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Y4I - Miss Ibinson


Welcome to Y4I, my name is Miss Ibinson and I will be your teacher this year! It's my first year at Lingey House after moving from teaching in Sunderland and I am so impressed with your fantastic new school and my lovely class.

I love teaching exciting and interactive lessons and I've got some fantastic things in store for you! Helping us to do all of these wonderful things will be Mr Jackson, our teaching assistant. Together we will keep you safe, happy and healthy whilst at Lingey House Primary School and (fingers crossed) make this your best year yet!


Year 4 Greek Festival - we had a fantastic day in Ancient Greece today. We took part in a Greek procession, crowned our very own Empress, reenacted Greek myths using the theatre masks we made, took part in the Year 4 Olympic Games and shared a fantastic Greek feast!

We have been making masks and laurel wreaths in preparation for our Greek Festival!

We learned lots about the Ancient Greeks from That History Bloke (Richard)

World Book Day 2017

Last week, in Science, we were looking at the human digestive system. We made poo using oats, coke and a pair of tights. We had a great time even though it felt disgusting!

In Science we have been looking at human teeth. We made our own set of human jaws out of playdough to see how much we could remember about their names, positions and how many are in the mouth!

The Christmasaurus


This term, Year 3 and Year 4 have been reading 'The Christmasaurus' by Tom Fletcher. We have all really enjoyed reading the book and we created a display on our window for the book. We sent Tom Fletcher a tweet on Twitter to show him our display and he loved it!

Congratulations to Lucie and Molly for winning this week's table points prize! A fantastic week all round and look how amazing our Pudsey costumes were!

Congratulations to this week's Table Points winners - Dante and Olivia! A record breaking 580 points!

This week, in English lessons, we have been looking at war poetry (in particular, In Flander's Fields by John McCrae). 

We have enjoyed learning all about the reason we celebrate Memorial Day and reading a range of poems written during the World War 1. We performed some of these poems in groups and then went on to write our own. Here are some photos of our performances and some of our poems.



Flander's Fields - By Taylor- Rhys


In Flander's Fields the soldiers go,

beneath the sky where sunset glows,

Gravestones stand where soldiers lie,

Where they stand and where they died.


When soldiers died they fell to the ground,

Everything fell silent all around,

Visitors come around to see,

The poppies where we used to be.


The visitors cry silent tears,

Thinking of my family's fears.

In Flander's Fields. 


War Life - By Olivia 

In Flander's Fields the soldiers die,

Beneath the ground their bodies lie.

In the sky the sunset glows,

We have fought against our foes.

We all stood bravely to sing a song,

Then it all went terribly wrong.

They lost their lives because of a shell,

Gas, gas! I began to smell.

The birds were watching in the sky,

they were all about to cry. 


Gunshots - Filip 

In Flander's Fields the soldiers stand,

As we stood in our wasteland,

Germans came, ready to shoot,

In our bags we have our loot.

 I will fight for my loved ones, 

As the radio plays army songs,

As we die, the blood spreads low,

But we are the souls, just die and go,

in Flander's Fields.


We wanted to save you,

We did this for everyone

and now we are the dead. 




Congratulations to Joe and Mollie, our first table points winners of Autumn Term 2! Fantastic work!


The lovely people at The Born Free Foundation have sent me a link to 

their Wildcrew page which they thought you might be interested in. It has lots of

fantastic activities and games all about endangered animals!





Exciting addition to the 4I family!

Something very exciting happened in Class 4I today...we welcomed a new member of our family!

After looking at elephant conservation and the ivory trade we were all left

a little sad about how many of these magnificent, gentle giants are being killed needlessly.

So we decided to take action!

As of today we have adopted two African elephants.

Emily Kate and her calf Ewok. We are sponsoring them £2.50 per month and

are very exicted for the Born Free Foundation to send us lots of information on them and, of course,

our cuddly toy.

I will be sure to put all our information and the class's fantastic work up on a lovely display

to share with you all.


"Emily Kate is a wild elephant, a young member of the famous EB family. The family live in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, monitored by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Emily Kate is independent and feisty, named by our patron Martin Clunes after his own young daughter. Adopt Emily Kate and help keep her and her new calf, Ewok, safe from ivory poachers."

Today we looked at "The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex" which was written by lots of different celebrities for Children in Need. We have started to write our own class book in the same style with everyone writing a page each with their partners. Stay tuned to see a copy of "The Peculiar Adventures of iRobert"

The final of "The Great Lingey Bake Off"

Preparing for The Great Lingey Bake Off