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Y5 - Mr Chipchase


Welcome to Y5

September 2015 ~ Autumn Term

Year 5 pupils win The Boardroom Challenge

23rd June 2016


Today, 'The Fashionable 4' team, presented their ideas for Funky Fashion Show in front of a panel of 4 judges at the head offices of Newcastle Building Society, against seven other schools from different parts of the region. Their presentation was excellent and they answered all the questions that the judges put to them. The judges were very impressed with the pupils and their ideas. We won £500 for our chosen charity (Marie Curie Hospice) and £500 to run the fashion show. We received a plaque for the wall and a trophy which will be displayed in our new trophy cabinet. The children had a brilliant day completing a great range of fun craft ideas. We were well looked after by Dale Barclay (Gateshead branch manager) during the time that we spent there.

The children now have to put their ideas into action. Well done to all the children involved. We are really proud of all your hard work.

Newcastle Building Society Boardroom Challenge


In preparation for the Boardroom Challenge Grand Final, the pupils from Year 5 have been designing some prototype products that could be made at 'The Lingey House Fashion Show'.

Newcastle Building Society Boardroom Challenge - Semi Final


On Thursday 16th June, two teams from Year 5 participated in the Semi Finals of the Boardroom Challenge.

They had to present their business ideas to Dale Barclay and Tracy Allison, who are judging the ideas.

The teams came up with the ideas of either a ‘Lingey House Fun Fair’ or a ‘Lingey House Fashion Show’.

The children had to design and make a presentation giving information about their business idea, and had to explain their market research to the judges, stating how their business idea would be successful.

Both teams were confident, and delivered their presentation to the judges, as well as answering tough questions about their ideas. After much discussion, the winning idea was…


‘The Lingey House Fashion Show’


A big congratulations to Rowan, Tiana, Jasmine and Madeleine who will be taking their business opportunity to the Grand Final at Silverlink next Thursday.


Newcastle Building Society Boardroom Challenge

Our year 5 children have been entered into a Boardroom Challenge, the only school in Gateshead! They have worked in teams to create a bag, a kite and a poster aimed at getting children to be aware of saving money. They were given a budget that they had to use to buy the materials and then pitch their ideas and cost prices detailing the profit that would be made.

Two teams will then be picked to deliever a charity event idea to the Newcastle Building Society and could potentially win £500 to put on the event as well as £500 for the school!

Watch this space!

Citizenship Day 2016

Children in Year 5 had a mystery guest explorer (Ryan Forests) use their classroom as a base over the Christmas holiday. He unfortunately had to leave on an urgent expedition, but he left clues behind that structured the learning journey for the topic.


Rainforests Topic School Trip

Year 5 enjoyed an adventure filled trip to Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens to explore their exhibit on rainforests.

Year 5 has loved learning about our solar system in our science topic of Earth and Space. Last week, the children studied the order of the planets and the differences between each. This week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the distances of each of the planets from the Sun.

Children in year 5 have enjoyed learning about what war is. Additionally, they have researched a range of modern wars and factors that caused them.

Special Visitor

Year 5 enjoyed learning about World War II from a special Visitor, the History Bloke. All of Year 5 loved the hands on learning workshop, where they could investigate and interact with, both real and replica, artefacts. 

To see what we did last year in Y5 please click on the link below.