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Hello everyone,


If you are looking for the new home learning (January 2021) pleased head here and click on "Year 5."


Stay safe my little team and see you very soon!


Miss Ibinson


Homework answers

Hi guys, I've attached the answers to last week's homework below! Hopefully you got lots of them right.


Here is a copy of next week's spellings (as requested). They are adverbs of possibility. 












Friday 20th November 2020


Well, we made it! Here's to our last day of home learning. I hope you've all done some fun things over your two weeks at home and I am looking forward to seeing all of your faces on Monday morning. 



As well as today's maths and english, have a try at a little art activity. 

Design yourself a lockdown superhero. Think about all the qualities of someone who is spreading happiness and generosity  during this time and turn them into a superhero.

Don't forget to send in any pictures you draw!



Friday 20th  November

Computing Challenge #4 - Art


I hope you enjoyed the hour of code yesterday! Here is the link to today's challenge - Art


Have fun!!

Mrs Thompson laugh

Friday's French Challenge - Bon weekend, tout le monde! (Have a nice weekend; everyone!)

Thursday 19th November


Hello everyone! Today's tasks are attached below. Please keep sending in your work - it's great to see you all doing so well. Not long left now before we are back in school.


As well as the maths and English, don't forget to try the French and ICT challenges below too!



Thursday 19th November


Computing Challenge #3 - Minecraft


I hope you enjoyed the hour of code yesterday! Here is the link to today's challenge - 'Minecraft'


Have fun!! Mrs Thompson laugh​​​​​​​

Jeudi 19 novembre - Here is today's French challenge. Bon travail (happy work)!

Wednesday 18th November 


Good morning little 5I's! Look at all the fantastic things Madame Moses and Mrs Thompson have been putting on our page for us to do. Make sure you have a look at the links - they're great.


Half way through our last week (hopefully) of home learning. As always, the PowerPoints are below - you know what to do!

I have also included this week's CC lesson which is to create a dual data graph. We have covered bar charts and line graphs so now it's time to combine the two. This can be a bit of a tricky lesson to complete so take your time and measure each part carefully. The answer is on the PowerPoint where it shows you how your graph should look - try to complete it without looking at the answer first then compare yours to the one I've done. I've also attached an easier version if you are struggling to make the dual data graph. There is the option just to do a bar graph - you choose. 



Wednesday 18th November


Computing Challenge #2 - Beaver Challenge


I hope you enjoyed the hour of code yesterday! Here is the link to today's challenge - 'Beaver Challenge' 


Have fun!! Mrs Thompson laugh


Tuesday 17th November 2020


Good morning Year 5!


Sorry this is a little delayed today; the internet fairies were not co-operating! I have attached the PowerPoint for Maths and English below as well as an activity for anti-bullying week. To celebrate anti-bullying week, I want you to design a pair of odd socks. It's so important to remember that it's okay to be different and "odd" in your own unique way.


Tuesday 17th November - Computing Challenge


Hi Y5, 


I would like to invite you to a 'Dance Party' - learn to code whilst playing a game. I will set a new activity each day. Take photographs or short video clips of your adventures and send them to so I can see what you are up to. 

Good Luck and I hope you have fun laugh

Mrs Thompson

mardi 17 novembre - FRENCH CHALLENGE!


Bonjour Y5!

I am missing being in school, but I have some French challenges for you.  Don’t worry if you cannot remember because the answers are at the end.  Just have a go and check what it should be.  If you get correct answers, well done you, but if not, do not worry, because you are still learning!


Madame Moses

Monday 16th November


Happy Monday Year 5I and welcome to our second week of home learning. I hope you are all managing ok and are keeping up with the lessons. Don't forget, if you have any questions or any work you want to send, it's :) 


I have attached the PowerPoint for today's Maths below which has got the instructions, examples, questions and answers on it. It's our usual speech bubbles so it should be straight forward. 


Today's English is also attached along with an RE lesson about the Christmas story.


Stay safe!


Miss Ibinson

Friday 13th November


If there's one thing we definitely don't need at the moment, it's Friday the 13th! 

I hope you're all doing well at home and looking forward to the weekend. 


Today's Maths lesson is attached below and today's English is to write a conversation between Lila, Con and Max.

Use the plan you have written and the start below to help you structure your conversation.


Suddenly Max stopped. "It's there!" He pointed up at a low-hanging branch. 
Lila hauled herself into the branches. Her knees trembling. Her breath was unusually loud. 
She sat on the branch where the animal was perched and began to scoot forward, both hands gripping tight. With quivering fingers, she unwound its legs from the branch and rewound them around her arm. The creature let out a mewing sound.

There's also a Creative Curriculum lesson on layers of the rainforest.


Stay safe everyone!


Miss Ibinson

Thursday 12th November 2020


Great to see so many of you doing this week's maths - keep up the hard work and keep sending in your emails.


I have attached the today's maths, english and CC below. 


Remember, follow along with the maths and try each of the questions before marking them using the answer slides. Give yourself a maximum of 5 minutes per slide for the maths then move on. 


Wednesday 11th November 2020


Good morning small people! Here we are again, in our pyjamas for far too long, learning from the sofa! Don't worry, it won't be long before I'm back staring over your shoulder, checking you're using a ruler and telling you to pick your rubber off the floor. In the meantime, if you need me, get in touch at and send me your questions, examples of your work, photos of what you are up to, anything you like!



Here is the PowerPoint for today's English. Make sure you take a look at the sheet too - if you can't print it, draw your own version of it!

I hope you are all okay at home and I can't wait to get back and see you all. In the meantime, I'm going to make the most of a chance to use all the little BitMoji pictures of myself I possibly can to make you all smile!


Miss Ibinson


Hello my lovely Year 5I's,


I hope you are all okay at home! Below is the powerpoint to this week's maths. You will find the answers on the page after each set of speech bubbles so you can mark them the way we would in class. You can either print them all out in one go, or I will post instructions day by day if you want to do it that way.


I will also add English on day by day too.


Stay safe,


Miss Ibinson

Good morning and happy Monday!


Here are today's tasks for you to work through.


Maths - we are looking at multiples today. Check out the powerpoint and the task below.

English - we are looking at clause structure - specifically embedded clauses.


Have a good day!




We have had a fantastic day today celebrating our study of A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Bad Beginning. We have absolutely loved studying this book and have learned lots of new things to include in our writing. As Count Olaf is a master of disguise and is only spotted due to his distinctive monobrow. In homage, we all sported our best monobrows today along with some pretty impressive disguises. We enjoyed watching the film with some popcorn, we solved some cryptic clues from Lemony Snicket, corrected some of Aunt Josephine's grammar, tried Puttanesca pasta and made a Violet style invention!


What a fantastic end to our study of this book. We will be writing a recount of today next week so keep your eyes peeled for some examples of our work. 

Welcome to Y5I