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Y3 F

Welcome to Year 3F 


Hello Year 3. We hope everyone is well and that you all enjoyed the sunshine that we had last week! Here are a few extra ideas for you to try. The most important things that you can do for home learning is to keep reading and practising your times tables. You should know your 2, 5 and 10x tables and this year we have worked on our 3, 4 and 8x times tables. Don’t forget to go onto Rockstars to practise or try some of the other games or websites that are on the school page.

White Rose have a daily maths video and worksheet. Week 1 starts with fractions, we have not covered some of these ideas yet in class so don’t worry if it doesn’t seem familiar but the videos are very good.  There are some great ideas to work through on the question sheets too if you can.

Here are some additional ideas but remember to have fun!

  • Write a newspaper report (there are some lovely templates that you can use on Purple Mash- logins were sent in the home learning packs.)
  • If you have completed the first video about unit and non-unit fractions why not try to make some fractions around the house?  For example if you have Lego, can you make 1/4 of a group of bricks red? Or use pencils, can you make 2/3 of the pencils blue?
  • Design your perfect playground. Think about all of the things that you might like to have there.
  • Check MyMaths as there is some extra work added.
  • Make a spring picture. What different things can you see out of your window now we are in spring?


Mrs Flowdy  and Mr Rippon

Home Learning Tasks

The document below contains a range of reading, writing and maths activities which can be completed during our distance learning. Please complete them in the small green books which were sent out with your packs.

Additional tasks will be uploaded onto the class pages and MyMaths.

Science Week


Look at our fun (and messy) experiments! We enjoyed looking at different reactions and thinking about why and how they happened. 

Richard The Roman


Year 3 were very lucky to have 'That History Bloke' visit last week. Richard told the children all about the Roman army, the weapons they used and they even got the chance to handle some aretefacts. Children also learned some games that they are going to teach their parents when they come into school to find out about the Romans topic. Year 3 also had the opportunity to try writing some Latin letters using ink. 

Roman Bread

Year 3 learned about different things that Romans would eat and discussed the differences between rich and poor Roman diets. They made their own Roman bread together in a group then they each added their own ingredients and shaped their bread how they wanted it to look. 



Year 3 worked really hard to learn all of their words for the assembly. They then presented them really clearly, I am very proud of you all. Thank you to all of the family members who came to the assembly. I'm sure you are all very proud too!

Julia Jarman Visit

We were so lucky to have the fantastic Julia Jarman come into school to tell us all about her job as an author. It was amazing to find out about all of the research that she has to do before writing a book. We are very excited to have some of her books in school to read!


In English we have been learning about explanations. We are going to explain the process of making gingerbread. To help us to understand all of the steps and why we needed to them we made our own gingerbread men. 

Weather Art

 We looked at some art by David Hockney and thought about the techniques that he used. To create texture in water we used wax crayons then covered this with water colour paints. The paint resisted the wax crayon and this helped to create some fantastic water pictures. 

Odd Socks


As part of Anti-Bully Week we all wore odd socks! This is to raise awareness of bullying and remind us how unique and special we all are.  We have also taken part in class and group discussions and activities to ensure children understand what bullying is, the impact it has on individuals and how to get help if needed. 

Rain Gauges


As part of DT we had to design and make an instrument that would measure the weather. We made rain gauges to measure how much rain we have. We had to make sure that we used a waterproof material, ensured it would not blow away and made an accurate scale to measure the amount of rainfall. After we made them we put them outside so we can collect weather data each day. 

Wild Weather


Our topic this half term is Wild Weather. We have looked at different ways in which weather is observed and measured including looking at temperature, wind speed and wind direction. 

Round Houses

In art we have experimented with different sketching pencils to look at which would produce the best effects for sketching Iron Age round houses. Look at the different effects that we managed to create. 

Stone Henge


After learning about the monument that started to be built during the Stone Age, we made some models of Stone Henge using clay. Some children made sections of Stone Henge and there was one amazing attempt to make the the whole of Stone Henge!


Year 3 enjoyed a Futsal skills session.



In science this half term we have been learning all about plants. As part of this topic we have looked at the process of pollination. To help us to understand this process we made some flowers and insects and acted it out. Here is a video of some of the children explaining the process. 


Still image for this video

Making Tools

After studying Stone Age tools, we had a try at making our own. We used slate stones because they looked and were shaped like flint and we used sticks. To join the materials together we used string. We designed our tools and choose the equipment carefully.

Historical Objects 


On Thursday Year 3 were very lucky and they got to look at and handle some objects linked to the Stone Age that we have borrowed from Tyne and Wear Museums . The children looked closely at the tools and talked about how they were made. They were fascinated to discover that Stone Age people wore jewelry and discussed the different things that it was made from. 

Hunter Gatherers


Year 3 investigated Stone Age diets. To help us understand what food was available we went to forest school and had a try at hunting and gathering the different foods. We talked about how Stone Age people would have done this.