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Y4 - Mr Ogilvie 2013-2014

Welcome to Year 4!


In Year 4 we search and discover lots of new and exciting things! From Ancient Greece to animal habitats we explore the world both past and present.

Our Teachers

In English we looked at a poem by Allen Ahlberg called Please Mrs Butler. We thought this was a very funny poem and so decided that we would create our own version. Here is mine;


Please Mrs Butler by Josh I

(based on Allen Ahlberg’s poem of the same name)


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps taking my pencil, Miss

What shall I do?


Move to America, my dear.

Go jump off a bin.

Go climb a mountain love

Or kick him in the shin!


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps on punching me, Miss

What shall I do?


Go move some tables dear.

Go and get a peg.

Even kiss a wall, my love

Or even eat his leg!

Arts Week


During Arts Week year 4 decided to design and make our own hats. We took our inspiration from the George Seurat painting `Bathers at Asnieres' in which all of his characters in the painting have a hat. We delved into the history of hats looking at what they were once used for as well as looking at the evolution of hats. Look at the pictures below to see how we got on!

As you can see, it wasn't the tidiest activity we have done!

Geography Week


During Geography we have been doing lots of interesting and fun activities all relating to our fantastic islands that were made over the Christmas holidays. We used chalk to recreate a storm hitting our islands as well as looking at compass points and co-ordinates in Maths.