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Y3C - Mr Clydesdale


World Book Day 2017

Year 3C have had a fantastic first half term. Scroll down to see what we have been up to.

Scratch Vikings


In computing, we have been working on iPads with Scratch Jr. We had to design our own Viking character, then program him to make him move or talk.

Richard The Roman

We have been learning all about the Roman Empire and to help us with our studies Richard the Roman came into school to tell us lots of interesting facts about the Romans.

We designed and created our own Roman shields these were used in the whole school procession that took place to celebrate the opening of the Roman arch and seating area in Oliver Henderson Park.

Educational Visit

To end our topic on the Romans we went on an educational visit to a Roman Fort called Segedunum. Whilst we there we joined the Roman Army and even got to try on some of the equipment that was used when the Roman Army was in power.

Richard the Viking

We had another visit from Richard the History Bloke. This time he came in to tell us all about the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons and what it was like to live in Britain during the Vikings and Anglo Saxons reign.




Bryan the golf coach has been in teaching us PE over the last few weeks. We have been leaning all about the different skills that are involved within the game of golf. Bryan said that we could have a class full of future Rory Mcilroys !!!


In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. To help us understand 3D shapes we built a range of 3D shapes and described them to our partners.

Design Technology

In DT we made Viking and Anglo Saxon boats out of cardboard. We had to follow a design sheet carefully when we were making it correctly. Once we had designed and created out boats we painted them so they looked like real Viking and Anglo-Saxon ships.

English- Letters

In English we have been looking at letters. As we were starting our work on letters we received a mystery package through the post. We opened up the package and were shocked to see it contained American Chocolate from an American boy called Hank. He asked us to complete a survey on how his chocolate tasted. We wrote him a letter back saying his chocolate was nice but no where as near as tasty as ours !! 

Science- Fossils

We have been looking at fossils and rocks in Science and decided to make our own fossils out of clay. We decided to fossilize our favourite items from home.

Topic- Coast to Coast

In our topic of Coast to Coast we have been looking at life in America. We have been focusing on the human physical geography features you can find in America. Mr Clydesdale taught us all about volcanoes and hurricanes and we enjoyed learning about this so much he let us make volcanoes out of clay. We looked at all the different types of volcanos and designed our own and even gave it a name.



Young Enterprise

In year 3 we have been learning all about our community by taking part in Young Enterprise. Me Davies has been in school over the last six weeks teaching us about all the different aspects of life in our community.