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Welcome to Year 2L. My name is Mrs Locke and I will be working hard to teach you all this year. I will teach exciting and engaging lessons through a range of practical, challenging and fun activities. Our class is supported by the amazing Mrs Masson who is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the children of Lingey House Primary. This is your last year in Key Stage 1 before moving on to Key Stage 2. Throughout the year you will be encouraged to become independent learners and outstanding citizens to prepare you for Key Stage 2 and the community.  

I can't wait to have lots of fun throughout this year and develop your love of learning!


This half term we are learning about the topic of: 'MasterChef!'

Dine with Year 2


Today some of the children in Year 2 were joined by their parents for some delicious lunch. Everyone had a fantastic time, followed by some fun on the yard!

Fruit and Vegetable Tasting!


This afternoon we spent some time taste testing a selection of unusual fruits and vegetables.


We used the lesson to make predictions about the names of the item, if it was a fruit or a vegetable and then spent some time describing what we could taste or smell.


Some of the items were more difficult than others.


After we created a tally chart showing our favourite item tasted this afternoon.

Our Favourite British Meal!


Today in our maths lesson we thought about some of our favourite British food dishes. We made a list of top 7 foods and then had a whole class vote to see the most popular choice. We used a tally chart to collect our data.


Later on we turned our tally chart information into a bar chart. It is now clear to see the most and least popular choices. We love using the skills that we have learned in our maths lessons to show some real information about our class likes.

Food Maps


Today in our Creative Curriculum lesson we looked closely at continents and oceans. We used atlases to learn new information such as where the equator is, where the tropics are and why these areas are warmer in comparison to other areas of the world.


We looked at where food products grow and talked about the types of environments that best suit certain fruits, vegetables and nuts.


Next we created our own food map using atlases and photographs.



Today in year 2 we had a lovely surprise to start our topic of ‘MasterChef!’ this half term. Chris and Tracy from ‘The Pizza Van’ came to visit us and teach us all about healthy foods. We learned that we were going to design and make our own healthy pizzas and learn more about some exciting and interesting ingredients.



We worked in groups looking closely at the ‘eat well plate’ and thought about the foods that we eat each day from each group. We looked at some usual ingredients that we hadn’t seen before including 2 different types of yeast and 2 different types of flour.


Next we taste tested some new and interesting toppings that might be found on a pizza. We tried ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar and goats cheeses. The favourite from most children in our class was the cheddar! Next we tried some different hams and salamis. After that we thought about some foods from the green section of the ‘eat well plate’. We tried some fresh and roasted peppers, chillies, onions and rocket. Chris talked about how he could add the flavour of salt and pepper to our pizzas using fresh and natural ingredients. We tried rocket that tasted like pepper and anchovies that taste salty.


Our next challenge was to try and create our own pizza dough base using some dough that Chris had already made using yeast, flour and water (to keep it nice and healthy!). We enjoyed stretching, poking and pulling the dough and then worked hard to stretch it into a circle shape. Chris even showed us his skills flipping the dough in the air!



To end our session we designed our own pizza that we are going to make next week! How delicious!



To end our topic of British Monarchs we created our own class game of Kahoot!  We worked in groups to create our own questions about the three British queens—Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II. We used iPads and prior learning to research questions for the British Monarchs quiz. We used these questions to create a whole class Kahoot! quiz. We really enjoyed playing our quiz. Well done to Charlie in 1st place, Lexi in 2nd place and Frankie in 3rd place as well as everyone else who took part.


Newcastle Keep!


We had so much fun today at Newcastle Keep learning about British Monarchs!

How to play 'Making 10'

Still image for this video

Chinese New Year! 


During our lesson this afternoon we heard an unusual sound and all of a sudden a dragon came parading through out classroom!! We were all so excited and enjoyed dancing to the music. Happy Chinese New Year!

Playing our games with Year 1!


This morning we spent some time setting up our classroom ready to welcome the year one children in. They came to play our board games and have some fun! We worked in pairs, sharing our instructions and talking through the rules. We really enjoyed sharing our games-Mrs Ritchie and Mrs McEnaney even came to see what we were up to!

Creating Challenge Cards!


To end our topic this half term we are creating board games. Today we worked hard to think about some questions and challenges that we could use.



Today in our DT lesson we built a thaumatrope. We worked hard to follow instructions. We enjoyed watching our pictures come to life. We are going to use this lesson to help with our writing this week in English.



Today we had a judo lesson. We really enjoyed the experience and learning some moves! 



This afternoon we had our first Gymnastics lesson for P.E. we loved warming up our bodies and then moving on to working in some interesting rolls. We can’t wait for gymnastics with Katie again next week!

Christmas Party!


We had so much fun at our Christmas party. We played games, danced and a special visitor even stopped by! After the party we had some delicious snacks in our classroom and enjoyed taking photographs with our friends in our year 2 photo booth!

A Christmas Surprise!


This morning when we arrived in the classroom we couldn't believe our eyes! An elf was sat waiting for us along with a new unusual, magical door, a small red letter and a pile of elf journals. We read the letter and found out that Santa has sent then elf to our classroom to watch that we are all working hard. We loved spotting the rhyming words in the elf's letter. He left us a challenge to think of a name for him. We had a class vote and went for the name 'Snowflake'. I wonder what he will get up to next! 



DT Challenge Week 2


Today in our DT lesson we worked in teams to build the moving moon buggies that we designed in teams last week. We used the design brief that our buggy must have moving wheels-we enjoyed investigating and problem solving in teams.

Christmas Music Morning!


This morning in Key Stage 1 we had such a  treat! Some brilliant entertainment from Mr Parkin and the rest of his band. They came to perform some Christmas music to us all and test us with a Christmas quiz. We worked in teams and enjoyed dancing and singing along. Even the teachers got involved! It was lovely to see some of the reception children's parents in school getting in the festive spirit too! Merry Christmas! 

Design Technology!


Today in D.T. we worked in groups talking about the parts of a moon buggy. We worked to label some features and then set to work designing our own junk model moving moon buggy. Our brief was simple-the buggy must move! We enjoyed creating team names, talking about the constructions and looking at images of working moon buggies. Next week we will start to build our buggies-come back to see our progress! 

Spectacular Space Dome!


This morning at Lingey House, Year 2 had a very exciting surprise! We took a mission in a space dome around the solar system. We were taught all about some past, present and future space missions. We visited Mars, Jupiter and the Moon. We took a tour of the stars and even joined Tim Peake on his mission from Kazakhstan to the ISS. We have had such a busy morning filled with time travel-we are all ready for our lunch now!

Pastel Planets.


In art this week we looked at the solar system and thought about the incredible shapes, patterns and colours that we could see. We used pastels and black card to create our own planet drawings. 

Neil Armstrong


This week we have been learning about the life of space explorer Neil Armstrong. After learning some interesting information we worked in groups to try and recall his life using a timeline. Next week we are going to create our own timelines all about Neil Armstrong. 

Mystery Delivery!


We couldn’t believe it when Miss Brown knocked on our door this afternoon and wheeled an unusual suitcase into our classroom. Carefully we opened the suitcase and took a closer look at the things packed away inside. We looked at the items and tried to figure out where we might find them. We decided that it must be from an explorer or someone who likes adventures. At first we thought that it might be someone who hunts deep in caves, because of the glow in the dark shoes and the torch but then we realised that there was no helmet packed. The space book and note from NASA made us think that it must be from someone who was going to explore space! We made a note of 5 things that we would pack if we were going into space for 6 months-lots of people wanted to pack salt and vinegar crisps! Then we made a list of things that we would like to learn about this half term. I can’t wait to find out more about explorers and space!  

Happy Halloween!


This afternoon we all enjoyed our Halloween disco. We all enjoyed getting dressed up in our horrifying Halloween costumes. It was great fun dancing to the spooky music, playing party games and we really enjoyed the delicious treats back in our classroom! Happy Halloween!

Terrifying Challenge!


To celebrate Halloween today we were set a spooky bone measuring challenge. We worked in pairs to order the skeleton bones from largest to smallest. We talked about length vocabulary and thought about ways that we could identify the largest and the smallest. Next we measured the bones using rulers. We recorded the lengths using CM. At the end of the lesson we talked about how the numbers changed and partitioned the numbers into tens and ones.

Outdoor Learning Week!


This week at Lingey House it is Outdoor Learning week. Take a look at all of the wonderful things that we have been learning!

Bird Feeding Balls!


This afternoon we followed instructions to make some fat balls to feed the birds that make homes around our school. We looked at the words like, 'First', 'Then' and 'Next' and decided that we would like to magpie these to create our own instructions. It was messy work-but you can see we did a great job! 

Artistic Adventure!


We collected some leaves this morning to use in a story board freeze frame. We thought about different stories that we could retell using the leaves thinking closely about the setting that the story takes place in and the characters that we would need to show. We used whiteboard pen to add some detail and then laminated our story boards. Have a look out for our work on our classroom windows-they look fantastic!

Mirrored Masterpieces!


We used some of the leaves we had collected this morning to think carefully about leaf patterns and the symmetry that can be found on the patterns of leaves. We carefully cut our leaves in half and drew the missing half. We used the words mirror and symmetrical today!

Amazing Animals!


We were so lucky to have a visitor in our school this afternoon. We met an owl called Mischief, an American Kestrel and two corn snakes. We could hold some of the animals and asked lots of questions about how old the animals were and what they liked to eat.

Creative Collages!


We used some of the leaves that we had collected this morning to create Autumnal animal collages. We mixed paints to create a perfect colour and then added leaves to create some texture to our pictures. Fantastic work!

Fantastic French!


Madame Moses had set up an outdoor trail challenge in French this week. We worked together to find all of the clues and crack her code. We loved identifying the French words for animals hidden all around school.

Outdoor Ordering!


We took our maths lesson outdoors today and worked with the leaves that have fallen off the trees around our school. We worked in small groups to order the leaves from smallest to biggest. We used some great maths vocabulary like wider, thinner, taller, smaller. Mrs Locke found a huge leaf and all of the children wanted to compare it with their leaves to see who had the biggest leaf!

Silly Sentences!


Today in our English lesson we worked with a partner to build sentences. We planned to go outside to write our sentences but unfortunately it was raining! We still enjoyed working on whiteboards all around the classroom.

Tremendous Timelines!


Today in our history lesson we have been developing our knowledge about British monarchs. We looked at some famous kings and queens and some of the stories about why they are so famous, we especially loved hearing about battles and people being beheaded! We worked to create our own timeline including some of the most famous British monarchs in chronological order and enjoyed singing a song from the Horrible Histories TV show-maybe you could sing along to it at home!

Horrible Histories British Monarch Song

Horrible Histories British Monarch Song

Terrific Tennis!


This afternoon we had our first tennis lesson with Jonathan. He taught us the ready position and how to move around the room sensibly. We used sponge balls and tennis rackets to bounce and catch. It was so much fun and we can't wait for our next lesson!

Groovy Golfers!


We were so lucky to have an extra PE lesson this week and had some time playing golf with Brian. We played a range of different games to develop our chipping and putting skills! We were extremely sensible to follow instructions and made sure that we were always in the correct safety zone when playing a game. We can’t wait until it is our turn for golf lessons, thanks Brian!

All About Animals!


We have been using the story of 'The Great Kapok Tree' to help our learning in English this half term. Today we used some of the animals from the story to create our own information posters. We are going to use these ideas later on in the week to develop our writing. Great team work Year 2!

Peculiar Package!


This afternoon in Year 2L we received an exciting and unusual package. We opened it carefully and tried to identify where the items might have come from. We grouped the items thinking about where the items might have come from and made a list of questions that we would like to find out more about during our topic of ‘Here and there’. We looked at some photographs of landmarks, foods and weather.

We can’t wait to learn lots more!