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Welcome to Year 4I


Welcome to Y4I, my name is Miss Ibinson and I will be your teacher this year! 

I love teaching exciting and interactive lessons and I've got some fantastic things in store for you! Helping us to do all of these wonderful things will be Mr Jackson, our teaching assistant. Together we will keep you safe, happy and healthy whilst at Lingey House Primary School and (fingers crossed) make this your best year yet!





We had an unexpected visitor this morning...a lost baby yeti! We also received a letter asking if we could write a caregiver's guide to accompany it back to the Himalayas.

A huge thank you to all the children of Year 4 who made such a huge effort for the Chocolate Day. We raised over £150!

We had great fun solving lots of maths puzzles as part of Maths Puzzle Day!

Today, during Science, we experimented with combining vinegar and sodium bicarbonate to create carbon dioxide gas. A lot of us thought more sodium bicarbonate or more vinegar would produce a bigger reaction, but that wasn't the case. Equal amounts caused the biggest reaction and left the bottle feeling ice cold.

Look how fantastic our Easter egg competition entries are! Let's keep our fingers crossed for a Year 4I winner!

Summer Term 1



This half term in English we will be looking at a Roald Dahl classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will be continuing to focus on using a range of fronted adverbials with a comma after them and doing lots more work on apostrophes for plural possession.



In Maths, we will be looking at decimals including how to divide by ten and one hundred. We will then be using the knowledge we have gained of decimals to look at problems involving money.

The last couple of weeks consist of a recap of analogue and digital time. 


Creative Curriculum

Our topic for this half term in Creative Curriculum will be mountains. We will be looking at famous mountain ranges around the world as well as famous explorers and some myths about creatures who live in the mountains! 




We have had so much fun this half term learning all about crime and punishment throughout the ages. Have a look at some of the fantastic things we have done! We have had visits from Sarah Lewis who is a crime scene investigator and Brett who used to be a prison guard, we wrote letters home pretending to be prisoners who had been transported to Australia then made them into Origami boats. We also acted out various punishments from Victorian prisons as well as taking part in lots of interesting debates.

Autumn Term 1



This half term, we will be focusing on place value, making sure we know the value of each digit in a four digit number, and can order and compare them too! We will then be looking at rounding before moving on to the column method of addition and subtraction.



In English, we will be looking at the story of The Egyptian Cinderella and comparing it to the traditional story. We will then be moving to writing some newspaper reports and instructions based on Ancient Egypt.

Today saw the much anticipated return of The Great Egyptian Bake Off! We all made a gingerbread triangle and waited eagerly as Mrs Ritchie and Mrs Jackson came and judged our creations. Congratulations to all our winners and well done to everyone who worked so hard on their biscuits!

Well done to this week's winners - Cheshire Cat! A phenomenal 1255 points! A lot of those points came from children reading at home, Jayden even read more than once per night which earned him a big bonus! Great job Year 4I!

We spent the afternoon making our canopic jars out of Pringles tubs and clay. We are going to decorate them with hieroglyphics and them mummify some apples to see which natural substance best prevents the decomposition process!

Can you spot your jaws? In Science this week, we made models of human jaws out of playdough to test our knowledge of the location, size and shape of human teeth.

A huge congratulations to Jacob for being the first person in Y4I to earn his pen license!

Congratulations to Sully for winning this week's table points with 505! That's 100 points clear of second place, Baloo. Sully think it's because so many of their team read at home and claimed their 20 points per day! Don't forget to read over the weekend too to pick up your points on Monday. Well done team 4I, another super week in Year 4 with lots of hard work!

We had a fantastic day with Richard the Egyptian this week and, as promised, "learned loads!" We got to get dressed up as a Pharaoh, pull body parts out of a mummy, play Egyptian games and write our names in hieroglyphics!

What a fantastic first week we have had in Y4I! We have settled in beautifully and Miss Ibinson is incredibly impressed with our manners! Simba is the first Table Points winner of the year with 375 points, closely followed by Cheshire Cat with 340 and Sully with 325. Keep up the hard work everyone!