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Y6W - Mrs Wrightson

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World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017 1 World Book Day 2017

World of Work

As part of our new World of Work project we have been encouraging the children to think about jobs they would like to do in the future leading to discussions around further education/training they need to fulfil these roles. 


On Monday we had our very first for 2017 world of work speaker to talk to the Y6 children about their job to help the children understand the diverse opportunities there are out there for them.  We were joined by Mrs Punton, who came to talk the class about her role as Facilities Manager.  She explained to the class about the different challenges her job provided and the skills needed to carry out this role.  The children enjoyed listening to Mrs Punton and asked her many questions about her role.   



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Creative Writing - Setting Descriptions

The children worked collaboratively sharing their ideas to make their writing as detailed as possible to create a vivid picture in the readers mind.  The children were focussing on the use of adjectives, similes and metaphors.

NSPCC Workshops

NSPCC Workshops 1
NSPCC Workshops 2
NSPCC Workshops 3
Today the children took part in an NSPCC workshop explaining the importance of keeping themselves safe and where they can access help if they ever needed it. 

Outdoor learning and Arts week

Outdoor learning and Arts week 1
Outdoor learning and Arts week 2
Outdoor learning and Arts week 3
Outdoor learning and Arts week 4
Outdoor learning and Arts week 5
Outdoor learning and Arts week 6
Outdoor learning and Arts week 7
Outdoor learning and Arts week 8
The children in Year 6 were designing arches today inspired by the picture 'A Roman Triumph' by Rubens as part of work linked to the National Gallery project 'Take One Picture'. 

Y6 at Wakefield Mining Museum

Newcastle University Safari


Y6W had fantastic time at Newcastle University.  We took part in a University Safari which involved experiencing what it would be like to be a Student and explored the campus. 

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Science Stars

Click the link below to see what some of our Y6 pupils got up to at Joseph Swan when learning to be Student Science Teachers.