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Y4 - Mr Ogilvie 2014-2015

Welcome to Y4 - Mr Ogilvie

Welcome to Y4 - Mr Ogilvie

Pedestrian Training


This half term Year 4 have began working with 'Schools Go Smarter' to learn how to be a pedestrian when walking to school. Today we learned the Green Cross Code and put it into practise on the roads around school. 



During the Spring Term we spent time looking at the history of books. From old stone tablets and cave paintings to the modern e-readers we looked at how technology has shaped the way we read over time. We also looked at the styles of different illustrators and created ourselves and each other  in the styles of Nick Sharrat and Quentin Blake. Our topic culminated in us creating our very own large book, you can see how we made it from the photos below.

You can see our final book on display in our classroom!

Young Enterprise - Our City

Ancient Egypt with 'That History Bloke'

Coming soon by Year 4!

Still image for this video

Outdoor Learning Week


During Outdoor Learning Week this year we got to do many wonderful activities. From maths trails to French trails, junk modelling to creative modelling and even a residential stay at Gibside, we all had lots of fun while learning new things.

Modelling Challenge

Click the link below to see what some of our class got up to at Gibside

M&M Productions


On the 10th October M&M Productions came to our school and performed a fantastic version of J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit.' Afterwards we were given the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and find out all about how the cast of the show were able to put it all together.


"I really enjoyed the show and it was good to see how they worked Smaug the dragon." ~ Faye, Y4


"It was good to see how they changed all of the set behind them, it was a great show!" ~ Harvey, Y4 

How to Shoot a Dragon

Still image for this video

How to be Gollum

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Ancient Egyptians - Watch this space!


This half term we have been discovering everything there is to know about the Ancient Egyptians, from how they farmed to how they prepared a mummy! We would like to show you some of the things that we have been doing.


After learning about how the Canopic Jars were used when preparing a mummy, we used clay to shape and mould our own lids for the jars. We had great fun doing this and found it particularly tricky!


Whilst looking at how the Ancient Egyptians farmed we asked the question; How did the Egyptians water their crops? From this we then looked at the irrigation system and a device called a Shaduf.


"A shaduf is an Egyptian thing that was built for farming and collecting water from the River Nile." Madeleine


Using materials from around the school we then made our own models.


"I enjoyed making the shaduf models because it was intresting when we were using small stones to see if our shadufs would actually work." - Molly-May

Keep watching this space as we will add more things that we have been up to and don't forget to keep an eye out for something special to be added at the end of our project.

Thank you for visiting our page,

Year 4