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Y4/5 - Mr Ogilvie


Welcome to Y4/5


Newcastle Building Society Boardroom Challenge - Semi Final


On Thursday 16th June, two teams from Year 5 participated in the Semi Finals of the Boardroom Challenge.

They had to present their business ideas to Dale Barclay and Tracy Allison, who are judging the ideas.

The teams came up with the ideas of either a ‘Lingey House Fun Fair’ or a ‘Lingey House Fashion Show’.

The children had to design and make a presentation giving information about their business idea, and had to explain their market research to the judges, stating how their business idea would be successful.

Both teams were confident, and delivered their presentation to the judges, as well as answering tough questions about their ideas. After much discussion, the winning idea was…


‘The Lingey House Fashion Show’


A big congratulations to Rowan, Tiana, Jasmine and Madeleine who will be taking their business opportunity to the Grand Final at Silverlink next Thursday.

Mining with Pippa Bell


This half term we have been delving into the wonderful local history of coal mining. Our friend Pippa came into school and taught us many things about how artists captured the past in paintings and other drawings.

Year 5 - Newcastle Building Society Boardroom Challenge

Our year 5 children have been entered into a Boardroom Challenge, the only school in Gateshead! They have worked in teams to create a bag, a kite and a poster aimed at getting children to be aware of saving money. They were given a budget that they had to use to buy the materials and then pitch their ideas and cost prices detailing the profit that would be made.

wo teams will then be picked to deliever a charity event idea to the Newcastle Building Society and could potentially win £500 to put on the event as well as £500 for the school!

Watch this space!

Year 4 - Young Enterprise

Our Year 4 children have been taking part in 'Our City', a series of lessons run by Young Enterprise in which they learn what gows in to building a city, becoming a restaurante owner and a journalist.


We have had heaps of fun with Bryan Davies and have learned lots!

Rainforest Explorers - Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens


Today we became Rainforest Explorers and expored the Winter Gardens in Sunderland. We learned many different facts about the rainforest and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister all about deforestation.

Arts Week - We used oil pastels to create our own picture of the Angel of the North.

Our year 4 pupils enjoyed playing 'What's my Line' with employees from Gallifordtry.

Click on the Year 4 link.

Woodhorn Museum


As part of Outdoor Learning this year some Year 4, 5 and 6's had the opportunity to visit the Weeping Poppies at Woodhorn Museum. The poppies are in an installation at the museum and are the ones that were brought up all the way from London.


We spent the day learning about a World War 1 soldier from the local area as well as the mining history of Woodhorn. We had a great day and we learned lots of new things.

History of Stamps


During September we learnt all about the history of stamps from our special visitor. She taught us all about the 'Penny Black' and how England were the first country to have stamps. We were able to design our own stamps and start our very own stamp collection.

To see what we did last year in Y4/5 please click on the link below.