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Welcome to Year 4F/R



Welcome to the Year 4F class page. This year I am your teacher and our class is supported by Mr Jackson and Mrs Dellow. This year I am looking forward to having lots of fun, working hard and learning lots of new things together. To find out the topics we will be studying, visit the Curriculum page. I can't wait to see what this year brings for us all!


Mr Rippon


Summer 2 half termly spellings

These are to be learnt alongside our weekly spellings











Fitness Days

Today we had a session with Nicola Noble, who works for the Gateshead SSP. We had a session focussed on improving stamina and fitness levels. It was to encourage exercise at home with little to no equipment. We had a fantastic time and our hearts were racing in the end!

Spring 2 half termly spellings

These are to be learnt alongside our weekly spellings












Richard the Greek


On Friday 15th March, we had 'That History Bloke' taught us all about the Ancient Greeks. The got to see a variety of Ancient Greek artefacts and even got to try some of the clothing on.

Science Week

During science week, we completed many experiments including dancing raising and the density of liquids. In addition, we had a special guest of Professor Clarke, who answered many interesting questions from the class. Most importantly, we all made a pledge to make the earth a better place.  

World Book Day


On Thursday 7th March, we celebrated world book day by dressing up as our favourite character. In the afternoon, we paired up with 2B and read our favourite book to the year 2B pupils.

Digestive System


On  Tuesday 5th February, we looked further at the digestive system where we created our own digestive system where we digested weetabix it was pretty disgusting! Sadly, this resulted in many of the children not wanting to eat weetabix ever again.

Science Prediction


With the snow, a few girls in the class made a mini snowman that we brought into the class. We had left it for 2 hours to see how much it would melt. We made all made predictions on a post it note to see how much it has melted.


On Thursday 24th January, we had a 30 minute taster session on Judo where we played lots of different games to to learn different judo techniques.


Today (21/1/19) we had a visit from Peter Bakare, a former British Olympian. He came in to induct us into the Nutri-troops. To be successful, we had to learn about the different food groups and the importance of them. We had such a fantastic afternoon learning about the different food groups and competing for our teams!

Class Assembly

It was amazing to perform our class assembly in front of our friends and family. We loved sharing our hopes and dreams for 2019 with them.

Crime & Punishment

We have started our new topic crime & punishment, we looked at many gruesome punishments and had to match them up with the crimes.

Sound Experiment

We have been learning about sound, today we focused on pitch and what makes a high pitch. We conducted two experiments, one we whistled into a glass bottle and the other was tapping the glass with a spoon. 

Hula Hooping

For the next 6 weeks we will be receiving coaching on hula hooping where we will be developing towards create our own dance routine whilst keeping a hula hoop up. 

Maths Games

As we are need to know all our time tables by the end of year 4, we have being using the BBC supermovers songs to help us learn them. If you wish to try them at home go onto:

Music Morning

We all loved music morning, lot of dancing a fun games to play to make us really feel in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party day was such a great success, all the children looking great in their party clothes. Lots of dancing and games played all afternoon. What great fun.

Story Night

Story night was a great success, our class sang it was on a starry night perfectly. Later in the classroom, we retold the story of The Grinch to help everyone get in the Christmas spirit. 

Autumn 2 half termly spellings

These are to be learnt alongside our weekly spellings












Fantastic news, now we have a guitars lesson every week on Thursday afternoon. First week we got to learn some cords as well as learning a medieval song.

Making Crispy Cakes

As our science topic is states of matter, we made crispy cakes by changing chocolate from a solid to a liquid by adding heat. Then by joining with coco pops and leaving them to set in our cool  classroom they became a solid again and ready to eat.


This term we are studying a text called Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll. We have been looking at how we could use drama to help us understand how the characters were feeling. We looked at the specific events of Chapter 2.

Richard The Egyptian

To start our Ancient Egypt topic, we received a visit from Richard That History Bloke. He told us lots of important things about Ancient Egypt. We learnt the gruesome process of mummification by taking organs out of a dummy. We studied Egyptian writing of hieroglyphics by writing writing our names on a cartouche.

Autumn 1 half termly spellings

These are to be learnt alongside our weekly spellings