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Y3/4 - Miss Pyburn 2014-2015

Welcome to Y3/4 - Miss Pyburn

Welcome to Y3/4 - Miss Pyburn

Our Local Area!


Our topic this half term is "Our Local Area". Today (while the sun was shining!) we took the opportunity to have a walk around Leam Lane. We were on the lookout for human and physical features. Saffron took lots of lovely photographs and when we were back in the classroom we talked about grouping these into human or physical. Next we talked about the different uses of the land within our local area and thought about good uses and bad uses. We even spotted some cygnets!


Can you identify the human and physical features from Saffron's photographs?

Perfect Poetry!


Today in our English lesson we have started to look at the topic of poetry. We talked about rhyming words and played a loop game following a rhyme all around our classroom. We talked about different spelling rules and now understand that sometimes even if a word is spelt differently it might sound the same. We talked about some famous poets and began looking closely at Shakespear's work. We learned that Shakespear wrote sonnets as well as lots of fantastic plays! We listened to some sonnets and read them as a class understanding the features that it should have. We identified that a sonnet has a rhyming couplet pattern, has 14 lines in total and each line has 10 beats per line. Later on in the week we had a go at writing our own weather sonnet using the rhyming words that we found earlier on in the week. Fantastic work year 3/4 you have really enjoyed this week's English work! Miss Pyburn.

Creative Curriculum.

In our creative curriculum lessons this week linked to our theme of books we have been using atlases and travel guides to write our own travel brochure. We looked carefully at the information and used the facts in our own writing. We really enjoyed learning about some new places and investigating things like, how long it takes to get there, the temperature and fun things to do these.

Great research year 3/4!


In year 3/4 this morning we have been really busy! We had a visit from John who taught us all about Judo. We learned how to fall safely when working with a partner and tried out moving around the floor using big judo steps. Thanks John for showing us your skills!



In our music lessons we have been learning all about graphic scores. We have written our own score and then performed the music using percussion instruments for our class to hear. Here are some photographs of our graphic scores.

Year 3/4's Egyptian Assembly!


This morning we welcomed our friends and family into Lingey House school and performed our Egyptian assembly. We talked about all of the things that we had learned last half term and sang a fantastic rap that Mrs Kendrick had helped us learn.

After the assembly we all went back into our classroom and shared our books and some photos with our families and friends, we even had some lovely refreshments (...thank you Mr Jackson!)

Thank you to all of the people that came to Lingey House to watch year 3/4 perform! I'm sure you are all extremely proud of the children in the class-I know I am! Miss Pyburn.

Here we all are at the end of our assembly!

Look at how busy our classroom is!

Joseph Swan Research


We have been learning about Joseph Swan this week as an introduction to our 'Where does it come from' topic.


Lots of the children in Year 3/4 were really interested in Joseph Swan and his discoveries because he was born close to us in Sunderland, and also some of the brothers and sisters of our class go to Joseph Swan School!


We started the week highlighting and making notes about Joseph Swan from information that we had found on the internet.


Next we turned these notes into our own words. This then enabled us to create an information poster showing all of the things that we have learned.


Here we are putting our information onto our posters. We thought about using lots of different features including: headings, sub-headings, did you know questions, diagrams and photographs to make the posters more exciting while remaining informative.


Fantastic job year 3/4! You have created some beautiful information posters!

Where Does It Come From?


Our topic this half term is where does it come from. To launch this and get our brains working we worked in groups, looking closely at some discoveries and inventions from 1666 up to present day. We worked in groups to try and order these events.


We were really surprised to find out some of the answers! For example…We really didn’t know that converse were invented as far back as 1098!


That History Bloke


Today we had a very special visitor in our classroom. Richard, 'That History Bloke' came to Lingey House to teach year 3/4 all about 'Ancient Egypt'. Richard had so much incredible information to share with us, lots of things for us to touch and try for ourselves and even his own mummy that we needed to embalm! 


​To start off our session we needed to chose our own Pharaoh. We dressed the pharaoh and talked about the meanings behind the clothes and other items that they would wear and then said a special prayer to fill him with the powers of the scarab! 

Next we were introduced to Richards friend, Nephi. Nephi was a pharaoh that had died and needed to be embalmed, following the Ancient Egyptian traditions. We worked as a class to identify Nephi's body parts and place them into the correct canonic jar. We talked about the different jars that each organ would be put into and learned more about the gods linked to each jar. 

After the embalming step of mummification, next came the washing and wrapping. Richard had some red wine vinegar that we used to carefully wash Nephi's body and then we covered him in expensive palm oil. We talked about the different ways that the Ancient Egyptians would preserve a body in order for the gods in the underworld to recognise who was inside of a tomb. Richard showed us some incredibly precious amulets that would be wrapped up with a mummy to protect each of the different body parts. These amulets would be touching the skin and then bandages would be wrapped securely around the amulet to hold it in place. We had a go at wrapping an amulet and bandage around some of our friends...
After all of the hard work during the mummification process it is still vitally important that the mummy can always be identified. We learned about a special name plate that would be put on top of the mummies tomb clearly showing their name written in hieroglyphics. We learned about master scribes and the important role that they played in Ancient Egyptian life, did you know a master scribe would have to know over 200 hieroglyphics? We had a go at making our own cartouche name plate using hieroglyphics and a bamboo ink pen. Richard made the ink during our lesson and we learned that the bamboo would have grown along the banks of the River Nile so would have been easily available to the master scribe. 
To end our fantastic morning with Richard he let us handle some of his Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We used our senses to smell the vinegars and oils that would have been used during the mummification process and we thought that the amulets and golden beads were beautiful.

We had just enough time left for Richard to teach us an Ancient Egyptian game called 'Three Men'. This game was a really quick 2 player game-maybe you can teach this game to a friend at home!


Thank you so much Richard for sharing your morning with us, we have had a really interesting and exciting morning learning and having fun! 

Golden Time


Year 3/4 couldn't believe their luck this week when Mrs Jones announced that our class had achieved the 100% attendance award! We took a class vote and decided to spend our golden time drawing pictures and using the Wii. 


Well done year 3/4 for a fantastic effort with your attendance! 


Take a look at these photos of us enjoying our golden time...

Golden Time

Outdoor Learning Week!

Last week was outdoor learning week at Lingey House and year 3/4 had

so much fun taking their learning outdoors! 

Take a closer look at some of the interesting and exciting things that we got up to...

Monday: Designing and Making Junk Model Musical Instruments

Tuesday: The Paper Bag Nature Trail Challenge

Tuesday: Maths Trail

Thursday: Gibside for Year 4's

On Thursday we waved off some of our year 4 children. They were on their way to Gibside for 2 days. Click the link below to see all of the fun that they got up to!

Thursday: Indoor/Outdoor Sketching

Unfortunately on the day that we were going to get wrapped up and take out sketch books outdoors it was raining. So instead we moved all of the tables into the middle of the classroom, opened the blinds nice and wide and brought our outdoor sketching indoors.

I'm sure that you will agree, our final sketches are fantastic!

Friday: French Trail

Friday: The Big Band Production!