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Y6 B

Home Learning 

Hi everyone. I hope you are all staying safe! How have you been keeping yourselves busy?

We have been home learning for over a week now so you are more than likely well on your way through your home learning packs. Here are some additional challenges that you might want to have a go at:

- Read a book of your choice and write a book review

-Complete Joe Wicks morning workout, everyday at 9am (a great way to give your day some structure and give you an energy boost for the rest of the day!)

-Try the 'raincloud in a jar' science experiment

-Keep a journal everyday of what you have been getting up to


On our COVID-19 page on the website, I will put additional work and activities to keep you going so keep checking regularly through the week. 

Look after yourselves and speak to you all soon

Miss Bell & Miss Walsham

What are Year 6 up to at home?

William has written another fantastic story set during the time of World War 2 named 'Stuck'. What a brilliantly written piece. Well done, William! laugh





Once, in the calm, scenic environment of the Lake District, there lived a man called Thomas Jones.


Now Thomas was returning to his house from picking up his rations from the grocer’s shop on the corner when he heard the distant wail of an aired siren, undoubtedly the one in Lazonby.


He suddenly burst into a run before crashing through the back gate and dive-bombing into the damp, cramped Anderson shelter. 


The Anderson shelter was like the TARDIS: the outside deceived you. Inside, it was a labyrinth of beds, carpets and tables. They kept all of their former essentials down there. The mattress upon the bed had two broken springs. The wireless had a broken speaker and the armchair had a few odd patches dotted around.


“What took you so long?” Asked his wife, Eleanor,”we’ve been expecting you for ages!”

“They were selling oranges,”he explained, holding up a pair of the zingy fruits in his hands,”they were queuing back to the pub.”

“Well, was there anything else you got?”

“Of course I got the usuals, but they were short on bacon so we ended up getting 5 rashes each instead of six. But Percy was giving away 8 ounces of chicken so I managed to get some, here it is,”he revealed a  small chicken from his sack of goods.”Anyway, I think I heard someone say the Prime Minister was on at six, and it’s about five-to.” 

“Go on then,”said his wife,”turn it on.” That, he did.


Within a few minutes, Winston Churchill was blabbering away, talking about how we as a country would never surrender and that we’d fight in the streets, we’d fight on the hills, we’d fight in the fields, but we’d never surrender.


Once he had finished an hour later, the air sirens stopped and it was confirmed that the Germans had finished bombing Newcastle and Glasgow.


“What a powerful and wonderful man our prime Minister is,”explained Eleanor.

“Indeed,” agreed Thomas.


Later, they received a phone call explaining that they were calling up for more men on the African front and that Thomas had been elected and that he needed to meet at Kent in five days time. So in a matter of minutes, Thomas had packed everything he needed and, the following day, after a good night’s sleep, set off for Leeds. There, he would find a train to London, and eventually, Canterbury, his first stop on his adventure.


Three days later, Thomas was lined up on a remote airfield, with no sight of civilisation in sight.

“Right men,” announced the general,” you're training begins momentarily. You will be learning how to fly an airplane in the next six hours before you will take off tomorrow morning for Libya, where you shall be fighting the Italians who are their land from us. You have each been given a log book to track your every move until the end of the war, or, more accurately, your life. 


That afternoon, they learnt how to take-off, land and fly.


In their tents, they lay facing the cloth ceiling when they heard Jerrys flying overhead, on their way to bomb London. However, they were not out to bomb tonight. A few weeks previous, they had spotted the airfield that Thomas was training on so tonight, they were sending men down to burn this place to ashes and take the training pilots prisoner. 


However, the RAF did not know of this so the Germans floated down like leaves until they landed with a loud clatter, ruining their element of surprise. The pilots awoke, immediately picking up their ammunition and leaving the tents to fight. The germans may have been outnumbered 3 to 1, but they had bombers on their side. Within seconds, half of the camp was dead, the base reduced to ashes and the survivors on their way back to Germany to be tortured. 


Thomas had very fortunately survived but was unfortunately on his way to almost certain death in the torture chambers. He knew nothing of the Allie’s plans and neither did most of his counterparts, due to the fact as most of the professional air commanders had been shot down in the ambush.


By the morning, they had arrived at no other place but Mauthausen, the unescapable prison (however, more people had escaped from here than any other concentration camp in the war). He was among the first to be tortured. Thomas had his toenails and fingernails ripped out, soon to be followed by most of his teeth. When it was decided he was of no use, he was thrown into a dingy prison cell with two madmen and an Australian called Robbie. He said he was caught parachuting down in Berlin and had had his privates torn out as his part of torture. He explained that the lunatics were called Tommy and Antoine. They had been driven mad by being hung upside down for two years and then whipped to almost death. They had lost their mind long ago but looked a lot like normal people due to the fact they hadn’t lost any body parts.


Thomas explained he had been sentenced to five years in prison with repetitive hard labour and whipping until he let spill info. If he did, he’d be rewarded with instant death in a gas chamber at Auschwitz, Poland.


It had been two long years of pain and torture and the two loonies in the corner had died long ago. Thomas had been sentenced to death for being caught sneaking in bullets and a pistol in a pencil case. It was then, when Robbie came up with an escape plan. The idea was to pick their way out of their cell, run up the staircase, steal some weaponry and blueprints. At midnight they would run across the courtyard, escape somehow and then run off into the woods on the other side of the wall. It was foolproof. Or so they thought.


The night of the escape was a quiet one. The guards were monitoring the nearby forest for a group of prisoners whom had attempted to escape days ago. They had captured one of them, who betrayed his friends and was rewarded with freedom. This may sound too generous, so there was a catch, he could not venture outside of Germany. That is another tale to be told.

That night, Thomas lay on the stiff, rock floor staring relentlessly at the plain ceiling, dreaming of returning to Britain. Getting to see his family again. Getting to see daylight again. 


At the stroke of midnight, the guards would go back inside to swap with the night shift. Thomas and Robbie would have about thirty seconds to bolt across the courtyard, snake through the portcullis gate and run into the forest for cover from the alarms.


The clock struck half eleven. Robbie jumped from his rock-hard bed and ushered Thomas tostand up. They ran to the door with only their worn socks on their cold feet. Robbie then opened his letter, held together by a paperclip, which he straightened and used to pick the lock of the cell door. Within five minutes, they were out. 


For the past week, they had took turns to stay up and monitor the guards shifts in the dungeons. They knew exactly where to go. They had ten seconds to get to the staircase silently. They ran on their toe tips and hotfooted it up the stairs. There, they broke into the locker room, took their equipment (pistols, watches, jewellery, passports), stole some machine guns and bullets and put them in a sack before they heard the distant toll of midnight. The guards climbed down from their posts and walked right past the two prisoners, who were hiding in the artillery cupboard. 


When they heard silence, they ran. They bolted across the courtyard with no company whatsoever. Thomas squeezed through first but Robbie was too late, he was shot in the leg and almost killed. Thomas dragged him over and then ran into the forest. Thomas hauled Robbie up a tall, bushy tree and treated him with some bandages that they had picked up in the locker room. Robbie said that they were to get some sleep and stay here until sunrise. The guards would’ve returned to the castle by then and they could run to Switzerland, where there weren’t any German troops and they could find transport back to Britain. 


That plan did not go ahead. The next week, Robbie fell down a cliff in the Alps and died of a broken neck. He died saying he was proud to help Thomas before screaming to his snowy deathbed.


Thomas made it to Switzerland but his plane was bombed by German bombers over the English Channel on the 5th May 1944. By luck, boats travelled across the channel the next day to save thousands of allied troops in Normandy. Thomas was picked up by some war veterans from Folkestone who said they were ready to die to help the war. Thomas kitted them up with the machine guns he had picked up at the camp and they went crazy with them. Five Jerry bombers fell to the four of them. 


Two days later, Thomas found himself in London, knocking on the Prime Minister’s door. The butler answered him and said to come and see Winston Churchill. Churchill was sat at his iconic desk and asked Thomas to sit down. Tom then told him what he had been through over the past 2 and a half years. Winston was mind-blown, but even more delighted when Tom brought back German plans for bombing, which, thanks to Tom’s bravery, saved London and many other major cities on the south coast. 


He lives on in the memory of his child, Robbie, after the one who saved his life. 

Aston has created his own Tudor booklet, researching the explorer Sir Francis Drake. Well done, Aston! laugh

William has been continuing with his Lego as well as his studies. This week he challenged himself to write a description of the Gryffindor common room - what a fantastic piece of writing! Well done, William! It's lovely to see that you are still working so hard:



As I walked up the enchanted stone staircase, I was amazed by the unreal sight that lay before me. There were moving staircases, thriving as though they were alive. There were speaking portraits covering every inch of the ancient walls of this beautiful, elegant castle. 


I reached the top to find that there was another portrait. However, this one was different. She asked the mature prefect what the password was. He answered by saying “Mimblus Mimbletonia”. On that note, she swung forward and gave way to us.


When I had entered, the most mind-blowing of sights filled my vision. It was, as the prefect explained, the Gryffindor common room. Members of this house could meet here and chat, do their homework and read. It had a huge fireplace with a blazing, heartwarming fire within its grate. Above it, engraved deeply into the stone, was the crest of Gryffindor house, a shield with a lion, of course, not in colour. A handmade hearth lay in front with a few armchairs huddled as if for warmth. There were oak tables, comfortable armchairs and radiant banners dotted throughout the room. There was a particularly large window behind one of the sofas, which were all embroidered in golden thread. Dangling from the ceiling was a huge chandelier, made of pure gold. There was more gold in this tower than Buckingham Palace. Old-fashioned wallpaper lined most of the walls which, however, hadn’t seemed to have aged at all. It was the best day of my life. This would be my home until I was to return home in ten months. 

Jessica has been doing her mile run at home and managed to get her time under 15 minutes! She has also been skipping in the back garden as well as keeping up with her school work - Well done!
Jess has been trying some of our vegetarian recipes that were listed last week! Here she is making some lovely leek and potato soup! Sounds delicious Jess! smiley
Brooke has been baking this week!  She made a lovely Victoria sponge cake for after her Sunday lunch! It looks delicious - well done Brooke! laugh
Aston has been very busy this week! He has been doing some metalwork with his Dad and making some bunting for VE Day. He has also been growing carrots and radishes as well as his school work. laugh

Jessica decided to take part in the poetry challenge that was under the English section on the school website as well as researching and creating her own Pollution PowerPoint! laugh

Ava held a socially distanced VE day street party on Friday. Ava sketched up flags whilst her and her Mam both coloured them in to decorate our windows with. It was lovely: all the neighbours were in their gardens, there were even wartime songs playing in the background and a 2 minutes silence at 11am. The whole street contributed with putting out food tables outside their gardens and the neighbours were going around individually if they wanted food. Ava has been keeping busy doing work on purple mash and she is busy reading dork diaries. Whilst at the park they watched a honey bee feeding on a flower on the grass.

William and his family have really enjoyed the weather and William was busy in the kitchen making treats for his Mam's lockdown birthday.They had bunting on display that the boys helped to make. Despite lockdown it still felt like a bank holiday! smiley

Tyler has made a fantastic banner and bunting with his Mam and Dad to celebrate VE Day! We are going to have afternoon tea in the garden and a singalong of all the war songs. What a fantastic day! Well done, Tyler! laugh
Abby is doing Maths daily and is enjoying ratios. She does regularly read and is getting through the beast quest series 1 (with series 2 and 3 coming next month for her birthday). Well done, Abby! laugh
Ava has been keeping very busy this week! After her daily walks, Ava and her Mam have been researching the old pit buildings  that they have  seen on their way. She has also been keeping on top of her school work, as well as keeping in touch with her friends from school, making shadow pictures and even enjoyed an afternoon tea! laugh
Jessica has completed the Sun Awareness online activity, researching the dangers of the sun and creating her own poster. She has also made her own Tudor House-fantastic! Well done Jessica!

Alex has been keeping busy in the kitchen this week, with just a little help from Dad! laugh

Alfie has been working hard on his work book as well as playing hard! Thank you for sending in your lovely photos, Alfie!smiley
Nathaniel has been working on a project for a couple of weeks. He has been researching by looking online books and watching documentaries about dinosaurs and their extinction. He took notes during this, and then put it into his own words and found images.Nathaniel has been doing some practical skills, as part of his lessons. Last week he made shortbread biscuits, learnt to make tea and coffee and most proudly he made pizza dough from scratch and a lovely pizza to eat!

Below are some photos of William and Henry doing some sewing at home. Their project is to make some bunting for the garden for next Friday's VE Day celebrations and they'll be having a picnic to celebrate. William is really enjoying learning all about the Tudors, especially as Henry VIII is Mam's specialist subject; they had a very in depth conversation about the reformation yesterday and looked at the paintings by Hans Holbein and what they mean, even his little brother Henry joined in.

They are both working their way through every episode of Horrible Histories - well done for such hard work at home, William!

Jessica has been working extremely hard from home; she completed the writing activity using a real character as inspiration, as well as reading out a story based on real events - how fantastic! Well done, Jessica! 

Never Give Up.mp4

Still image for this video
Jessica has been working so hard researching the Tudors and creating a fantastic Tudor's information Powerpoint! Well done, Jessica! What a fantastic resource to show how much you have learned and to help others! laugh
Alex has been working hard on his journal, keeping track of what he's been doing and feeling each day. This will fantastic to look back on in years to come when this is all over! Well done, Alex! smiley

Tyler has been working really hard on his school work but also playing just as hard: barbecues, hot tubs and walking his 2 dogs (Buddy and Theo). Tyler also helped make a strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake - which looks delicious! Well done, Tyler! smiley
William finished his Hogwarts Express Lego today, which looks fantastic alongside his brothers Quidditch pitch! He has also made a start on his Tudor Shield, putting in lots of hard work and research - Well done, William! smiley
 As well as the school website, this afternoon William enjoyed exploring the BBC bitesize lessons on history. He watched some videos about the second World War. This weekend, William also started his Hogwarts Express Lego, he spent all Saturday morning sorting out the pieces and made lemon curd - Well done, William! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! laugh
Jess has definitely been maintaining her fitness levels despite the lockdown through boxing and box jumps, which is fantastic to see! Keep up the hard work, Jess! smiley

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Brooke has been keeping busy baking some delicious banana bread! It looks delicious! Thank you for your photo smiley
Ava has been keep very busy at home! She created an assault course around her garden to make sure she is staying fit and healthy as well as keeping up with her academic work. Ava had a fantastic idea: to create a time capsule, similar to a journal for her to look back on in years to come and remember what was happening! Thank you so much for your lovely poster, Ava! So kind of you; make sure that you are staying safe too. smiley

Ava's fantastic bead creation collection!

Nathaniel has been completing his work pack, as well as  developing more knowledge about dinosaurs and their extinctions. He has created a diorama, with a dinosaur figure and been making some delicious Easter chocolates! He also showed his appreciation for our NHS using water in the garden! Thank you for your lovely photos, Nathaniel! smiley
Alex celebrated his 11th birthday last week! He has been building using lego and making his own pizzas! Looks like so much fun! Thank you, Alex, hope you had a lovely birthday! smiley
Aston has been doing some lovely cross stitching during the lock down, as well as den building and playing out in the sunshine! Thank you for your lovely photos, Aston! smiley
William has been keeping up with his work tasks that have been set, particularly enjoying his White Rose Maths work. He has also been enjoying the lovely weather we've been having: going on bike rides, playing in the tent in the garden and even set up a rugby course for his younger brother, Henry! Well done, William! It is lovely to see you still working very hard. smiley


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​​​​​Ava has been building a reading den in her garden and designed the wall behind with a woodland theme. She has also been practicing her hairdressing skills with her styling doll. Well done, Ava! smiley
Alfie has been in the garden, enjoying the lovely, warm weather that we had last week! Lovely to see you having fun at home, Alfie! smiley
Brooke has been working on her Arts and Crafts in the garden - well done Brooke! smiley
It is lovely to see that Aston has been enjoying Arts & Crafts at home! Looks like such fun, well done! smiley
Brooke has been doing some Arts & Crafts - creating a beautiful rainbow to keep reminding people to stay home and stay positive as well as keeping up with her English school work. Well done, Brooke! smiley
It is lovely to see Alex still keeping up with his music lessons - he has a real natural flair smiley
Jessica has been keeping up with her home learning packs as well as making sure she is staying active! She is even still managing to perfect her swimming technique smiley Thank you for your lovely photos, Jessica. It's great to see you still working so hard, keep it up!


Still image for this video
Tyler has been continuing his learning on the Tudors. After telling his mam everything he knew about  the Battle of Bosworth he has been looking up information on Henry vlll, his 6 wives, his children, his youth, his health, his reign and the English Reformation. He has also been challenging his Mam and Dad to the game Rota which Richard that history bloke has posted. It is lovely to see you building on your knowledge of our topic, Tyler! smiley Can't wait to hear more!
Alex has been teaching his Dad how to dance! Thank you for the lovely photo, Alex, please keep them coming! smiley

William has enjoyed working through his home learning packs, along with PE with Joe wicks each morning!

He has been going out for walks,  playing monopoly with Henry and being keeping in touch with his rugby team where they virtually passed the rugby ball round the whole team! Lovely to see you're still working hard from home and still keeping in touch with your friends! smiley

Alfie has been working hard on his home learning packs and creating rainbows to keep people feeling positive! Keep working hard, Alfie! smiley
Aston has been enjoying cycling, yoga and running. He has baked cakes, beginners cross stitch as well as MyMaths, Purple Mash and lots of worksheets. He has also watched films and programs on TV and playing on Xbox. Wow! Lovely to see you have been keeping yourself very busy, Aston! Keep the lovely photos coming! smiley

Abby has been doing a project for guides about aspirations and what type of adult she wants to be as well as doing my maths and some online English too! Well done Abby, it's lovely to see you keeping up the hard work from home! 

Forest School

Year 6 were lucky enough to explore our Forest School area during the Autumn term. The children learned how to correctly start a fire safely, build dens, tree climbing, made smores and created art collages using outdoor materials.

Futsal Taster Workshop

Year 6 took part in a taster session with Futsal. During the session. we learned some new tricks and skills and put them into practice in small group games.

Friendship Workshops

In order to raise awareness of the dangers of cyber bullying and staying safe online, BIG came to speak to us about ways to enjoy the internet safely. We discussed what to do in certain situations and how to report any unwanted or inappropriate behaviour from others. BIG was very impressed with our prior knowledge and understanding of cyber bullying and praised how much we consider each others feelings.