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Y5H - Miss Hewitt

Welcome to Year 5H

Welcome to Year 5H. My name is Miss Hewitt and I will be working hard to teach you all this year. I will teach exciting and motivating lessons, which will help you achieve your potential. Our class is supported by the wonderful Mrs Martin, who is hardworking, organised and nurturing. This is your first year in Upper Key Stage 2 and we will work our hardest to make it your most enjoyable year yet. This year you be challenged, supported and develop into independent individuals, ready to embark on your last year of primary school. I can’t wait to have lots of fun this year and watch you all grow! 

This week is Arts week and we have been completing work around the painting 'Penelope with the suitors' by Pintoricchio. We have looked at the gestures used in the painting and how the painting creates an optical illusion with the tiles. We have created our own optical illusions and used drama strategies to show how we think Penelope may have been feeling. We learnt that this painting is a 'fresco' which means it was painted onto wet plaster. We have looked at Banksy, a grafitti artist, who paints his artwork outside. We have had a debate as to whether Banksy should be arrested and had a go at 'grafitti-ing' outside ourselves. We created templates based on some famous Banksy work and used watered down paint to complete them outside. 
Our summer performance this year had the theme 'Lingey sings Disney'. We sang Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins.
Both Year 5 classes recently had the opportunity to visit the National Coal Mining Museum for England in Wakefield. We completed a workshop based on life during the year 1894. We also had an underground tour of the mine and we had to travel 140 metres in an old lift to get to the coalface. Here are some photos of our brilliant day!
This week we started our new topic, The Mayans. As an introduction to our topic, we watched a video which showed us where the Mayans lived and some of the things we have to thank the Mayans for. We also enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate as we did so!
Today we took part in a Race for Life as a school. We loved spending part of morning running around the park for such a wonderful cause.

As part of our Water topic, we have had the opportunity to visit the Centre for Life in Newcastle. We had a fantastic day, completing different workshops, looking around the exhibits and (of course) going on the 4D motion ride. We learned about water scarcity in different countries and how different parts of the brain work. Did you know that scientists believe life on other planets can only survive if they are within a certain distance of the Sun? This is because water will freeze or be non-existent if the planets are too close or too far away.

To introduce our water topic, Miss Hewitt and Mrs Flowdy set up a carousel of activities for us. We were looking at different ways to transport water and how to work in a team to do so. We had a great afternoon!

We have achieved more Accelerated Reading goals in Year 5H! Excellent work, keep it up!
To conclude our Rainforest topic, we created Bakka inspired clay pots and decorated them. We also created musical instruments using recycled materials. Here are some photographs of our amazing creations!
In Science, we have been revisiting the topic 'Materials'. We have been working on our observational, working scientifically and recording skills. We have been looking at how adding different materials into water effects the time taken for the paper flowers to unfold. 
This week in Maths we have been looking at translations of shapes. Today we have been playing a game where we needed to translate shapes. Some of us were very competitive whilst playing!

This week is British Science week! We have been learning all about forces in Science and the Rainforest in Creative Curriculum, so Miss Hewitt and Mrs Flowdy mixed them both! We first looked at how animals use their colouring as camouflage by completing a scientific enquiry. We also looked at air pressure and watched Miss Hewitt fail miserably at setting off the bottle rocket. Mrs Flowdy did a much better job though!


We also had a go at making our own bottle rockets, using little mice as the astronauts. We had a fantastic afternoon!

More amazing Accelerated Reading certificates given out this week! Well done to our superstar readers in Y5H!
This week, we have been looking at the different instruments tribes within the rainforests play. We have used the Learnpads to collect information about different tribes and their instruments, ready to plan our own instrument in our next DT session.
This week we have celebrated World Book Day! We have written setting descriptions based on Harry Potter, written letters from crayons (based upon 'The Day The Crayons Quit') and read with Y2B and Y2P! What a busy day we had! We have loved dressing up as some of our favourite book characters and having the opportunity to share the books we love.
Our topic this half term is The Rain forest. To begin our topic, we received a visit from Paul, who works at Discovery Zoo. He brought in some native animals of the rain forest and told us about each animal. We had the opportunity to touch the animals including: a corn snake, a cockroach, a millipede, a tarantula and a stick insect. We learned all about the predators of each animal and the different layers of the rain forest that they live in. We had a brilliant time!
Miss Hewitt spotted a tweet belonging to Tom Daley, which asked for help to perfect his dive ahead of the next Olympics. We decided to use our Science lesson to help him. We used playdough and empty pop bottles to test the different shapes he could make with his body. We looked for the shape that would create the least water resistance. We wrote our recommendations down for him and will let him know what to practise ahead of Tokyo 2020!

As our Creative Curriculum topic is War and Peace, we have been looking at Anderson shelters. We have designed and built our own Anderson shelters from materials brought in from home. Here are some photos of us constructing them and of the final products.

We love to read in Y5H! We have received our achievement certificates for Accelerated Reading. Our achievements range from reading 25,000 words to 250,000 words! Well done Harley, Alfie, Ella, Kit, Erin, Jack, Jessica, Daisy, Shannon, Thomas, Aimee, Amber, Will, Ella and Evan!

This half term, we have been looking at forces in our Science lessons. We designed our own experiment and discussed different factors which could affect the time it takes for spinners to fall. Here are some photos of us completing the investigation.

Completing our investigations


Last week, Miss Hewitt set us a challenge: could we design an investigation to find out which shoe was best? We discussed what was meant by 'best' and we thought that it would mean grip, especially with the chilly weather outside! We thought about different ways of testing the grip and friction of shoes and wrote these up into our science books. This week, we have completed our investigations and found that Miss Hewitt's clunky boot and her trainer were the best. We wouldn't recommend walking the dog in a flip flop or jelly shoe as they produced the least friction.

Investigating artefacts


We have been fortunate enough to receive a 'Bunker Challenge' box through the Discovery Museum. We looked at the artefacts and wrote information cards about them. We found that these were all primary sources, meaning they were from the times of WW2. We knew the uses and purpose of some artefacts, but not of others. Can you guess what some were used for?

An evacuee's suitcase


We have been looking at evacuation in our class, ahead of our debate on 'should children have been evacuated?'. We looked at the things that an evacuee would have in their suitcase and discussed if we would like to have been evacuated.We also thought about whether it was fair on children to be evacuated, when they didn't have a choice. 

Anderson Shelters


In DT, we have been looking at how Anderson shelters were built. Miss Hewitt set us the challenge of seeing how we could make a strong shelter from a sheet of paper. We discovered that when you fold the paper, it makes it much stronger. Anderson shelters were often made from corrugated iron which made them stronger and more durable.

We love to read in Y5H and we have been awarded some brilliant certificates for the number of words we've read during our Accelerated Reading sessions. Well done Mollie, Amber, Thomas, Daniel and Teegan!
This week (W/c 16/01/17) we have been looking at Anderson shelters in DT. We were given the challenge to find out how we could make a piece of paper stronger by adding no extra materials.

This week (w/c 02/01/2017) we had a special visit from 'That History Bloke'. He came in to speak to us and introduce our new topic of 'War and Peace'. We had a fantastic time looking at genuine artefacts from both World Wars. Here are some photographs of us having a fantastic time.

Following our food tasting session earlier in the half term, we designed our own European inspired snacks. Here are some photos of us making and tasting them - we have some future Jamie Olivers and Mary Berrys in our class!
We love to read in Y5H and we have been awarded some brilliant certificates for the number of words we've read during our Accelerated Reading sessions. Well done Gary, Katie, Evan, James and Alfie!

This week (w/c 28/11/16) has been incredibly busy! We have had Mrs Harvey come and visit us with a different problem to solve. This time, we were asked to find a way to cool hot liquids quickly and safely. We loved completing this fair test in our groups like real scientists.


We have also been looking at the area and perimeter of shapes. Miss Hewitt set us a challenge of finding the area of a range of different boxes so we could calculate the number of square metres or square cenimetres of wrapping paper we would need. Y5H looked like Santa's workshop by the end of our session!


This week was also our Enterprise day. We loved looking around at the different tables and checking out the competition! We were happy to see lots of our items go to new homes.

Upside down painting

Science with Mrs Harvey

Area and perimeter investigation

This week (w/c 21/11/16) we received a sample of water from Mr Thompson, a site engineer, as part of our work with Mrs Harvey. He asked us if we could test different materials as a filter to purify the water from the reservoir near the River Tees. We worked in teams and gave ourselves company names and roles. Here are some photographs of us testing these different filters out. Some of our results shocked us! 
Today (18/11/16) was our class assembly all about coal mining. We hope you learnt something new about coal mining within the North East and enjoyed coming into our classroom. We loved getting dressed up and putting on a show for our grown ups! We loved the treats Mrs Martin made us even more!
This week (w/c 14/11/2016) we had a special visitor come in to see us. Mrs Harvey works at the University of York and is a scientist based at Wilton Centre, Redcar. She came in today to talk to us about working in industry and asked for our help to fix a problem. A site engineer wrote us a letter explaining that the pipes at his site were leaking and asked us to test a range of different sealants to fix the issue. We had great fun testing the different materials, trying on safety gear and having 'jobs' in industry, like being in charge of resources, administration, communications or health and safety.
This week (w/c 08/11/16) we have started to think about the different foods we tasted and how we will use this in our DT sessions. We have started to plan a snack and thought about the cost and origin of different ingredients.

European Food Tasting

To introduce our new topic, Europe, the children in 5F and 5H have tried some foods from different European countries. We thought about the ingredients in the foods and tried to work out where they might have come from. We are going to use our research into the food types to help us to plan and make some savory snacks later in the topic. 

A visit from Tyne and Wear's Fire and Rescue Service


This week (w/c 17/10/2016) we had a visit from Tyne and Wear's Fire and Rescue Service. They came in to speak to us about how to keep safe during the dark nights and in the run up to Bonfire night. They also spoke to us about how to stay safe at home, including being careful with plugs, chargers and keeping doors shut.


They also told us that if grown ups would like a free home safety check, they can either call 0800 032 77 77 or they can fill in a form online at the website linked below. This service would allow you to receive a free smoke alarm and have them fitted in your home.

A visit from 'That History Bloke'

We have been incredibly lucky this week (w/c 17/10/16) as we have received a visit from Richard. He came in to talk to us about the life of a miner and showed us lots of different artefacts. We had an amazing time learning about the life of Peter Barrett, learning more about the Felling Pit disaster and all about the jobs and roles of different miners.


In maths, we have been learning about rounding numbers. We have rounded decimals to the nearest whole number, as well as  rounding whole numbers to the nearest 1000 and 10, 000. On Friday, there were lots of rounding questions hidden around KS2 that we had to locate. When we worked out the correct answer, there was a letter next to it.  All of the letters went together to make a really, really bad joke! Children worked very hard to solve the puzzle, well done Year 5H and 5F!

This week (w/c 10/10/16) is our Outdoor Learning and Arts week. We have been studying a painting by Reubens called A Roman Triumph. We have been fortunate enough to have some work commissioned by Graeme Hopper for our park. We have been part of a Roman parade through the archway and have been back out to look at the way the light reflects off our archway. We have sketched these this afternoon using all of the art techniques we have learnt about this half term. 

Woodhorn Colliery

Year 5 visited Woodhorn Colliery, in Ashington, as part of our Outdoor Learning Week. We had a great time dressing up as miners, researching in the archives, studying art and creating some of our own art work. Here are some photos showing the exciting activities that we completed throughout the day. We had such a brilliant time!

This week (w/c 03/10/2016) we have also been outside with Mrs Flowdy's class to collect leaves. These leaves will be used as part of our outdoor learning and arts week next week. We will be using them to make laurel wreath crowns like the Romans wore, as we will be studying a painting by Reubens, called The Roman Triumph. 
In Maths today (03/10), we have completed an investigation about the number of blocks needed to make a stair case. We soon realised the pattern was to find the number of blocks, you must square the number of stairs. As a class, we created a staircase with 24 stairs and calculated the number of blocks would be 576!
This week in Art (03/10/2016) we have been sketching and using charcoal to recreate an image of carts carrying coal. We have also been building our own Davy lamps.

Using charcoals and building Davy lamps

We have been very busy these past few weeks in Year 5! We have looked at adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers in Maths and played a game where we used sandbags and puffs of air to decide how our hot air balloon would move. We have also looked at pulley systems in our Creative Curriculum sessions and tried building our own! We have also looked at Earth and Space in science and this week focussed on the rotation of the Earth and the impact this has.

Building our own pulley systems

Adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers

This week we have been looking at materials and properties of materials in Year 5H. We began by looking around our classroom so we could see how many different materials we could see.


We have also been looking at place value in maths and adding and subtracting powers of 10, 100 and 1000. We were playing a game where we had to hit our target number before our partner adding and subtracting these numbers.