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Y4/5 - Mr Chipchase 2013-2014

Welcome to Y4/5!

General Information Y4/5


  • Spellings are given out on a Monday.
  • The spelling test takes place on a Friday.


Homework & Reading:

  • Each week pupils in Year 4/5 will receive a piece of English, Maths and Mathletics homework.
  • Children are to hand in their completed homework every Monday!
  • Pupils should also benefit from reading with family/carers at home on a regular basis.



  • Each week pupils in Year 4/5 will have two sessions of PE. Our PE sessions take place on a Thursday and Friday.


Creative Curriculum Topic:

  • Our topic this half of term is Europe. Pupils are encouraged to further research, at home, any areas that they have studied within class.
  • Children are also encouraged to bring in their findings to share it with the class each Friday during ‘show and tell’.


A Message from Mr C Jones


Thank you to Y4/5 for letting me be part of your Dragon's Den. It was great to take part in it and to the outstanding work you have all done in your project. All of the presentations were so good that I would have liked everyone to win!


The amount of thinking you have put into your products was amazing. Your presentations to the scary dragons were very confident. I hope that everyone in class is very proud of what you have done.



Dragon’s Den

Year 4/5 amazed four special guests with their presentations on their innovative design ideas linked to natural disasters.

Y4/5 have been learning about computer programming. They learned how to program the Pro-bot to draw shapes and patterns by entering sets of commands using the repeat function.

Children in Year 4/5 have just finished studying the Earth, Sun and Moon in Science. They thoroughly enjoyed this unit. Here are some of our 3D models of the Earth, Sun and Moon that the children are particularly proud of!


Aztec Topic

Children in Year 4/5 have enjoyed learning about the many forms of poetry. They have particularly enjoyed acting out and writing there own haiku poems. Here are some images of the children acting out imagery within poems we have studied by Pie Corbett and Valerie Bloom.

History of Europe

Girls and boys in Year 4/5 created presentations on the different peoples, in different time periods, that had an impact on shaping the continent of Europe that we know today.

Changing Sounds

The children in Year 4/5 have been enjoying learning about sound. Here are some pictures of them designing an experiment to test way in which to muffle sound.