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Welcome to 5R, I am Mr Rippon and I will be working hard so that all the pupils can reach their potential. I am joined by fabulous Mrs Martin, who is extremely organised and dedicated to help every single child. I will be making the curriculum as exciting as possible using cross-curricular links where possible.  This year we are looking the topics of Coal Mining, Europe and War & Peace.

Class Assembly


It was an absolute pleasure to perform to our parents, we looked at the modern day royal family and how it has changed over time. The whole class felt like royalty and looked the part.

Safety Works

On Thursday 26th April, Year 5 visit the summer safety works in Newcastle. We visited 5 different stations (The beach, internet safety, preventing fires, the metro & crossing the road). In each station we dealt with different scenarios and how we can minimise any risk. I hope we all remembered to check our smoke alarms when we got back.

This week (wb 5/3/18) 30 of the Y5 children got to attend a LiveTales workshop with Miss Hewitt and Mrs Martin. We hopped on a coach to the Quayside on Thursday for our visit. When we got there, we were visited by Mrs Robinson – an editor of a book – who believed that children couldn’t write! We were shocked because we know we are brilliant writers in Y5! We decided to create our own character, Johnathon Wheeler, who was partially invisible and wore a magician’s suit. We also created his sidekick (CJ the dragon) and chose where to set our story. We wrote an introduction as a group, but we wrote our own follow up with our writing mentor’s support. We had such a brilliant time!

Judo Taster

On Tuesday 23rd January, we had a 30 minute judo taster. If you wish to join Destination Judo, training is at Gateshead Leisure Centre on a Wednesday. For further details go to: 

WW2 Visit

On January 11th, 5R had a visit from 'That History Bloke'. Where he brought in clothing from WW2, which the children tried on, along with many artefacts. He told stories about what life was like, looking at rationing and evacuation.



On Tuesday the 20th, we invited all year 5 parents in to show what amazing facts we have learnt. The children were split into different countries and we all presented to the parents. To finish off we played kahoot quiz were the winners were LJ and Jonah. 

Music Bus

On Monday 19th, those that have 95% attendance or above got invited onto the Ka Boogie music bus, where they recorded a Christmas song with Mr Parkin.

Lava Lamps

We have been looking at the density of different liquids in our Science lessons. Here are some photographs of us creating our lava lamps!

Water Resistance


We looked at water resistance, by looking at streamlining. We dropped play-doh of various different shapes into a water filled measuring cylinder to which would fall to the bottom the quickest.

Food Tasting


On Tuesday 7th November, we joined forces with the 5H to food taste. We looked at food from countries all over Europe, some tasty and some not so tasty, Then children had to try and decide where the food originated from. 


On Tuesday 17th October, Our class along with 5H visited Beamish to finish our topic on coal mining. The trip included going down the coal mine, visiting the farm, school and not forgetting the sweet shop.


Maths Probability 

During outdoor learning week, we looked at probability where we looked at the most likely number after rolling a dice twice.

Holes Drama


We have been reading Holes and are 7 chapters. The latest chapter was complex as it included a flashback, so the children worked in groups of 6-7 to act out the chapter. This really developed their understanding of the chapter.

That History Bloke

On Monday 25th September, that history bloke visited year 5 to talk about our topic of coal mining. He brought a variety of different artefacts such as: helmets, shovel, stephenson lamp and a pickaxe. In addition, the children looked at coal mining in the local area and all the roles within a mine. 

Friction Experiment

In science, all the pupils created their own experiment looking at friction to see which shoes had the best grip.

Stephenson & Davy Lamp

To start our coal mining topic, we compared the Stephenson lamp and Davy lamp drawing them with chalk .