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Y4 B

Welcome to Year 4B. This year we will be busy learning about so many amazing topics including; The Egyptians, The Ancient Greeks, Mountains, States of matter and lots more...Stay tuned for updates throughout the year!

Hi Year 4B! 

Miss Hewitt and I will be updating our 'Year 4 page' on a daily basis through the COVID 19 page. Pop over there to keep up to date with what other children in Year 4 have been up to during our distance learning. 

Mr Bloomfield ☆

Home Learning Tasks

The document below contains a range of reading, writing and maths activities which can be completed during our distance learning. Please complete them in the small green books which were sent out with your packs.

Additional tasks will be uploaded onto the class pages and MyMaths.


Hello all! What a lovely bright day it is again today! 

There have been some more tasks to complete added onto MyMaths, please check there for any maths work to complete. Your password is inside of your pack.

Some ideas to complete over the next few days:

- Write your own revolting recipe. *Challenge - how many expanded noun phrases with modifying adjectives can you include? (e.g. seven slimy eyeballs with rotting skin)

- Watch a movie and write a review. Write about the characters, the plot and who you would recommend it for.

We would love to hear what you have watched and your thoughts on it! Our next movie choice is going to be either the live action remake of Dumbo or Finding Dory - we will add our review here!

- Draw the main character of the movie and colour it in. This could be a sketch, drawn and painted or even made from materials around the house.


Miss Hewitt and Mr Bloomfield


What a lovely sunny day it is today! We are now getting to the end of our first week of home learning and you should be well through the home learning packs given out last week at school. 

Here are some activity ideas to keep you going over the next few days. I will add some more ideas on Tuesday.

- Design and build your own spaceship. Design it in your small green books and make from materials around the house. 

- Imagine you have taken a journey to a different planet on your spaceship. Write a diary entry into your green books or a description about what you can see on the planet. *Challenge - try include some figurative language in your description.

- Write a shopping list for all the food items you would need to take on your adventure. Go on a food website, like Asda or Tesco, and calculate the price of all your food.

Spring 1 half termly spellings









Reading books will be sent home w/c 13/1/20. 

Thank you,

Mr Bloomfield

To end our Deserts topic, we have designed and built our own desert buggies. We designed them with a climate in mind and tested them in suitable conditions.


Today we had our family assembly and we were so happy that all of our family were in attendance. Our theme was Children in need and we were able to provide lots of facts about its history and why it is so important to so many people. 

Autumn 2 Spellings

These are to be learned alongside our weekly spellings