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Welcome to Y6B


Welcome to the new Year 6B of 2018!

The children have settled in to their new classroom ahead of their final year at Lingey House, ready for a year full of fun and hard work.

Keep checking this page for updates of all of the exciting things we have been doing in school, as well as extra curricular activities.

This term, we have lots to look forward to, especially our World of Work experiences. We are visiting Sunderland University as part of 'The Big Bang' project and travelling to RBS in Newcastle, to attend an exciting workshop all about the different careers within the company!

Fitness Day

Today we had a session with Nicola Noble, who works for the Gateshead SSP. We had a session focussed on improving stamina and fitness levels. It was to encourage exercise at home with little to no equipment. We had a fantastic time and our hearts were racing in the end!

60th Celebrations

We were lucky enough this week to be visited by Norma Sailes, who is designing and creating a commemorative art piece in school to celebrate 60 years of Lingey House. As part of Key Stage 2, we designed our own glass tea light holders, and then painted our designs on them. We can't wait to see the finished product in the summer! 

World Book Day

This World Book Day was all about a celebration of stories; as part of the day, we discussed out favourite stories, old and new and thought about what in particular makes a story memorable and enjoyable to different people. We completed book reviews of our favourite books, made a pledge to dedicate a little extra time to reading this week and 'magpie' authors adventurous language choices and writing styles into our own work. In the afternoon, we paired up with some of the youngest members of our school to enjoy a story book, of their choice, together. We discussed the characters, plot and illustrations.

Chinese New Year Dance Workshop

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children took part in a dance workshop; we learned all about Chinese New Year and where the year of the animals concept originated from. We created our own Dragon Parade (similar to what would be seen in China)The children then learned a Chinese-themed dance and had the opportunity to create some of their own dance moves to be added to the choreography!

Destination Judo

We were visited by the company 'Desitination @ British Judo' who gave us an introduction to Judo and what it entails. The word Judo consists of two Japanese characters, "Ju" meaning gentle and "do" which means "the way": so Judo means 'the way of gentleness'. It is a dynamic sport that does not rely on strength but is based on a combination of balance, co-ordination and reaction- the skills that help performance across other sports too! Most importantly, judo helps children to build self esteem, become more disciplined and polite. During our lesson, we were taught how to do a controlled throw, land safely and defend in a fun and safe way!


Journey to the River Sea

This half term (Spring 1) we are studying the text by Eva Ibbotson, Journey to the River Sea. The text links perfectly to our topic 'Rivers and Coasts' and allows children to explore the creatures, weather and landscape of the Amazon, while following Maia throughout her adventure in Brazil.

The story is about a young orphan girl, Maia, who can't wait to reach her distant relatives a thousand miles up the Amazon. She imagines a loving family, with whom she will share great adventures. Instead, she finds herself with two spiteful cousins, who see the jungle as the enemy and refuse to go outdoors. However, Maia soon realises that the beauty of the rainforest more than make up for the hideous Carters (the family she is now living with in Brazil) Maia meets a mysterious, young boy - who lives alone on the wild river shores. The children are enjoying embarking on Maia's spectacular journey into the heart of the extraordinary new world!

Anti Bullying Road show


The children were visited, during the Autumn term, by the Anti-Bullying Road show workshop. The children were taught about diversity, equality and respect and discussed different scenarios, which they might find themselves in school and in the wider community. The children thought about the school values and discussed what the right thing to do would be in those different situations.

NBS Visit

We visited the NBS building in Newcastle, as Mrs Punton kindly organised for us to have a tour of the building and speak to many of the staff that work there, from software developers to social media promoters. We explored the range of  different career paths available within one business and had the opportunity to ask questions to the experts!

Thank you for a fantastic morning!

Bring it on!

This week, the children participated in the 'Bring it on' event at the Beacon of Light in Sunderland. We spent the day listening to fascinating engineers and scientists, hearing what they do, the paths they took and took part in fun hands-on activities from a range of different companies!