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Welcome to Year 6B!


The Bridge

This half term, year 6 are working alongside Ray, on a new, exciting project, helping others to solve problems. During the project, the children are learning skills in resilience, problem solving and confidence, in the hope that they carry these new skills to their next school and beyond.

Monozukuri At Nissan

This week, the children in Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to Nissan, Sunderland as part of our 'World of Work' programme.

We were involved in car design, team production lines (building cars from lego) and practical activities using the tools from the factory floor.

We were taken on a tour around the workshop, where we saw where the cars were made before they were sent off for shipping around the world. We even raced each other using formula 1 cars!

Thank you Nissan!

Year 6 Visit to NBS

On the 1st November, the children of year 6 were invited, by Mrs Punton, to visit the newly modernized NBS building in Newcastle, as part of their World of Work project. The children enjoyed speaking to many different members of the team and listened to their roles and responsibilities within the company. From their visit, they realised that there can be many different job opportunities within one company and thought further about their own career paths in the future.

Whithaugh Park

Click on the 'Educational Visits' link below to see photographs from Whithaugh Park.

Autumn Term

This half term, we are concentrating on ways to improve our writing. We have been encouraged to think of more adventurous language and descriptive phrases to draw the reader in.