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Welcome to Year 5H!

Welcome to Year 5H. My name is Miss Hewitt and I will be working hard to teach you all this year. I will teach exciting and motivating lessons, which will help you achieve your potential. Our class is supported by the wonderful Mrs Martin, who is hardworking, organised and nurturing. This is your first year in Upper Key Stage 2 and we will work our hardest to make it your most enjoyable year yet. This year you be challenged, supported and develop into independent individuals, ready to embark on your last year of primary school. I can’t wait to have lots of fun this year and watch you all grow! 

Summer 2 half termly spellings












Summer 1 half termly spellings












Today we have been celebrated the upcoming royal wedding by wearing red, white and blue! 
We visited the Tyne and Wear Safetyworks and learnt how to stay safe this summer. Here are some photos of our day!
As an Easter treat, Mrs Ritchie said our whole class could go on the Ka-Boogie bus. We recorded our own version of Hall of Fame by The Script and had a disco on board. We had such an amazing time, thank you Mrs Ritchie!
This week we have celebrated World Book Day! We went to Mrs Goulty-Brown's Reception class and read with the children. We had a lovely time!
This week (w/b 12/3/018) is British Science Week! To celebrate, we have been looking at different scientific careers and the skills needed. We looked at civil engineering. We designed and built our own bridges!

This week (wb 5/3/18) 30 of the Y5 children got to attend a LiveTales workshop with Miss Hewitt and Mrs Martin. We hopped on a coach to the Quayside on Thursday for our visit. When we got there, we were visited by Mrs Robinson – an editor of a book – who believed that children couldn’t write! We were shocked because we know we are brilliant writers in Y5! We decided to create our own character, Johnathon Wheeler, who was partially invisible and wore a magician’s suit. We also created his sidekick (CJ the dragon) and chose where to set our story. We wrote an introduction as a group, but we wrote our own follow up with our writing mentor’s support. We had such a brilliant time!

Mrs Jackson came round today to hand out our merits. Look at how many we have earned!

To end our topic on Europe, we invited in our grown ups. We showed off how much we had learnt by delivering presentations on each country and writing questions for a quiz. They had a try at our quiz - can you achieve a best score? 


Follow the link below and enter the game pin: 6367576

Those of us with at least 95% attendance got to go onto Mr Parkin's KaBoogie bus! Here are some photographs of us enjoying ourselves on board.

On board Mr Parkin's KaBoogie bus!

Still image for this video
We have been looking at the density of different liquids in our Science lessons. Here are some photographs of us creating our lava lamps!
This week in maths, we have been focusing on measures. We have been reading capacities, measuring lengths and converting measurements into different units. 
This week in science, we have been looking at gold medal worthy dives! We investigated the best shape for Tom Daley to make while diving. Our suggestions would help him to make a real splash!

As a launch for our new topic, Europe, we did a food tasting activity with Y5R. We have all been given a country and tasted foods from all of these countries. Some the food we really enjoyed, like Swiss chocolate and German stollen cake. We didn't enjoy the Spanish olives, Czech aubergines or the Portuguese sardines!

During our coal mining topic, Miss Hewitt set us a challenge - could we design a coal cart that would be suitable inside of the mines? We worked in groups to design, plan, build and test our carts. We raced them along the top corridor in school and the rest of the teams watched from the sidelines. We had children holding meter sticks at 66cm - this is how high the mine would have been during the Industrial Revolution.
To round off our Coal Mining topic, we visited Beamish during Outdoor Learning Week. We got to head down their drift mine and visit their school. There were lots of things different to modern day, including the bank, the shops and the dentist! We had a fantastic day hopping on and off the tram (and of course, visiting the sweet shop)! Here are some photographs of our very busy day.

We have been learning about different types of forces in our Science lessons. We received a text message from John asking for help how to send messages to his friend who lives along the road. We decided to make a paper aeroplane and decided it would need to be streamlined to cut through the air effectively.

This week (w/c  25/9/17) we have had another visitor in our school, M&M productions! They performed Pinocchio for us and we were very lucky as we got a backstage pass workshop with the actors! We learned about how they change their costumes so quickly, how they portrayed different characters and how their lights help to create the mood on stage. We had an amazing time and are looking forward to the next time M&M productions come into school.

Earlier this week, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from 'That History Bloke', Richard. He brought in lots of artefacts related to the coal mining era. We focused on a man called Peter Barrett, who is buried at Heworth, and initially we asked lots of questions about him. We used a census and other sources of information to figure out how he died. He had in fact been a miner and worked at Felling pit. We loved being able to handle the different artefacts and extend our knowledge of the Felling Pit Disaster.
This week was our family assembly on the topic of 'New Beginnings' and we talked about our hopes and dreams for this academic year. Here are some photographs and videos of us in action.

It's a lovely day today

Still image for this video

This week in science we have completed an investigation, testing the best shoes for Miss Hewitt to wear to walk her dog, Bo. We designed the investigations in groups and each group had a different idea. Here are some photographs of us carrying out the investigations. 


We were shocked to find that the best shoes were in fact Mr Rippon's slippers, followed by Miss Hewitt's sparkly trainers.

This week we began our science topic, Forces. We made a marble run to look at the effects of different contact forces on a marble. Here are some pictures with our marble run!