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Welcome to Y3F


Welcome to 3F! I am so proud of how all of the children have settled in and I cannot believe how well they have all adapted to Year 3.  It is  a huge jump from KS1, even when they haven't been away from school for 6 months! Most children are now used to climbing up the stairs and waiting longer for lunch, we are hearing less rumbling tummies as lunch time approaches.  All of the children are embracing their extra responsibility and independence that Year 3 brings as well as the changes that we have  put in place to ensure everyone's safety. Below are photographs of some of the fun we have had so far.


Mrs Flowdy



Year 3 have worked incredibly hard to design and make their own Christmas tree decoration. I'm sure parents will agree that the children have done amazing! I'm so proud of how hard everyone has worked and the resilience that children have shown when learning to sew, which was a new skill for so many. Well done Year 3! 

3F Looking Amazing for their Christmas Party

Christmas Jumper Day

We had to have a Christmas Picture by the Tree!


As part of the topic on rocks Year 3 have studied fossils, learned about the process involved in fossilisation and even tried to make some of our own mold and cast fossils. Can you tell what we used to make the fossils? 

Jelly Earthquakes

To help children to understand the impact of earthquakes we learned about what damage can happen to buildings. Children looked at different designs to see what sort of structures were used to be more earthquake proof. They designed and made some of their own and we tested to see if they could withstand our jelly earthquake. 

Thursday 26th November - Le dernier challenge français - the last French challenge!

Happy hump day - it's Wednesday (mercredi). Voici le challenge français!

C'est mardi (Tuesday)! Voici (here is) your French challenge for today.

Happy Monday, everyone! Here is ('voici') your French Challenge for today.

Another French Challenge - bon weekend, tout le monde! (Have a nice weekend, everyone!)

Here is a short French Challenge for you to try - bon travail (happy work)!


Year 3 French Challenge 1!


Bonjour Year 3! 

I am missing being in school, but I have some French challenges for you  since I won’t be seeing you.  Don’t worry if you cannot remember because the answers are at the end.  Just have a go and check what it should be.  If you get correct answers, well done you, but if not, do not worry, because you are still learning!


Madame Moses

Home Learning WC 9th November



This week our main focus is subtracting 3 digit numbers with exchanging, then moving onto using the inverse to check answers and finally finishing with estimating to check answers.


Write a story opening based on the book To Escape from Pompeii use picture PowerPoint to help. Our grammar focus is looking at prepositions, look through PowerPoint and can you include this in your story opening. 

Other Subjects

In Creative Curriculum we are to label the different parts of an volcano, see PowerPoint and worksheet attached.

Science looking at different types of rocks and knowing the difference between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.





We have done more printing, this time using two colours and using a polystyrene board.  look at some of our fantastic Halloween themed prints.

Golden Time- As a reward for their excellent behaviour , Year 3F had some Golden Time. They chose to do crafts and play on the climbing frame as their reward.

PE- We have improved our fitness levels and enjoyed using the apparatus


This half term in art we have been exploring a range of printing techniques using different equipment.  We have created both mono and relief prints. 

Times Table Rockstars:

Please ensure your child is playing in the garage, as these are the tables set to your child of what has been learnt in class. Playing in other areas may include tables your child hasn't yet been taught. 

For a log in, please ask your teacher.

Home Learning

If your child is not in school they can find the things that we are doing here.



Please see the video links below to help with your learning. 


Week 4 add and subtract 3 digit and 1 digit numbers (not crossing 10), add and subtract 3 digit and 1 digit numbers (crossing 10) There are two videos for this. Then also Week 5 subtract a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number crossing tens and  subtract a 1 digit number from a 3 digit number crossing tens. 


We will also be playing lots of games and activities to help to secure times tables facts for the 2, 5 and 10x tables. 




We are learning about what life was like in the Iron Age.  We will look at how life has changed from the Bronze Age and consider houses, clothing and food. We will also spend time finding about hill forts and why they were designed in the way that they were. 




We are writing conclusions in science, trying to give reasons for our results. 

We put celery in food colouring to see what happened to it. We put one in a cold place, one in a warm place and one in a hot place. Why not try this yourself?



Plants experiment 


We have completed a second plants investigation, this time we looked at water and if we added food colouring to the water would it change the colour of the white rose. We made sure it was a fair test by having an equal amount of water and food colouring in each beaker. We also tried it with celery using the same conditions. Two members of our class have been working hard at home doing a similar experiment and had some fantastic results! 

Stone Age Cave Paintings

Investigating What Plants Need to Grow

Stone Age Artefacts

We were very lucky to have some replica Stone Age tools and artefacts that we could handle! We had to be very careful as some were incredibly sharp. After making close observations we worked out what they could have been used for. This helped us to understand how historians find out about the past. 

Stone Age Boy

Our text this half term is Stone Age Boy. A young boy falls and finds himself in the Stone Age. At one point, he meets a Stone Age girl.  The boy and girl realise that they are very different. We did some drama to help us to act out where they meet so we could use this to help us to record speech in our stories.