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Y6 W

Thank you so much for all your pictures this week! You have all been very busy having lots of fun! Looks like lots of you are learning some new skills too!

More fabulous home learning and Easter fun!

Check out some of the lovely photos of Y6W having lots of fun with their home learning!

Home Learning 

Hi everyone. I hope you are all staying safe! How have you been keeping yourselves busy?

We have been home learning for over a week now so you are more than likely well on your way through your home learning packs. Here are some additional challenges that you might want to have a go at:

- Read a book of your choice and write a book review

-Complete Joe Wicks morning workout, everyday at 9am (a great way to give your day some structure and give you an energy boost for the rest of the day!)

-Try the 'raincloud in a jar' science experiment

-Keep a journal everyday of what you have been getting up to


On our COVID-19 page on the website, I will put additional work and activities to keep you going so keep checking regularly through the week. 

Dance Workshop

Year 6W took part in a six week dance workshop last half term, learning a variety of dances and routines. We invited parents in to see our fantastic performance and they got to join in with some new routines.