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Homework Task (Week 2) 18.09.20


Hello everyone and happy Friday! We hope you have had a lovely week of learning at school and you're all feeling very happy to be back - you've been amazing so far and taken all of these new changes in your stride!

For your homework this week, I want you to work on thinking positively

Task 1: You are going to design a positive thinking cap, with colourful messages about positive thinking. This could be in bubble writing, graffiti style or illustrations. Just remember to keep it positive! (e.g. Stick at it! Never give up" I can do this! etc)

Task 2:  For one whole week, you are going to record a positive thought a day. Before you go to bed, think back and reflect on the day. There may be been things that weren't so great but you can always find something that went well or that was good. Only positive thoughts are allowed in this diary!


Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday!

Stay safe,

Miss Bell