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Year 3F


Welcome to year 3F! I am Mrs Flowdy and I am looking forward to teaching and working with 3F this year. Children have settled very well into their new class and are already working incredibly hard. Please come and visit our page regularly to see what fun things we have been up to. 



In science we have been learning all about light. The children explored how light reflects on a mirror. They took part in some practical challenges including reflecting the light beam on to a target and using the mirrors to help to do some reversed writing.



We have been learning all about earthquakes this half term. Children were set a challenge to create a structure from art straws that was at least 30 cm high. It needed to withstand a 10 second jelly earthquake! Here are some of our designs. They were not very successful so we are going to study buildings designed to survive earthquakes and see we can improve them. 

Viking Boats

We have been learning about Viking longboats. We looked carefully at the design before making some of our own boats. Our boats had to meet certain design criteria such as being able to float, carry Lego people and move quickly. After making our boats in pairs we tested and evaluated them. 


In science we have been learning about forces. We had lots of different challenges to investigate how the strength of a magnet can vary. 


We have been learning about forces in science. We explored materials to find out which ones were magnetic.  Also we investigated what would happen to the car if we changed the height of the ramp. 

Viking Artefacts

We have enjoyed handling different Viking artefacts that we borrowed from the Discovery Museum. We used these to help us to learn what life was like for the Vikings.  After carrying out this research we created posters. 

Children in Need 2017


Year 3 had a fantastic visit to Arbeia in South Shields. We learned all about the Romans and how they lived. We took part in a wonderful activity where we were archaeologists and had to see what Roman artefacts we could find.  

Roman Afternoon

Parents and carers were invited to join Year 3 for an afternoon to find out what we had been learning and to take part in some fun activities. We had a lovely afternoon trying on togas, playing Roman games, doing crafts and even examining Roman poo! Thank you everyone who joined us. 


We have had lots of fun in this week learning how to hula hoop! Sophie, McKenzie and Megan were especially good! As well as spinning the hoops we have started trying to do some tricks including jumping.


In science this half term we are learning all about plants. To begin with we thought about what plants needed to grow and set up a practical to see if we were correct.  If you look closely on our window, you can see that plants were able to grow without soil! We grew broad beans, peas and runner beans in the plastic bag so we could observe the roots carefully. 

We thought about what plants need to grow and wrote our own scientific questions. We set up a control and a test so we could investigate. For example children wanted to know if plants could grow in the dark. Children set up a control in the light and a test in the dark. We are monitoring to see if any of our plants grow. After we have left some time we will write conclusions. 

The Romans

Our creative curriculum topic this half term is 'The Romans'. Children have already done some excellent research and beautiful work over the summer holidays.  Well done! We have looked at how historians found out about the past and studied some Roman vases. Children then designed and made their own vases. We made some of them look old by cutting them up and piecing them back together. 

Roman Display

Our display board is taking shape. We have made some Roman columns and Roman armour so far and have displayed some of our beautiful vases.