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Y6 - Mrs Jackson 2013-2014

Welcome to Y6!




In Year 5/6 and Year 6, we have been using dictionaries to make some silly sentences.  Look to the bottom to see what they mean!


 (NB - we made some corrections together)



Un éléphant rose et vert danse dans une toilette noire et violette (Danny)


Le stylo noir nage dans la mer rouge (Cameron)


Le rocher bleu danse sur le lavabo (Amy)


La poule rouge et violette saute sur les nuages jaunes et bleus (Chloe)


Vingt-deux poules orange et violettes nagent dans les frites. (Ellie)


La photocopieuse mange la palmier (Rebecca and Sarah)


Le chocolat jongle dans l'avion. (Paul)


La fée violette nage dans la mer bleue. (Katie)


Le poisson rouge vole dans le ciel bleu (Kyle)


La vache saute dans le ragout chaud. (Clywd)


Le journatliste joyeux nage dans une tablette de chocolat.  (Calvin)


L'elephant mange une banane. (Damon)


Elle habite à Londres parce que elle aime les gens chic.  (Connie and Jenna)


Le poulet nage dans le jus (Steven)






A green and pink elelphant danses in a purple and black toilet. (Danny)


The black pen swims in the red sea (Cameron)


The blue rock danses on the basin (Amy)


The red and purple chicken jumps on the yellow and blue clouds (Chloe)


22 orange and puple chickens swim in the chips. (Ellie)


The photocopier eats the palmtree (Rebecca and Sarah)


The chocolate juggles in the plane (Paul)


The purple fairy swims in the blue sea. (Katie)


The goldfish flies in the blue sky (Kyle)


The cow jumps in the hot stew. (Clywd)


The happy journalist swims in a bar of chocolate.  (Calvin)


The elephant eats a banana. (Damon)


She lives in London because she likes posh people.  (Connie and Jenna)


The chicken swims in the gravy (Steven)

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day 1
Happy Mother's Day 2
Happy Mother's Day 3
Happy Mother's Day 4
Happy Mother's Day 5 The finished cards.

The finished water wheels

The finished water wheels 1
The finished water wheels 2
The finished water wheels 3
The finished water wheels 4
The finished water wheels 5
The finished water wheels 6
Year 6 enjoyed trying Italian ingredients on their pizzas to celebrate Italian Day. These included olive oil, basil, tomatoes, mushrooms and ham. The children had to ask for their ingredients in Italian. e stato fantastico.

Italian Day

Italian Day 1
Italian Day 2
Italian Day 3
Italian Day 4
Italian Day 5
Italian Day 6
Year 5/6 and Year 6 enjoyed a range of new exercises on 'wear your trainers to school day' to celebrate the Commonwealth.
Year 6 enjoying their orienteering lessons.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Y6 Assembly

Y6 Assembly 1
Y6 Assembly 2
Y6 Assembly 3
Y6 Assembly 4
Y6 Assembly 5
Y6 Assembly 6

Year 6 enjoy their PE lesson

The pupils in Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a variety of maths lessons involving Skittles. They represented their 'Skittle data' in a range of different charts and graphs as well as using them to solve ratio problems.

Picture 1

Skittle Maths

Skittle Maths 1
Skittle Maths 2
Skittle Maths 3
Skittle Maths 4

This Term...


Our Creative Curriculum topic this half term is about Discoveries and Inventions.  We will be exploring forces, mould and other scientific discoveries as well as how inventions have changed the way we live.