of 3 things you would like to do this week/ are looking forward to this week. 


Creative Curriculum

Today I would like you to label Asia on your map and I would like you to write up any information you have found out about Asia in your continents book to help Pirate Pete with his journey. First test yourself to see how much you remember but if you are struggling to remember  anything after the weekend have a look back at the video from Thursday to remind you.




VE Day

VE Day 1
VE Day 2

Friday 8th May

Completely optional Maths and Science below, as it's a bank holiday 1) because I forgot it was a bank holiday when I was planning and 2) because I know some of you like to keep on your routine. The maths is just making and playing a game though, and the science is just drawing a picture. 


I've decided I will post the challenge tomorrow afternoon, then it doesn't get muddled in with the maths and science!

Miss Clarke

Garden Flowers picture for Science

Thursday 7th May

Hello Year 1! Today's maths is below as usual. I forgot it was a bank holiday tomorrow so I have maths ready! I will put it up tomorrow anyway for those of you who are enjoying your routine, but you are perfectly entitled to have a relax day instead.


Having said that, I have a great idea for a bank holiday weekend challenge which I think some of you might enjoy! Watch this space, I'll have the information up here by Friday morning!


Miss Clarke smiley

7/5/20 English


Today I would like you to think of a problem that your character might face. Are they lost? Has their parrot flown away? Think about how your pirate feels when they are faced with this problem and use adjectives to describe their emotions. This is the middle of your story, so don’t write about how the problem is solved today!



I would like you to have a think about your favourite story book that you have in your house. First read your book to yourself and then read your book to someone else in your house. Then answer the following questions:


Who is the author of this story?

Who illustrated this story?

Who is the main character?

How does the story end?

Why is it your favourite story?

Who else do you think would enjoy this book?




Wednesday 6th May

If you haven't seen it already, then I very much recommend you and your grown-ups start your day watching the video link below. A lovely poem to get us all thinking. Do you think there is anything you might do different after the lockdown compared to before...? What have you especially enjoyed?


On a different subject, I have heard that Ella has drawn penguins and Australian animals to go in her window for you to spot, and Joshua has drawn an otter. Have any of you spotted any of your friends' window animals yet?


Wednesday's Science

I think you will be getting pretty good a identifying plants and flowers not so I thought we'd get a bit trickier. Today's hunt is trying to identifying trees, so you need to get close to see the shape of the leaves. If the Tuesday's night weather forecast is right then I think today should be sunny, so a nice day to get out hunting. Did you know a scientist who studies trees is called an Arborist? 

English 6/5/20


Today we are going to start our pirate stories about our very own pirates. This is the beginning of your story so you should introduce your character to the reader. This is where yesterday’s activity comes in useful to help you. You should also think about describing the setting of the story- the pirate ship. Think about how you could use adjectives to describe your pirate’s ship. This sets u the story for the reader and it should make the reader want to continue reading the rest of the story that you will write during the rest of this week.


Creative Curriculum

Ahoy year 1,

Thank you for finding out more about the UK. I am a pirate who travels the world but I think it is very important to learn about where you are from me hearties!

I have set sail again and as you know by now I am not the best pirate as I keep getting lost! I am in a new continent now. This is the biggest continent in the world! It has 48 countries. Some countries here are very hot and some are cold. The biggest country in this continent is Russia, which is also the biggest country in the whole world! I have also visited China, India and Japan. Where in the world am I?

Cheers mates

Pirate Pete

Follow the link below to learn more about today's mystery continent!


Tuesday 5th May - Maths

Today you are working on doubling numbers. I made myself a 'Doubling Ladybird' and used Cheerios to help me (see my picture on the last slide!)

5/5/20 English

Today I would like you to use your imaginations to create your own pirate. I would like you to first draw your pirate and colour him/ her in. Then I would like you to use adjectives to describe your pirate thinking carefully about both their looks and personality. You can choose to just write key words or sentences about your pirate to build up a clear picture about what they’re like. The more detail you include the better because it will help you with writing a story about your pirate during the week.

SPaG (spelling and grammar)



smileyMini Non-Work Making People Happy Task smiley

I know you all like your daily outings AND that lots of you live quite close, so I had an idea for over the weekend and next week. Think about everywhere Pirate Pete has visited so far. Can you draw one of the animals that Pirate Pete might have seen so far and write the animal name? Make sure the name is really clear, then stick it in a window where people can see it from outside. 

THEN, next week when you are on your walk, you can see if you spot any animals in windows that your friends have drawn. I know lots of you are chatting online with friends, so you could tell each other what you have seen, and where! Send me photos if you find any!

Miss Clarke 


Monday 4th May - Maths

Happy Monday all! Below is your warm up maths sheet for today, then today's powerpoint is doubling. Try the questions then you could make some ladybird cards of your own to test your doubling skills. 

Monday 4th May - PE

One last try at beating your score for this challenge. Remember, the ball (or whatever you are throwing) has to go above head height. If you're getting too good you could try clapping twice between each throw. Or touching the floor!

Picture 1

English 4/5/20


 Today we are going to practice using question marks. We have done this at school so I hope you can remember where we need to use them. We ask questions every day and we answer questions every day. Can you think of a question you have asked somebody today? Can you think of a question you have answered today?

We are going to think of questions that we could ask Captain Cutlass. Say your questions out loud first, thinking about how many words there are in your sentence and the order of the words. Don’t forget to end with a question mark. Remember when you use a question mark, you don’t need a full stop!


Creative Curriculum


Ahoy year 1,


Thank you for your help last week, I know that I am in Europe! I know that you all live in England which is a country in the UK in Europe. I decided that I would like to visit the UK because you have all been so kind and helpful to me. I would like you to find out more about the UK before I set sail again.

Cheers mates,


Pirate Pete


Friday 1st May - Maths and Science

Your Maths warm up pdf is below, then (as it is Friday) today's maths is a problem solving challenge. Science is another plant hunt to continue to develop your plant identification skills (plus a good excuse to get out and about!). 


Last day of work for the week, then it's the weekend! Who can think of some really imaginative things to do this weekend?

1/5/20 English


Today I would like you all to become authors. I know a lot of you really love to use your imaginations to write your own stories so I thought it might be a nice idea for you to write a story about Captain Cutlass. Think carefully about:


heart The characters in your story

heart How your story will begin (introduce your characters to the reader using adjectives to describe them)

heart What will happen in the middle of your story (a problem your characters encounter)

heart How your story will end (how the problem is eventually solved)


You could also be an illustrator and draw pictures for your story. 


Friday Journal 


If you would like to do you could also do your Friday Journal entry for this week too. 


Creative Curriculum 


Use your continents book to write up information you have found out about Europe. Can you name some human and physical features you can find in Europe?


Human feature- built by humans 

Physical feature- an aspect of nature 

English 30/4/20


Today I would like you to pretend that you are a pirate on a desert island. I'd like you to write a message in a bottle for somebody to find in the future. You could write about everything that has been happening since school shut. Think about what you have been doing and how you have been feeling. 

Picture 1
Creative Curriculum

Ahoy Year 1!


Thank you for all of your help teaching me about Australia. I had a super time there but a pirate never stays in the same place for long! I have set sail again and I have reached a new continent. In this continent some countries are hot and some countries are cold. I have visited the UK, Spain, Germany and France. Which continent have I arrived on?


Cheers mates, 


Pirate Pete

Follow the link below to learn more about the continent. Don't forget to label the continent on your map!
Thursday's Maths Activity Mat and Powerpoint
I thought this was a lovely activity to complete. Some of you might be able to print it, or you could just make a list or poster of your own. smiley
Picture 1

29/4/20 English


Today I would like you to write up your instructions you thought of yesterday. You should have thought of 5 instructions which start with the following time connectives:


  • First
  • Next
  • Then
  • After that
  • Finally 


As you are writing sentences today don't forget:


yesCapital letters

yesFinger spaces between words 

yesFull stops


When you have finished your sentences read them to an adult and check that each sentence has a time connective, a capital letter at the start, a finger space between every word and a full stop at the end. 




Can you make your sentences longer by using 'and'? 

Creative Curriculum


Pirate Pete is having a great time in Australia. The weather is very different to what it was like in Antarctica! Today I would like you to design a weather symbol for what you think the weather will be like in Australia. 



Wednesday's Maths

Under the usual powerpoint are a worksheet, printable game and an online game. I will add the worksheet and game as both Word and PDF for you. 

Science - Spring Hunt Checklist

Don't forget I posted instructions on Monday to show you how to tick off pdf checklists on your phone or ipad if this helps smiley
Picture 1
Tuesday PE - Can you spell your favourite animal, doing the right activity for each letter? 
Picture 1

28/4/20 English


Today you are going to pretend that you are the captain of your very own pirate ship! You can choose your own pirate name and you can name your pirate ship. You must give orders to your pirate crew just like Captain Cutlass does in the story. You don't need to write down your instructions today, we will be doing that later in the week. I would like you to use time connectives in your verbal instructions today. Can you remember the time connectives we have used this year?


  • First
  • Next
  • Then
  • After that
  • Finally


You should start your sentence with a time connective and then a bossy word. Can you name the time connective and bossy word in this sentence?


First scrub the deck.


The time connective is first and the bossy word is scrub. Bossy words are verbs that tell you what to do. 


So today I would like you to practice your bossy sentences ready to write them up later this week. You can even use your best pirate voice!



If you don't have a printer at home write down your answers on a piece of paper. Alternatively you could discuss your answers verbally  with a grown up. 

Phonics Sound of the Day



Can you spot the ee sound in this story?

Tricky Word of the Day


Today's tricky word is are. Can you write 5 questions that begin with are? Remember your capital letters and question marks. 

Monday 27 April - Maths

Happy Monday All! smiley Just a head's up - I made good use of a box of Cheerios for maths this week and next, which I found very helpful. Obviously you don't specifically need Cheerios - you might use pieces of lego, pasta, other cereal, beads, blades of grass - but having something small to count and sort into arrays will come in handy!

Miss Clarke

Monday PE - Round 2!

Some of you told me your scores in your email last week, who can beat last week's score?

Picture 1

27/4/20 English

Good morning Year 1! Today we are going to draw a story map of Five Minutes to Bed. To help you with this you should watch the video of the story again and listen carefully to everything that happens in the story. Then you will need a piece of paper. You are going to draw pictures of each thing that happens in the correct order. If you struggle to remember what has happened in the story, don’t worry you can always refer back to the video. We have drawn lots of story maps for different stories in class so hopefully you remember doing it. You don’t need to write any words today, you are retelling the story through pictures. When you have finished you can talk somebody in your house through each picture and tell them what is happening at each point of the story.

Creative Curriculum

Ahoy year 1!

Thank you for all your help so far on my journey. You told me I was in Antarctica; it was far too cold for me there so I have set sail again. I have arrived at a new continent and it is very different to Antarctica! The weather is very warm and the sun is shining. I have seen kangaroos and koala bears! I have also crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and seen the Sydney Opera House. Where in the world am i?

Cheers mates,

From Pirate Pete


Can you help Pirate Pete? Which continent do you think he has arrived at? Watch the continents video again and have a guess thinking carefully about the clues in his letter.


I hope that you have guessed that he is in AUSTRALIA. On some maps this continent is called Australasia. Can you find out some information about Australia and write about it in your continents book? Don’t forget to mark it on your blank map as well if you were able to print this. You could even track Pirate Pete’s journey so far.

Phonics Sound of the Day

Our sound of the day is the ai sound. Can you complete these ai words?





Tricky word of the day

Today’s tricky word is you. Can you write you in chalk on the ground outside?

Friday 24th April - Maths

Don't forget to send us some photos of what you have been up to this week! We've already had some lovely pictures from a few of you - keep an eye on our class pages to see your friends!

Friday 24th April - Optional Science

I picked some optional creative science for the weekend...

How to edit/ work on a pdf on your phone or ipad

Today I've made you a little set of instructions, so you know how to complete pdfs (like the science hunts or future sheets for other subjects) on your phone or ipad. Unfortunately I don't have a tablet or other types of phone to test this, but hopefully there is a similar app or option. 

24/4/20 English


Today is Friday Journal day! Every Friday at school we write about what we have enjoyed doing at school that week and draw a picture to go with our writing. Before we write we have circle time so that we can hear about what our friends have enjoyed and sometimes that gives us new ideas and jogs our memories. I think this is a lovely way to reflect on the week and be thankful for all the learning and fun we have had. So today I'd like you to reflect on the week with your grown ups and anyone else in your house. At school when we have circle time we start our sentence with "this week at school I have enjoyed" but as we are at home you can start your sentence with "this week at home I have enjoyed". At school we find it helpful to pass around Lingey Bear and only the person who is holding Lingey Bear can speak, everybody else must listen. Can you choose one of your favourite toys to pass around today? We find that saying what we want to write first really helps us when it comes to writing it down. 


Don't forget to send us a picture of your Friday Journal so that your teacher can read your lovely writing and put it on the class page for your friends to see too. 

Phonics Sound of the Day

The sound of the day is ng. Can you complete these ng words?


ri __


so __


stro __


pi__ po __


Hangman- Can you play hangman using ng words with a partner?

Tricky Word of the Day

Today's tricky word is be. Can you write 5 sentences that include the word be?

Can you read the tricky words as they fly out of the beehive?

Ongoing Weekend Challenge


How many of these things can you already do? How many would you like to learn before coming back to school?

Picture 1

Thursday 23 April Maths

I'm sure you know I'm the forgetful one out of the 2 teachers - I've been very forgetful and forgotten to upload the daily activity mats I found for you too! Some of you might have these in your packs too. They are a good little daily revision sheet to make sure you don't forget any of your maths from the Autumn Term. I will try and remember from now! Miss Clarke
Thursday Exercise: This is the same sheet as Tuesday, but today can you spell one of your friend's names?
Picture 1

23/4/20 English



Today I would like you to have another look at the adjectives you thought of yesterday and think about how you can put these into sentences. For example if you thought of the adjective ‘bossy’ yesterday to describe Captain Cutlass, today you could write ‘Captain Cutlass is bossy”. As an extra challenge today I would like you to use the conjunctive ‘and’ to make your sentences longer. Eg. Captain Cutlass is bossy and he likes to shout at his pirate crew.” Let’s see if you can check your sentences to make sure they all contain an adjective and ‘and’. Remember to use the sound mats I posted yesterday to help you. We are writing sentences today so you must also remember:


yes Capital letters at the start of your sentences and for names.   

yesFinger spaces between words.

yesFull stop at the end of your sentence.

Reading 23/4/20


As we have been learning about Antarctica this week, here is a reading comprehension activity for you to do all about Emperor Penguins.smiley

23/4/20 Creative Curriculum


Here is a super Go Jetters episode all about Antarctica! Does it teach you anything new that you didn't already know about the continent? 

Phonics Sound of the Day


Our sound of the day is the th sound. Can you complete these th words?







Tricky Word of the Day


Today's tricky word is 'we'. Can you read a book and count how many times you find 'we'?

Don't forget to clap our carers tonight, make as much noise as you can!

Don't forget to clap our carers tonight, make as much noise as you can! 1

Wednesday 22nd April Maths

Wednesday 22nd April Science - I hope this pdf opens on your phones or tablets then you can do the hunt in your garden or on your daily walk. Can you take a selfie of you with one of the plants? 
In class children use sound mats to help with their writing in every lesson. Children are encouraged to sound out each word and if they are having difficulties with spelling they should locate the sound on the soundmat to help them. This will help children with their spelling at home too. smiley

22/4/20 English

Today we are going to think about the character of Captain Cutlass. We are going to use adjectives to describe what he looks like and what his personality is like. We have used adjectives a lot in Year 1 to describe different things and people,  but just in case you need a reminder of how to use adjectives have a look at the PowerPoint below.

What I would like you to do is draw a picture of Captain Cutlass in the middle of a piece of paper, using the pictures from the YouTube video of the story being read from yesterday. Make sure you leave room around the edge of your paper because you are going to write adjectives that describe Captain Cutlass around the outside of your picture. Just write adjectives today, we will be putting them into sentences later on in the week. 
Picture 1

Creative Curriculum 22/4/20

Thanks to your super pirate ship designs for Pirate Pete he is now on his journey around the world. But uh oh! He is in trouble already...


Ahoy there Year 1,


Pirate Pete here. Thank you for your pirate ship ideas, I've got the best looking ship on the whole of the seven seas! I just have one problem... I forgot to bring a map! I am a bit of a forgetful pirate but that's alright because I have all of my Year 1 mates to help me now! I have arrived at a very strange continent and I'm not sure where I am. This continent is covered in ice and snow. There are icebergs in the ocean. I have spotted Emperor Penguins and Seals. I am freezing!

I think I am either in Australia or Antarctica, which continent do you think I am on?

Please help Year 1!

Thanks mates

Pirate Pete


So your first job is to decide where you think Pirate Pete is- Australia or Antarctica. Use the clues in his letter to help you. Watch this video that teaches you about each continent. That might help you make your mind up too!

By now I am sure you have guessed that Pirate Pete is in .....


Well done if you used the clues to guess correctly. We can now let Pirate Pete know that he is in the coldest continent Antarctica. I hope he packed his coat! I would like you to make a fact file of everything you have learned about Antarctica to help Pirate Pete learn more about where he is.


You can use the continents book that is in your home learning pack to write down what you have learned on the Antarctica page. We will be using this book alongside this topic as we learn about the different continents this term. This should be seen as a working document and not completed all in one go.


If you don't have a paper copy you can download a copy below.




 To help you with your Antarctica page today have a look at the information posted below. 

Phonics Sound of the day 22/4/20


Today's phonics sound is sh. Can you guess the sh words?


wi __


__ op


__ ot 


di __


Can you put those words into sentences? 

Tricky Word of the Day


Today's tricky word is 'she'. Can you put this tricky word into 5 sentences? 

Tuesday Maths - keep practising counting in 10s today!

Today's exercise challenge...

Today's exercise challenge... 1

English 21/4/20


Now that we have had a look for clues on the front cover and made predictions about the story it is time for us to hear the story together. Please click on the above link to listen to the whole story and see if your predictions were correct!


To get to know a new story better in class we like to use drama to reenact the story. Can you make a list of characters you might need? First of all let's try one of our favourite activities- hotseating. Pretend you are Captain Cutlass and have your grown ups ask you questions. Remember you must give answers that you think Captain Cutlass would give. 


E.g "Why do you want your pirate crew to go to bed?" "Because they have lots of work to do in the morning!"


Then you could give each person in your house a character and act out the story together. You could even use pirate voices! This is a fun way to get to know the characters and events of the story better and will help with writing later on. Have fun!


Reading 21/4/20


Read the text with a grown up carefully, thinking about what is happening as you read. Then answer the questions about what you have read. Answers can be found on the last page. 

Phonics sound of the day - ch



Tricky word of the day- he 


Tricky word treasure hunt- write today's tricky word 'he' on small pieces of paper and hide them around your house or garden  for someone to find. Each time a word is found you must say a sentence containing the tricky word.   Our favourite tricky words song!



Happy Monday Year 1 and welcome to the start of the Summer Term! I hope you have all done better at making your Easter chocolate last than we have!


We'll be posting lessons and ideas each day to help you keep on track. You might like to create yourself a timetable to give your day some structure (obviously including plenty of play time, creative time and some fresh air!)


We are doing half the lessons each, so Mrs Clydesdale will be giving you ideas for English and topic (and I know she always has amazing creative ideas too) and I (Miss Clarke) will put up Maths each day as well as some PE or Science. Remember, these are just to help you. Just do what you can, and remember you have our email address to keep us updated with what you are up to, or to ask us if you are stuck. 

Monday Maths

Today's is quite a short lesson with being the first one back. The main focus is to practice counting in 10. You can do this practically if you like. Can you count to 100 in 10s while hopping on one leg? The other leg?! The last 3 slides are challenges for those of you who like a second challenge. 

You don't need anything except what you have in the house for any of these lessons EXCEPT I found a box of Cheerios (or similar cereal/dried pasta) very useful when I was trying out the lessons I have made for weeks 2 and 3! 

Monday PE

Monday PE 1

Monday English


Our new special class story this half term is Five Minutes to Bed By Richard Dungworth. Don't worry you do not need to buy the book as there is an interactive version online (but we don't need that today!) Today I would like you to have a good look at the front cover and make a prediction about what you think the story will be about and what might happen. Can you find any clues in the illustrations? Can you find any clues in the title? Can you give reasons for your predictions? 


Front Cover

Front Cover  1

Creative Curriculum 


 This half term our topic is Pirates! I have an old friend named Pirate Pete who just loves to sail the seven seas! The only problem is he just keeps getting lost along the way. I received this email last night:


Ahoy mateys!

Mrs Clydesdale has told me that your new topic is pirates and that you will be learning all about continents and oceans this half term! I am just about to set off on a new world adventure and I would like to take you all with me and help me along the way. I would like to make some changes to my pirate ship. Can you help me? 


Cheers mates!

Pirate Pete


So your first job is to design a pirate ship for Pirate Pete. You can be as imaginative as you like and add lots of cool gadgets! As Pirate Pete sets off on his world adventure you will need to use the blank map of the world posted below as we will be locating continents together as we go along. 

(Please note that the continent of Australasia is sometimes called Australia, both are correct)


Picture 1
Picture 1



Happy Friday! ITV are making a very special ITV logo featuring artwork created by kids at home across the nation. So, for a chance to be part of it, draw, paint or sketch us your best picture. Then ask your grown up to post a photo of your artwork using #ITVKidsCreate and @ITV to Twitter or Instagram.


For all details visit:


Maths Challenge:


I am thinking of a number. 

My number is less than 40. 

My number is greater than 35. 

My number is an even number. 


What might my number be?



Good morning Year 1. It's Thursday again and that means tonight at 8pm we will all be out at our doors to clap our heroes working for the NHS and other key workers who are keeping us safe. Don't forget to make as much noise as you can!

Picture 1
Some of you might know about Tom Moore. He is an amazing man who has so far raised £12 million for the NHS. His aim is to walk 100 laps around his garden before his 100th birthday on April 30th. If you would like to make/ send him a birthday card here are the details you need:
Picture 1



Good morning Year 1 and welcome to another lovely sunny day! blush While school has been closed for most children I have been keeping myself busy making delicious treats in the kitchen and I know lots of you have been as well. I've collected some easy recipes for you to follow with a grown up if you would like to. Who knows, maybe we have a future winner of the Great British Bake Off at Lingey House! If you do make anything don't forget to send us pictures! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9


Good morning Year 1! As I opened the curtains this morning I felt very happy when I saw the lovely sunshine, blue skies and could hear the birds singing happily in the trees. That made me wonder, what makes you happy? Could you have a think about that with your adult and choose 5 things that make you feel happy? It's always good to start the day with positive thoughts. smiley


Another thing that makes me happy is dancing! I know that you all love dancing too and are super dancers. Oti Mabuse is a professional dancer who dances on Strictly Come Dancing. She has dance workout lessons for the whole family on her YouTube channel.



Hello Year 1 welcome to a brand new week! We hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend full of yummy treats!

While we are safe at home there are lots of people who are still going to work to help to keep us all safe. I thought it might be a nice idea for you to write a letter or draw a picture for a key worker to say thank you. You may have a key worker in your family or know somebody who is a key worker. You could stick your pictures or letters up in your window for passers by to see. Maybe you could write a kind message to your postman/woman or bin men/ women. If you do this remember to send us pictures for our class pages. heart





Hello Year 1. I hope you are all safe and well. Today's fun idea is to make your very own Easter bunny face using cotton wool balls and a paper plate. You could even make this a mask by cutting two holes for eyes. Have fun x 

Picture 1



We hope you are enjoying this very strange Easter holiday so far! Today's fun idea to keep you busy is an Easter scavenger hunt that you could do with your family.

Picture 1



What a lovely sunny day it is today! If you are lucky enough to have a garden I hope that you are playing outside in the fresh air. To make the most of the sunshine you could try shadow drawing with your toys like the pictures below. 


Have a lovely day x 


Picture 1
Picture 2



Good morning Year 1!

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and have been safely making the most of the sunshine at home. As today is the first day of the Easter holiday we will be posting fun Easter activity ideas over the next two weeks so keep checking back for new ideas.

Picture 1
Why not make your own cute Easter chick? If you don't have coloured paper/card you could always use plain paper/card and colour it in. Maybe you could write a story with your chick as the main character and use your creation to act it out. 
We all know how important and fun it is to read, we hope that you are still reading every day at home. If you read a book/ comic/ magazine that you have really enjoyed please tell me about it and I can tell all of your friends about it on this page. 


Nearly the weekend already! And haven't you all just packed so much in this week!


As Friday is normally Friday Journal day, I thought it would be nice if you could all do a Friday Journal. How you choose to do this is up to you, but I would love if you would all email me a photo of what yours looks like. 


Some of you might like to do an ongoing journal through the next few weeks. This would be brilliant to look back on as I know you're all doing so many exciting things that you wouldn't do in a normal school week. I have attached a whole big journal below which some of you might enjoy. If you have a printer (don't worry if you don't, I don't either) then to be honest I think you could be creative and do a better one yourself. You just need some paper and bit of imagination....

Lockdown Journal Document


Happy Thursday! I might do some exercise before breakfast, I wonder how many of you are keeping up your daily exercise? 


This half term in maths we had just started learning about weight, length, height and capacity. Remember you can measure in whatever you like!


1. How many teddy bears tall are you? How many teddy bears tall are your grown ups? Maybe there's a tape measure in your house you could learn how to use.


2. Find some empty containers. Which one holds the most water? Which one holds the least? How do you know? You could get a little cup and see how many cups of water each one holds. 


3. Can you order your toys from tallest to shortest?


4. Get baking (I know lots of you have already) then you can start learning about the different units we use to weigh, and how to weigh them out. 


5. Games for your computer or tablet - I will put a link below for some games using measures. These are on a website called ''.

01/04/20 - Check in

I was just wondering how any of you were doing with those challenges I set you on Monday? Have you managed to check off a few more?


I'm having awful bother at the moment with these animals invading my flat at the moment! Have any of you tried it yet? Remember you type in the name of an animal to google on a phone, ipad or I think tablet, scroll down to where it says 'view in 3d' and the animal appears in your home! Then you can also find out some information about the animal. I would love to know if you've had any visitors and what you have learned. Here's some of mine...

My favourite visitor was the penguin that came through my balcony door. Did you know that Emperor Penguins can grow up to 1.3m tall. Is that taller than you?


Good Morning! Happy April Fool's Day! (Don't tell your grown ups, then maybe you can play a trick on them, it has to be before Midday though!)


I wonder if any of you had a go of the making shapes task yesterday? If you try it any time this week, we'd love if you would send us a photo. We will put the best ones on our class web page.


As it's a new month, I thought we'd have days and month related tasks today. There's lots you could do to practice these, here's some ideas:


  • This is one for when you're outside having your daily exercise. Ideally on a field or at the park. Each have a set of months of the year cards in your pocket/bag. Start on the same line. Take turns lucky dipping a month out of your pocket/bag. Take the right number of steps for the month, for example April is the 4th month so you would take 4 steps. Keep going taking turns. First to the finish line wins. 
  • Fancy Dress: Make some cards with the months of the year. Put them upside down and shuffle them up. Pick a card, then you have to run and put the right clothes for that time of year. (Maybe have a pile of clothes like hats, sunglasses etc out near you or the other end of the garden, to save a big disasterous mess in the bedrooms!)
  • OR you could draw and dress a person for each month of the year, and make these into a chain or mobile. 
  • Another activity with months of the year cards. Have them face down and pick one out. Can you say 2 or 3 facts about that month? It might be what season it is in, what happens then, what the weather is like or what you might wear.
  • Read books - The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Funnybones have a days of the week focus. Don't worry if you don't have the book, I'll put a link to an online version below, then you could have a competition to see who can remember what the caterpillar ate each day. 
  • Add people's birthdays to a calendar together.You could even make/decorate a calendar.
  • I'll put the link to our Months of the Year song below. Can you sing it? Y1EC, can you remember the actions to help you know which month belongs to which season? Maybe you could video yourself doing it, and send it to your friends in Y1AC?
  • Make some day, number and date cards so that each day you can pull out the right ones and stick up the date. 


I'll add some links and ideas below. Don't forget, these are all just ideas to help you, so that when you are looking for new tasks to do, hopefully there is always something somewhere on this page which you haven't yet done! If you do any of them, remember to send us photos so we can see what you've been up to.


Happy Wednesday!



Months of the Year task

Months of the Year task 1


I wonder if you're all keeping up the exercises? I wonder if your grown-ups are....? I have switched across to this page, and will continue to post as normal, but on this one. I believe you have all been sent an email address by the school. This is so you can send us pictures of what you are getting up to at home. We will upload these to our usual class webpages. This might be tasks you have completed (or are in the process of completing) that we have sent you, or I know lots of you have thought of lots of exciting ideas of your own to do! 


Have any of you started the weekly challenges that I posted yesterday? Here is another idea for today - how many different 2d or 3d shapes can you make and name? You could make these from toothpicks, lolly sticks, spaghetti, cotton buds, sticks, or whatever other stick-like things you can find! You can then stick the corners together with plasticine, jelly sweets, marshmallows, bread....use your imagination. I'd love to see photos of these with the name written on a label!


Remember, all these are ideas. You might do some of these today, tomorrow, next week or not at all, but they are here to help you. 


2d and 3d shapes



Good morning all! Hope you had a lovely weekend. A little birdy tells me you've all be especially busy and creative at home, helping with the cooking, cleaning, building things, doing Art, Maths, English and lots more! I'm so impressed with you as always!

I have created a challenge sheet for you this week. I have put a picture version and also one you can download, then you could maybe highlight or cross out each challenge you complete on your computer (or some of you may even have a printer).  You could pick one or 2 to do a day, so don't worry if it takes you a few weeks, you can compare with friends where you are up to!

I've also explained below about a great new feature I found for you on Google last night!


Enjoy and be good for your grown-ups!

Home Learning Challenges - you could pick one or 2 a day...

Home Learning Challenges - you could pick one or 2 a day... 1

Word version documents of weekly challenges to download

On a phone, ipad or might work on a tablet - go on Google, type an animal, scroll down to where it says 'View in 3D'. This Tiger appeared in my room and was eyeing up my hairdrier!

On a phone, ipad or might work on a tablet - go on Google, type an animal, scroll down to where it says 'View in 3D'. This Tiger appeared in my room and was eyeing up my hairdrier! 1
On a phone, ipad or might work on a tablet - go on Google, type an animal, scroll down to where it says 'View in 3D'. This Tiger appeared in my room and was eyeing up my hairdrier! 2


Happy Friday Year 1! I hope you are all looking after your grown ups. Not too far until Easter now, so today I have found you some ideas for Easter crafts. I've tried to find crafts which only need things from around the house like toilet rolls, socks, maybe some bits of paper or card and colours. You could make them as Easter presents for your family to make them smile.


Have a lovely weekend, see how creative you can be, how much exercise you can do and keep finding time to read.

Easter Craft Ideas


Another sunny day! Hope you are all doing well. I wonder how many of you did tasks about sound yesterday? If you just want 2 little things to do today, find a book you enjoy to read to a grown up and either practice some counting in the house or garden or try one of the maths games online. 

The weather might not stick so if you can get out in the garden then make the most of it. Think about all of your senses this time. 


Touch - Can you find something soft? Spiky? Squishy? Hard? Rough?

Smell - Can you find things that smell nice in your garden? Maybe your grown up might have herbs and spices which smell nice in the garden or kitchen? 

Sound - Sit in the garden, or by an open window, with your eyes shut. How many things can you hear? Write them down. 

Sight - Draw 5 things you can see. 

Taste - Challenge for while you are not at school. Try 5 different foods you have never tried before. What do they smell like first? Are they crunchy? What do they feel like in your mouth? What do they taste like? What did you like about it?


Happy rest of Thursday!


Good Afternoon Year 1! Another sunny day!


We had just started learning about senses in Year 1 science, so I thought today we could all focus on sound. How do we hear sound? Without doing anything to annoy your grown ups, what in your house makes an interesting sound? Pick one thing. Now test what affects how you hear this sound. What if you are further away from it? What if you have your earmuffs or hat on? What if you are having your bath later and your ears are under the water when someone makes the sound. Does it sound different? Why do you think this is?


Here's a crafty challenge for you. Can you make a musical instrument? Or a set of musical instruments? You might put bits of lego or dry rice in a bottle. You could use elastic bands round a box like a guitar. See what noises you can make and how you can make the noises change. Have fun!



Good Morning Year 1! I wonder how many of you were exercising with Joe Wicks at 9am? Don’t forget all the bits I added yesterday, maybe you could use them to create your own timetable. I’ve added a new maths game below, I checked and it works on phones too. Also David Walliams is reading a story every day, you could listen while your grown ups are busy.


Good Morning!

I hope you have all been able to enjoy the sunshine at the weekend, whether in the garden or just getting all the windows open to blow away the cobwebs!

I know getting started on how to organise your time this week might be a bit daunting for some people, so I have attached some documents below with a potential timetable, ideas and activities. 

I will stress that there is no obligation to even open these! They are just there for anyone who would like. 

Don't forget Joe Wicks at 9am too if you're feeling energetic (or need a wake up!). See below!

Thinking of you all...


Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine! 1
I spotted this today, Joe Wicks is going to do live PE sessions on his YouTube channel at 9am Monday to Friday next week. What a great, positive way to start the day! Maybe everyone in the house can join in!