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Y3G - Miss Gormley

Welcome to 3G

Welcome to Year 3G! My name is Miss Gormley and I will be your teacher for Year 3! I will be working hard so that we learn lots of new and exciting things throughout the school year ahead. We are so lucky to be supported by the fantastic Mrs Marsden in our classroom and together we will ensure you will be supported each day here at Lingey House Primary! This is your first year in KS2 and I am thrilled to be on this journey with you all!  

World Book Day 2017

Class 3G - September 2016

To begin the our first term in Year 3 , in PSHE, we have been looking at our sense of belonging here at Lingey House. We have thought about our dream school and our nightmare school in groups and discussed why Lingey House is the best school in the universe! 

We have also spent time thinking and talking about different types of families during our PSHE lessons. This meant we could learn more about our friends and recognise that every family is different & unique in their own way! 


In English, we have been studying poetry and learning lots about performance. We have looked at a range of poems and riddles and even had a go writing our own! We worked in groups and rehearsed different funny poems which we then performed to our friends! 
We have also spent some time learning about instructions and how to write them. We worked in pairs and gave our partner instructions to build a shape from cubes and afterwards we thought of ways to improve our instructions! 
Our topic for the first half term has been The Romans. We have learned about the lives of Roman soldiers, including what they eat, drink and their hobbies as well as the spread of The Roman Empire. We have also researched famous Romans, for example Julius Caesar and Boudicca and even had a visit from Richard the Roman! We have been doing lots of art work surrounding the Romans too and even marched like the Romans during a school procession with our creations. Have a look at all the fun we have had along the way.. 

Art - Designing our Roman sheilds

Arts Week - A Roman Triumph

The school parade

As you can see, we had lots of fun marching with the Roman sheilds we designed in class!
During the second half term, we have been reading a book called 'The Christmasaurus' by Tom Fletcher. We have worked hard to write fantastic descriptions of different characters and settings relating to the book. We have also had a go at sketching the Christmasaurus, when we watched a live stream of questions and answers by the author himself which included a masterclass on drawing! 


We have been very lucky to have the opportunity to learn how to play the violin this term. We have learned a number of songs including Manhatten Blues and On Top of Old Smokey that we love to rehearse every week. Next term we will be using bows instead of plucking & we can't wait!
During our second half term we have been learning all about The Vikings & Anglo Saxons! Richard the Viking came to visit us and taught us all about the lives these people led. Take a look at what we learned! 


In science during this spring term we have been learning about rocks. This week we have looked more closely at fossils and learned all about the fossilisation process. We even had the chance to make our own fossils in class which, as you can see, was so much fun! 
In topic this term we have been learning about America. We have learned all about the East & West coast and the famous landmarks across America. We have even attempted to sketch The Statue of Liberty! This week we have been looking at famous American people and gathered lots of information about Martin Luther King so we could present it to our classmates and ultimately make a fact file all about him! 
We also made our own American Whitehouse's in DT! We used cereal boxes to build our models and painted them white. We then made roofs and decorated our buildings so they looked like The Whitehouse. We were chuffed with our finished result!

World Book Day!

For World Book Day, we all dressed up as our favourite book characters and took a class trip to the library for some fun reading activities! We also thought back to Year 2 and a book we all love 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl. We were set the challenge of designing a wanted poster for the crocodile which needed to include lots of description. We even sketched The Enormous Crocodile and used pastels to add colour. Have a look at all our pictures from today!