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Y5F - Mrs Flowdy

Welcome to Year 5F!

Year 5F performed a song from 'The Jungle Book' in our school show. They were brilliant! Well done everyone.



In art this half term, the children have enjoyed using clay to make Maya temples. The Maya people painted them red as they believed they were living things. We also learned about the different masks that they wore and made some of our own. 



We have looked at the location of the Maya civilization. To help us to look at the landscape we made 3D maps and then went on to locate the cities of ancient Maya. 

The Maya Civilization

To begin our new topic we watched a short video to introduce us to the Maya civilization. As the Maya discovered chocolate, from coco beans, which was made into a  hot drink, we thought we should enjoy some hot chocolate whilst we watched! However, our hot chocolate is much sweeter than the Maya would have had. We learnt that chocolate comes from the Maya word 'xocolatl' which means 'bitter water.'

Fun Run

Everyone has completed two laps of the park in our fun run to raise money for Cancer Research.The sun was shining and we had a lovely time whilst raising money for a very worthy cause. Thank you to everyone who has donated! Well done Year 5!

Water Fun


On Wednesday afternoon Year 5 had a fantastic time working together in teams to carry out some challenges involving water. They had lots of fun trying to overcome problems and work as a team to complete the challenges, most of them getting very wet in the process! During the afternoon children had the opportunity to develop their problem solving skills and showed some fantastic team work skills too. 


Our topic this half term is water so we started off by revising the water cycle. We made our own water cycles in plastic bags so we could observe the evaporation and condensation happening. If you look at our classroom windows you should see them in action! This helped the children to write some fantastic explanations about how the water cycle works. 

The Boardroom Challenge


Year 5 were very excited to participate in the boardroom challenge. They learned all about how business works and after conducting a S.W.O.T analysis they made promotional materials to market the product and presented them to the group. 

Rainforest Pottery


We looked at different types of pottery produced by tribes who live in the Amazon rainforest. Children copied the techniques that are used to produce some of our own pots. Next we will look at the tribal designs and create some repeating patterns to decorate them!



In maths we have been exploring symmetry, rotation and translation. As part of this, children made shapes with their body that their partner reflected. They then made shapes with the cubes and reflected and rotated the patterns. 


In science, year 5 had fun investigating how levers could make lifting a heavy load easier. They carried out an experiment looking at how much weight was needed to lift the rubber when the fulcrum was positioned in different places. Children looked for patterns in their results before linking the scientific concepts back to a real life situation explaining how to open a tin of paint. 

Green Screen

As part of our rain forest topic we have been looking at the weather conditions in tropical rain forests. Children used the Learnpads to carry out their own research. They then used the green screen to create some weather reports. Check back soon to see what they are like. 

World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017


To celebrate World Book Day we all came dressed as our favourite book characters and took part in lots of fun activities! We read our books and enjoyed sharing them with friends- we even read with reception children. In lessons we wrote descriptions of the setting from Harry Potter and then completed some art work. 



To launch our new topic, rain forests, Year 5 had some visitors! A range of animals from different layers of the rain forest came to visit us and we even had the opportunity to hold some. There was a tarantula called Rosie who was very friendly. Some children (and staff) were even brave enough to have a snake around their neck. Look at our photos and see what creatures you can spot.  

Air Raid Shelters


This afternoon we have finished our DT projects and made our shelters. After looking at how to strengthen materials and considering the shape of shelters, we made our designs. The challenge was to see if the shelter could protect our little, wooden characters and withstand the falling debris (potatoes) to stay standing. 

Paper Helicopters

Last lesson we made paper planes to help us to learn about forces and air resistance. How do you follow up a lesson on paper planes? Paper helicopters of course!


We started by making and experimenting with some paper helicopters.  Then we decided to look at the different factors that had an impact on how long they took to reach the ground.  Different groups changed different variables. Some of the things that we investigated were the surface area, type of material used and the weight of the helicopters. There were lots of interesting discussions about the results. One group concluding that the bigger the surface area the longer that it would take for the helicopter to reach the ground. Codie gave us a super explanation about how the air resistance had more surface area to work on when it was a larger surface which meant it took longer to reach the ground!

Fraction Puzzles

To help us to add and subtract with fractions we completed some jigsaws. We had to find fractions or calculations that were equivalent. Four calculations went together to make a square. Once we solved the puzzles, we made some of our own. 

The Bunker Challenge

We have been lucky enough to borrow a box from the Discovery Museum. We started by exploring a range of real items from World War Two and considered how primary sources taught us about the past. Next we took part in an exciting challenge which was based around a WWII bunker in Kenton. After watching a DVD to set the challenge, we took part in five activities including spotting friend or foe planes, making Morse code messages, breaking codes, reading maps and plotting on a map. Children have used their history and geography skills on these challenges and had great fun in doing so. 


To help us to write diary entries about being evacuated during World War Two, we learned all about what life would have been like. We listened to some experiences from evacuees and then sorted items to show what they would have taken, what they couldn't have taken and finally what they could have chosen. Children were shocked at the lack of things that they were allowed.


Year 5 had to design a marble run. The challenge was to see who could keep the marble going for the longest time. Children applied their knowledge of forces and gravity to help them. 

'That History Bloke' Visit

Year 5 had an exciting start to our new topic, War and Peace, when Richard visited us. We handled artefacts from World War Two to help us to learn about real people who lived during the war. After learning more about everyday life we had a go at identifying a range of air crafts. As the animation flew past we had to decide if they were friends or foes. There are lots of exciting things to come in this topic so check back soon to find out more about the Bunker Challenge that we will take part in. 

Testing Materials

We are going to make air raid shelters so we needed to find out what was a strong material to use. Mrs Flowdy challenged us to make a single piece of paper strong enough to hold as many pairs of scissors as possible over a 15cm gap in the table. We found out the more we folded the paper, the stronger it was. As well as having a lot of fun, this will help us to strengthen materials for our final designs.

By David, Adelle and Liam

Joyeux Noël!

Joyeux Noël means Merry Christmas in French!  This week Year 5 have made Christmas cards in French.  The folding and cutting were quite tricky, but I am sure you will agree that they look beau (beautiful in French).  

Snack Making

After tasting different European foods earlier in the topic, Year 5 have used what they learned about those ingredients to design and make a snack. Children worked in pairs and created their snack then evaluated their product. 


Year 5 have worked incredibly hard to make their Christmas items to sell for Enterprise Day.

Christmas Wrapping

This week we have worked out the area of the faces on boxes and then cut and measured the paper to wrap them to look like presents to go under our Christmas tree.

Thermal Insulator Experiment


In science, we were trying to find the best material to keep a packed lunch cool. We set up an experiment and tested some different materials to see how well they kept out the heat. We found that bubble wrap was the most effective insulator. Some children were able to use their scientific knowledge to explain our results. Adelle said, "The pockets of air made it a good insulator because it made a barrier to stop the heat energy getting in." 

Anti-Bully Week

This week in school we have taken part in anti-bully week. Children have thought about what bullying is and discussed what can be done if they are being bullied.  We did some role on the wall activities to consider people's feelings.  One of our main ideas was the 'Power of Good' that children can do. We looked at positive things about children in our classes and children nominated someone that they thought deserved an award for being a kind and helpful friend. It was so lovely to hear all of the kind and caring things that 5F have done for each other! At random, we selected some winners from the nominations to go into the prize draw in assembly. 

European Countries

To help us to learn the different European countries and their capital cities we have played some games in geography. We played a board game where we had to select different countries to travel between.  We rolled the die to tell us how many countries we could move each time. The person who reached their destination first won. We also made some 'fortune tellers' to help us to learn the different capital  cities. 

Year 5's Assembly

Year 5F performed their family assembly on 11th November. Well done, you all sang beautifully and presented your information brilliantly. Thank you to all of the parents and other family members who joined us. 

European Food Tasting

To introduce our new topic, Europe, the children in 5F and 5H have tried some foods from different European countries. We thought about the ingredients in the foods and tried to work out where they might have come from. We are going to use our research into the food types to help us to plan and make some savory snacks later in the topic. 

Fire Service


We had a very important visit from the Fire Service reminding us about fire safety. They encouraged all children to ask their parents if they could check their smoke alarms at home had batteries and were in full working order. If any one doesn't have a smoke alarm the fire service will carry out a free home safety check and fit a free smoke alarm. Please call 0800 0327777 or visit for further details. 

'That History Bloke'


On Monday, Year 5 had an enjoyable visit from Richard, who taught us all about coal mining in our local area. We looked at real historical sources to help us to complete some investigations and handled artefacts to help us to learn about life in coal mining times. 


In maths, we have been learning about rounding numbers. We have rounded decimals to the nearest whole number, as well as  rounding whole numbers to the nearest 1000 and 10, 000. On Friday, there were lots of rounding questions hidden around KS2 that we had to locate. When we worked out the correct answer, there was a letter next to it.  All of the letters went together to make a really, really bad joke! Children worked very hard to solve the puzzle, well done Year 5F and 5H!


This week (w/c 10/10/16) is our Outdoor Learning and Arts week. We have been studying a painting by Reubens called A Roman Triumph. We have been fortunate enough to have some work commissioned by Graeme Hopper for our park. We have been part of a Roman parade through the archway and have been back out to look at the way the light reflects off our archway. We have sketched these this afternoon using all of the art techniques we have learnt about this half term. 

Woodhorn Colliery

Year 5 visited Woodhorn Colliery, in Ashington, as part of our Outdoor Learning Week. We had a great time dressing up as miners, researching in the archives, studying art and creating some of our own art work. Here are some photos showing the exciting activities, don't worry, in the ones where we are miserable we were acting! 

Researching Shadows

We measured shadows and looked at how they changed length and position throughout the day. We recorded the data and looked at the patterns using our scientific ideas to write conclusions about why this happened.

The Miner's Strike

5F learned about the miner's strike and considered the different reasons why they felt it was necessary to go on strike. Children thought about arguments for and against the strike and we had a debate to share our reasons. 


This week (w/c 03/10/2016) we have also been outside with Miss Hewitt's class to collect leaves. These leaves will be used as part of our outdoor learning and arts week next week. We will be using them to make laurel wreath crowns like the Romans wore, as we will be studying a painting by Reubens, called The Roman Triumph. 


In DT we have been investigating how pulleys can help to lift heavy loads. We have looked at how they would have helped in coal mining.

This week we have looked at some historical artefacts related to our topic of Coal Mining. The children have been really enthusiastic and are looking forward to learning more!