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Y2P - Miss Pyburn

Year 2P

Welcome to Year 2P!


Welcome to Year 2P. My name is Miss Pyburn and I will be working hard to teach you all this year. I will teach exciting and engaging lessons through a range of practical, challenging and fun activities. Our class is supported by the amazing Mrs Masson who is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the children of Lingey House Primary. This is your last year in Key Stage 1 before moving on to Key Stage 2. Throughout the year you will be encouraged to become independent learners and outstanding citizens to prepare you for Key Stage 2 and the community.  

I can't wait to have lots of fun throughout this year and develop your love of learning!

Creative Castles!


Today in year 2 to celebrate the end of our SAT's and the end of our topic about houses and homes we created some junk model castles. We worked outdoors with Miss Brown's children. I'm sure you can tell by the photographs that we had a lot of fun!

Race For Life


Today at Lingey House we took part in the 'Race For Life'. We are running to raise lots of money to help beat cancer sooner! We talked about some of the people that we will remember while running and then fastened our trainers and got out into the sunshine! It was such a lovely day for a run and we all had a great time. In 2016, 3,200 schools across the UK took part in Race for Life Schools and together they raised nearly £1.3 million to help beat cancer sooner, we know that today we have worked to support a fantastic cause and hope that in 2017 schools across the UK will raise even more money! Well done to everyone at Lingey House for completing the race and thank you to everyone at home who has sponsored someone!

Vincent van Gogh: Sunflowers.


This week in our art lesson we researched the artist Vincent van Gogh. We looked at some of his paintings and talked about the techniques he used. We loved his painting of sunflowers and thought that it linked to our science topic of plants perfectly! We created our own water colour paintings of a vase filled with sunflowers-Fantastic work year 2!


Later in the day Hollie found a story book called 'Katie and The Sunflowers' in our library area-good spotting Hollie! We shared the story all together just before home time and loved hearing about the main character 'Katie' going on an adventure in an art gallery.

Researching Hedgehogs on LearnPads!


This week to celebrate 'Hedgehog awareness week' we are learning all about hedgehogs! During our English lesson today we used LearnPads to research Hedgehogs. We used a range of websites and information leaflets to collect information to help us write our own 'Guide to Hedgehogs' during tomorrows writing lesson. We had so much fun and its clear to see everyone enjoyed using the LearnPads!

Houses Throughout History!


We have been learning about the different style of houses throughout history. We worked today to create our own 'timeline' of houses talking about the different features and style of the buildings.

A New Arrival at Lingey House.


This afternoon to celebrate winning the attendance award we went to Miss Proctors class for a lovely treat! The children in year 1 are so lucky that they have chicks visiting as a part of their 'Living Things' topic. We loved holding the chicks and talking about some things that living animals do-including poo! The chicks were so, so cute and we were interested to see if the final egg would hatch!

Gingerbread House Collage


Following on from our learning about Hansel and Gretel in English last week we have used collage materials in Art to make our own gingerbread houses. I love the candy canes made our of pipe cleaners the best!

Building A Lego House!


In DT this week we worked  in groups to create a Lego house. Some children worked hard to include different rooms and we loved seeing if we could make furniture to put inside each section. Great team work year 2!



This half term we are learning how to play tennis in our PE lessons with Jonathan. We learned the ready position, how to hold our racket and also how to throw and catch the tennis ball. 

Houses and Homes Art!


To start our topic of houses and homes this half term we have looked carefully at some of the art work that we hang in our houses. We traced the patterns on different wallpapers and talked about some of the shapes that we could see. Some children even recognized the design from wallpaper hung in their own homes! 

Year 2 Egg-citing Egg Hunt!

Cookie Mining


This afternoon we used all of our expert mining knowledge to mine the chocolate chips out of a cookie. We loved working as a team to collect the chocolate chips-the best miners won a cookie of their own! Delicious!

Choice Chamber


Today in science we investigated micro habitats. We looked at the habitat that a worm would like to live in and created our own choice chamber with 4 different types of soil. We loved watching where the worms chose to go to-can you remember their preferred type of soil?

Choice Chamber-Wet, dark soil

Still image for this video

That History Bloke!


We had so much fun today when Richard ‘That History Bloke’ came to teach us some more about coal mining in our local area. We loved dressing up and learning some unusual things-especially about what the minors would eat for their lunch!

Micro Habitat Hunt.


Today in Science we look our learning outdoors and went hunting for micro habitats. Unfortunately we weren’t very successful! We think it was because the grass has been cut this week and there were lots of noisy reception children running around!

Presents from our pen pals!


We received an exciting package from our pen pals in Colorado this morning. Thank you for our Mandalas children from Westridge Elementary school-we think they are beautiful!

Pippa Bell.


Today Pippa Bell came to school to teach us all about mining in the North East. She showed us some fantastic art work and really made us think about our local area. We loved pretending to be coal miners but were shocked to find out how small the coal mines were! Thanks Pippa!

Clay Angels!


Today we looked again at the work of Antony Gormely in our art lesson. Today we chose the Angel of the North. We looked closely at the sculpture and built our own designs using clay, we had great fun!

Key Stage 1 Library


We took our first trip to our brand new Key Stage 1 library today to pick out an exciting library book. We loved the new books and were so excited to find some poetry and joke books-we love telling jokes in Y2P! We will visit the library every Tuesday.

World Book Day 2017


Today we celebrated World Book day by dressing up as characters from our favourite books. We spent all day working on projects linked to one of our favourite books ‘Tom Gates’. We designed unusual pizzas, wrote lists for our ingredients and then wrote recipes using imperative verbs! Later on in the day children from Year 5 came down to share their favourite stories with us-we loved being read to!

Antony Gormely Art!


During our art lesson today we learned about Antony Gormley, the British sculptor who built the Angel of the North. We looked at pictures of his art work and talked about times that we had been to visit the angel of the north. We challenged ourselves to build our own sculpture like Gormley’s ‘Chord’ using cocktail sticks and midget gems. We really enjoyed working as a team and working together to get our sculpture to stand.

SnowHomes Adventures!


After our holidays we couldn't believe that SnowHomes was waiting for us outside of our classroom. He had with him some post cards showing all of the wonderful places that he had been! We are going to learn more about some of these places in our Geography lessons-I can't wait! 

Animal Poetry!


This week we have been working hard to write poems about animals to enter a competition! We planned our ideas and edited our work during the week. The final poems are all fantastic!


Bailey The Magnificent Dog!


My grandmas dog Bailey always goes crazy,

His fur is cream and he has the curliest tail you’ve ever seen.

We give him treats when he goes in his cage.

If he gets told off he will go in a rage!

He usually smells trees when he goes for a walk,

When he sees Margie he tries to talk!




Patch's Amazing Day


My cat patch has cute blue eyes,

He’s as greedy as a giant which is such a surprise!

He miaows a lot and bosses us around like a boss at work.

He eats pizza and fish.

His fur is as warm as a radiator.

To sleep all day is his only wish.




Alfie the shaved dog


His nose is as wet as a dark, dark frog.

Sometimes he lies down on a log.

He gobbles up his delicious tea,

Like a giant munching happily.

He jumps up on me like a kangaroo.

He goes in the garden to do a poo!

His paws are as soft as a lion’s mane,

He’s a superstar wrestler like WWE Kane.



M & M Productions!


This morning we had a lovely treat when M & M Productions came into school to perform Beauty and The Beast! We loved all of the singing, dancing and fantastic characters. Thank you M & M!

Golden Time!


This week we had such a surprise-we wont the attendance prize this week and were able to spent some time this afternoon having 'Golden Time' We chose to enjoy the lovely afternoon outside playing in our yard! Keep up the fantastic attendance Year 2P!

Y2P Sharing Assembly!


This morning it was our turn to share what we have been learning with our friends and families! We Loved teaching everyone some facts about George Stephenson. I am so proud of you all and your hard work! Thank you to everyone for coming along to see us perform.

Sorting Science!


This week in science we learned some ways to identify animals and worked in groups to place animals into the categories. It was great to see you all using the information posters to check the features and make sure that your animals were in the correct place.

Where The Wild Things Are! 


You won't believe your eyes when you see what has been happening in year 2 this morning! A creature came into our classroom and left an awful mess. We found some dusty footprints, unusual looking food, some branches and leaves and a white onesie! At the end of the trail we found a brand new reading book called 'Where The Wild Things Are' and a puppet of one of the characters in the story. We read the story during our English lesson and wrote a description of the character to give to Mrs Ritchie in case the monster comes back into school! Your writing was filled with adventurous word choices and interesting features today year 2-keep up the hard work! 

Attendance Prize!


Today some of the children from year 2 went on a trip to Mr Twisters to celebrate their fantastic attendance last year with Miss Bell. We had a fantastic morning playing and loved chatting to Miss Bell about how she was finding all of the hard work in year 6! Thank you Mrs Ritchie for a really fun time! 

Design Technology Bridges!


In our DT lesson today we made model bridges to meet a design brief. Our bridge had to stand alone, have space for a boat and be strong enough to hold a car. We worked in teams using paper to build our models and then developed them using colour and art work. Then came the exciting part-testing to see if they met our brief! All of the bridges were fantastic-well done year 2! 

That History Bloke!


Today we had such a treat, Richard-'That History Bloke' came to our class to teach us all about the life of George Stephenson! We played true and false guessing games, learned about George Stephenson's life and his inventions, looked at some local mines and even made our own clay models of the 'Rocket'! We have all learned so much and had lots of fun! Thank you Richard! 

LearnPad Art.


Today in our art lesson we used the LearnPad's to create colourful pictures of transport linking to our new topic-they look great!

Farewell McJingle!


This morning we found McJingle in our class having a snowball fight! He left us a note and told us that today was his last day, we were a little bit sad but had some fun looking back on all of his adventures! We decided to write him some farewell cards to let him know we will miss him! Hopefully he will come back and visit us again next year. Remember to keep up the fantastic behaviour year 2, McJingle said he would be keeping an eye on us all!




This morning McJingle was trapped inside of our accelerated reading ticket jar! We couldn't believe it! Miss Pyburn put on her elf touching gloves to carefully move him and put him on a cushion where he has been resting all day. He had written a little speech bubble to us and that got us thinking, we wondered what McJingle might have been saying and thinking while he was watching our party yesterday. We used speech and thought bubbles and created our own ideas.

Key Stage 1 Christmas Party!


Take a look at some of the photos from our Christmas party! You all looked so fantastic and loved dancing to the Christmas music and playing games together. We went back to our classroom to enjoy some party food and you won't guess who called into our classroom just in time before we went home with a present for us all! We had such a fantastic afternoon! Thank you Mrs Ritchie, we especially enjoyed the Christmas crackers filled with lots of great jokes.

Elf Photo Booth.


This afternoon it was our Christmas party. When we got into the hall we got such a lovely surprise when we spotted McJingle and Buddy the elf hiding in the Christmas tree-they were even dressed in their party clothes just like we had told them to be in our invitations! We were so glad that the elves had managed to make it to our party and enjoyed our afternoon even more knowing that they were there watching us all having lots of fun. We set up a photo booth to use the photo props that McJingle had left in our classroom and had so much fun taking photos with our friends!



An invitation for an elf!


This morning we can't find McJingle in our classroom, but he has left us a note. He said that he had passed our letters onto Santa and that lots of us were on the nice list-how exciting! He said that he had heard all about our Christmas party this afternoon and was a little bit sad that he hadn't been invited. We felt terrible that we hadn't invited him! We set straight to it designing invitations for McJingle-we hope he gets them in time to make it to our party! He also left us some cool selfie photo props that we will use to take some photos at during our party. 

A sleigh full of fun! 


Over the weekend McJingle has made friends with Jigsaw Jo, Smart Shark and Miss Pyburn's duck! We found him sat with all of this new friends on a sleigh made out of multi link. We decided to design a sleigh for McJingle in our elf journal and label some of the cool functions that the sleigh could have!

He knows if you’ve been bad or good!


This morning McJingles had another letter for us. He said that he knew that he had been a little bit naughty while he has been at Lingey House and apologised! He said that Santa was always watching to make sure that all of the boys, girls and elves were on their best behaviour and to decide which list they would go on, the naughty list, or the nice list. McJingle suggested that we write a letter to Santa telling him all of the reasons that we thought that we should be on the nice list. We loved writing to Santa and thinking about all of the lovely things that we do!

The adventures of McJingle!


This morning McJingle had returned to our classroom ready for another day in Y2P! Miss Hewitt had emailed us a photograph of him hanging out in her room-we think he might have stolen an advent calendar chocolate from her! Today in our elf journals we wrote adventure stories describing where we thought he had been yesterday while he was missing and some of the mischief that he might have been getting up to!

LearnPad Animation


This afternoon we used our lighthouses to retell the story of Grace Darling that we have been learning about this half term. We used LearnPads to create an animation-we had so much fun! keep scrolling to see the animations that we have created.

Sophie, Karlie, Thomas and Robbie

Still image for this video

Sam, Amelia, Ali and Lucy

Still image for this video

McKenzie, Nicole, William and Megan

Still image for this video

Mac, Bobby, Alicia and Anya

Still image for this video

Madison, Millie, Kyle and Matthew

Still image for this video

Karlie, Amber, Charlie and Kyle

Still image for this video

Evie, Cole, Zac and Jessica

Still image for this video

Eleanor, Holly, Hollie and Tyler

Still image for this video

DT End Product!


Here are our lighthouses that we will use in an animation to re-tell the story of Grace Darling that we have created over this half term during our DT lessons. We think they look fantastic, what do you think?

DT Lighthouses!


We have been developing our lighthouses in DT today, making sure that they are ready to use and retell the story of Grace Darling. Come back later on in the week to see them used in action!



Have you seen this elf? McJingle hasn't visited our classroom today and at lunch time we spotted him in Miss Hewitt's window! We asked Mrs Masson to go upstairs and collect him but he wasn't there! We have been busy making posters describing what he looks like and where we last seen him. Keep your eyes peeled year 2! 

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.


This afternoon we took out learning outdoors and retold the story of the Lighthouse keepers lunch using nursery's buckets on a pulley! We had great fun pretending to be the characters and joining in with words from the story! 

The Dress Rehearsal for our

'Christmas Card Extravaganza!'


Today we got all dressed for the final practice of our Christmas performance! We hope you get to come and see us perform!

A very naughty elf!


This morning we came into our classroom and we couldn't believe what McJingle had been up to! He had drawn silly faces on all of our delicious oranges that we had ready in our fruit bowl for our snack! Mrs Ritchie gave us a really important official incident report form that we needed to complete to send to Gateshead Council and tell them all about what had happened! I hope McJingle behaves himself tonight!

A selfie for an elfie!


Today we came into our classroom and found McJingle taking a selfie under our Christmas tree! He sent us a letter and asked us to create images like Andy Warhol using his selfie! Don't they look great! I wonder what he will get up to next?!

McJingle is hero of the day!


This morning we found McJingle sitting comfortably on top of our cupboards with our hero of the day cushion! We couldn't believe it-he had even written his name on our hero of the day chart. In his letter he told us that he would like to know more about our classroom and school rules so we wrote some of these down in our elf journals (as you can see we also stopped by at the cake stalls and enjoyed a little bite to eat whilst writing!) I wonder what McJingle will get up to over the weekend!

McJingles First Day in Year 2P!


What a shock we had this morning when we came into our classroom! Today it is the 1st of December and there was a BIG surprise waiting for us! We found a little door under our whiteboard along with a key, lots of green glitter sprinkled all over and a tiny red letter! We were so shocked to read the letter and find out that an elf sent from Santa had snuck into our classroom to keep an extra special eye on all of us during December. We looked all around our classroom to try and find our elf but he was very well hidden! We did a class vote to name our elf and decided on "McJingles"! I wonder if he will show Santa all of the lovely writing that we have done in our Elf Journals so far today!

Gingerbread Reindeers!


This afternoon we spent some time making gingerbread reindeers to sell on our enterprise stall on Friday! We hope you come by and buy one for 50p-they really are delicious!

Writing to our pen pals!


Today we wrote back to our pen pals in Colorado. They had sent us a special pencil each to write back to them and we loved writing the answers to all of their questions. We hope that they write back to us soon!



Today in our DT lesson we spent some time creating Christmas decorations that we are going to sell during our enterprise day on Friday. They have turned out fantastic and I'm sure that we will make lots of money!

Grace Darling's Birthday!


This week in year two we have been celebrating Grace Darling's birthday. During our art lesson we decided that we would like to make birthday cards for Grace. We loved trying to work out how old Grace would have been on the 24th November and talking about some of the things that Grace might have received as a present when she was a little girl. A BIG thank you goes to Evie today, who took the photos during our Art lesson-fantastic shots Evie! 

Design Technology Lighthouses!


This half term in DT we are going to create a working lighthouse. Last week we planned our designs and this week we started the first steps towards building our lighthouses. We have all chosen different colours-I can wait to see the end product!

Scenario PSHE


This week in our PSHE lessons we talked about different scenarios where we might help others who are feeling left out. We read scenario cards and created a freeze frame pretending to be the children in the scenario. We talked about the feelings of all of the children involved and talked about how understanding different peoples feelings could help us to become a better friend.

The Golden Table!


At Lingey House we work so hard to always think about good manners and sensible behavior. The lunchtime staff were so impressed with the behavior of some of our children that they created a 'Golden Table' for children who are extra well mannered and behaved to sit at on a Friday. Can you believe it-3 children from Year 2P were chosen this week to be on the table! The children had waitress service, lovely golden napkins and a table cloth and even a little extra sweet treat to say well done! I was so proud to see you sat there enjoying your lunch! Well done-and I wonder if anyone from our class will be on the 'Golden Table' next week! 

Nursery's New Play Equipment!


If you have been to Lingey House recently you will have noticed that the children in Nursery have had a very special delivery of some brand new outdoor play equipment. We spotted all of the children playing on it on our way to music and wondered if we could have a go. We decided that in our English lessons we would write some letters asking the nursery children if we could come and play!


Thankfully on Friday Mrs Crowe came to say that she loved our writing and that if we wanted to we could go and have some fun!


We loved the equipment and think that the Nursery children are very lucky! Thank you Nursery for letting us play!



Crazy Golf!


This half term we are so lucky to have Brian coaching us in golf for PE. We really enjoyed our first session-and some children couldn't believe how good Miss Pyburn was! We learned about different club types, played some putting, hand eye co-ordination and long distance shot games whilst using safety zones. I'm sure we will love all of the games that we play in the coming weeks. 

Pumpkin Painting!


In Year 2 we were so lucky to receive a donation from Andria at Morrisons in Jarrow. Andria is the “Community Champion” for her store and it’s her job to engage with local charities and support local community organisations. Morrisons very kindly donated 30 pumpkins for Year 2 to decorate and use as decorations for our Halloween discos. We started by designing the kind of things that we would like on our pumpkins working in groups. Next we painted the first coat of paint-we took this job outside! After that we added some detail following our designs. We think they look fantastic and we’re sure all of the other children will love them when they see them during the disco. Thanks so much Andria and Morrisons Jarrow!

Happy Halloween!


We were all so excited for our Halloween party today! Take a look at our fantastic costumes. We enjoyed dancing, playing games and all of the delicious food.

Maths Investigation


We have been enjoying investigating with numbers in maths this week. We have used scales, numicon and interesting vocabulary like 'the same as' and 'all together'. We really enjoy maths! 

Fire Safety!


We had two special visitors in our classroom this afternoon, Louise and Scott from Tyne and Wear fire and rescue services. They taught us all about fire safety and how important it is to check our fire alarms at home! We learned a rhyme about matches and lighters and we promised that we would always be safe and sensible around fire. We loved trying on the different parts of the fire fighters uniform and we all tried on the helmet and visor!

Parents Visit!


We had a great afternoon today celebrating all of our hard work this half term and sharing our learning with our parents and grandparents! We loved eating our brigadeiros, looking through our creative curriculum books and at our portfolio for this half term. Thanks so much to all of the grown ups that came to visit our classroom, we hope you had a lovely afternoon!

Brazilian Brigadeiro!


We have been preparing ourselves for our parents visit to Year 2 tomorrow. We followed a special recipe that we found online for chocolaty, Brazilian Brigadeiros! We worked as a team to make the treats for our families. They look delicious, I hope they taste just as good!

Finger Torches.


In Year 2 we have been enjoying reading lots of new books and challenging ourselves. We have been using finger torches to help with blending tricky words, you can see that we love a challenge!

A New Reading Treat!


In Year 2 when we are working on our handwriting we enjoy listening to 'The Piano Guys'. Some children noticed that they play a song from Star Wars and they loved watching the men have a lightsaber battle! Miss Pyburn brought some brand new Star Wars books into school as a treat for working hard this half term. You have all enjoyed sharing these new books and learning information about the Star Wars characters. It is lovely to watch you all so excited to read!

Eco Triumph.


Today we went on our triumphant walk around Oliver Henderson Park and under our brand new arch! We loved carrying our swords and shields that we made this week using recycled materials. We loved marching like Roman soldiers, we thought we looked just like the people painted in Rubens picture.  

Autumn Sketches


This afternoon we put on our coats and took our sketch books outside ready to sketch some autumn trees. We looked closely at the leaves and talked about how some leaves were gathered on the floor because of the change in season. As we were sketching some children spotted some big, grey clouds. Thankfully we arrived back in our classroom just in time because it started to rain very heavily! What a lovely afternoon of learning!

Autumn Collage Dream Catchers.


We used leaves that we had collected around school and autumnal shades of paper to create dream catchers. We gave our pictures a name and explained all of the things in the picture to the rest of our class like we were in a real art gallery. We put our dream catchers on our window and they look fantastic! If you come into our classroom make sure that you look out for them!

Still Life


While we were looking closely at the picture 'A Roman Triumph' we spotted some fruit baskets on top of the elephants heads. We were really interested to look at how the artist Peter Paul Rubens had made these items look so life like, so we have been investigating still life art. We worked to create interesting set-ups with fruit and vegetables and then sketched the outlines. We then added a range of medium to create colour such as oil and chalk pastel and coloured pencil.

Tints of Colour!


After learning about different colours last week we have built on our skill and have investigated a range of colour tints. We added white to our paint and mixed it to give a brand new tint and then recorded this in our art books. 



Today we have been looking more at the picture that we are studying this week 'A Roman Triumph' by Peter Paul Rubens for Arts week. We were really interested to find out why the soldiers in the picture might be having their procession, and what they might be walking towards. As a school on Thursday we are having a procession towards our triumph-the opening of the new bench and sculpture in the park. We decided that we would like to make some weapons to carry on our procession, because a soldier isn't ready for battle without their weapon! We chose swords and shields and decided to decorate these using a collage of recycled materials to symbolize all of the hard work that local people in our area and staff within school have done to clean up our local park in order to make sure that it is ready for the opening of our fantastic new sculpture. Our swords and shields will be laminated and then we will be ready for our eco-warriors to join the triumphant procession! 


Arts and Outdoor Learning Week!


This week at Lingey House it is art and outdoor learning week, and in year 2 the fun started straight away on Monday morning! Our class were so lucky to go on a trip to the Sage in Gateshead to receive a behind the scenes tour of the fantastic building and to have a look at some of the fantastic Snowdogs that are staying at the Sage at the moment. We loved looking around all of the different auditoriums and guessing how many seats were in each! We were so excited when we spotted our Snowdog 'Snowhomes'! After a lovely lunch we went on an adventure with Mr Jackson who told us all about the Great Fire of Gateshead. We went for a walk around Gateshead and Newcastle's quayside and looked for some of the famous landmarks included in the story. We even went inside of a real Tudor house! Next we went on a Snowdog hunt (Miss Pyburn and Mrs Masson were so pleased to find Tyne Tail Jack and Snowberry!) We had some time to play on the beach next to the Millennium Bridge and then it was time to walk over the bridge back to the Sage. We have had such a fantastic day! I wonder what we will get up to tomorrow! 

An Invitation to our Classroom!


Year 2P would like to invite you to our classroom on Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 3pm for a presentation of all of the hard work that we have been doing this half term!


We hope you can make it. 


Miss Pyburn. 

Ordering Numbers.


Today in our maths lesson we had a great time ordering numbers. We worked in groups to make small number lines and then noticed that we could join our number lines altogether and to create a class line from 0-100!

Design Technology.


We have been working really hard in year 2 creating our Brazilian carnival masks! We worked hard to follow our designs that we made last week. Have a look through the photographs at our end products.

Food Chains


This week in science we have been learning about animals and their food chains. We had some really interesting conversations about the habitats of animals and how this would determine what the animals could eat.


Can you remember the name of the first item in a food chain?

Comparing Numbers.


Today in our maths lesson we have been looking at comparing numbers. We loved using the multi-link to talk about the difference between numbers. We have been trying to use special maths vocabulary like 'greater than' and 'less than' to compare groups of numbers.

Colour Mixing


This week in art we have had lots of fun investigating with colour. We learned about primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We had a great time mixing primary colours together to create our own secondary colours.


Can you remember a primary colour?

Counting to 10!


Today in maths we have been looking at counting up to 10 to make sure that we are really confident with numbers. We used this picture of children at the beach to talk about numbers. We talked about different numbers and used the words ‘all together’ ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’ We also learned a new game for counting up to 10 and had great fun trying to win!

The Great Kapok Tree


Today in our English lesson we received a package filled with books from Noel the SuperVet to help us learn more about Brazilian animals. We read the story of the great kapok tree and ‘magpied’ lots of interesting words. We used these words to help write down ideas about some of the animals from the story. We moved around the room collecting ideas that will help our independent writing next week. 

Repeated addition. 


Today in maths we worked practically to add 3 groups of numbers. We investigated using counters and talked about how we could write these calculations in our maths books. Some children spotted that the addition calculations could become multiplication and we even talked about how these calculations were linked to division.

Mental Subtraction.


Today in maths we worked practically to subtract numbers. We talked about how we must use the biggest number first and then subtract the smaller number. We talked about lots of different ways to mentally subtract-children who know their number bonds to 10 quick were the best at this task! Look closely at our photos and you will see lots of concentration during today's lesson! 

Pop Art.


We have been learning about Andy Warhol and printing during our art lessons. This week we designed and made our own print and stamped these in our art books. Here we are creating our printing blocks using cardboard.

A Mystery Package.


We have had such a fun first week in year 2 and we are already all so excited to learn!


This afternoon Mrs Mason brought a parcel into our classroom addressed to year 2 that had been delivered to the office. We all came together and opened the package carefully. We looked at all of the clues inside and think that the package was sent to us from Brazil. In the next lesson we talked about some of the things that we would like to learn about Brazil. Can you remember some of the things that were inside of our package?