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Welcome to Y2L



Welcome to Year 2L. My name is Mrs Locke and I will be working hard to teach you all this year. I will teach exciting and engaging lessons through a range of practical, challenging and fun activities. Our class is supported by Mrs Marsden who is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the children of Lingey House Primary. This is your last year in Key Stage 1 before moving on to Key Stage 2. Throughout the year you will be encouraged to become independent learners and outstanding citizens to prepare you for Key Stage 2 and the community.


I can't wait to have lots of fun throughout this year and develop your love of learning!


This half term we are learning about the topic of:

'Master Chef!'

Pizza Afternoon!


Thank you so much to our parents and carers for coming into school this afternoon to share our pizzas and healthy food games. We loved sharing what we have learned this half term.

Making our pizzas!

Fun Sports Day!

Pizza Chefs!


This afternoon we worked hard to create pizza dough ready for our pizza afternoon next week. We used flour and water to create a dough and pushed and pulled the mixture until it was a smooth soft texture. Next week we will use the list of ingredients that we have taste tested to create a delicious healthy pizza. We can't wait to share the end result with our families!

Happy 60th Birthday Lingey House!


Today we celebrated Lingey House's 60th birthday. We had a fun filled day filled with a rugby lesson, sports activities, a trip on the kaboogie bus, party games, lunch outside and even ice creams! We had so much fun!

Puzzle Day!



This half term we have been having tennis lesson with Jonathon. We have loved learning new skills and playing mini matches with our friends!

British Farming!


This afternoon during our Creative Curriculum lesson we took some time to research British farming and some of the foods that we produce locally. We loved looking closely at the map of the British Isles and talking about how close things were produced to where we live.

Where in the world?


This afternoon we took some time to look really closely at the foods that we regularly eat and where they come from. We looked for the country names and then used some brand new atlases to find the country. We found that lots of things were produced in Ireland. We used our reading skills in today's lesson by using the index pages to help find the country that we were looking for. 

World Wide Menu!


Today in our Creative Curriculum lesson we used iPads to research about traditional foods from different countries. We worked in teams to think about a starter, main and desert. We found out about some interesting new ingredients. 

Tree Observations!


In science today we took our learning outdoors. We made close observations of the trees around our school and used the scientific words that we have been learning to label our drawings. 

Fruit Rockets! 


Today in our DT lesson we worked in teams to create fruit rockets. We used tools and equipment safely and followed instructions. We loved the end products and thought that they were really delicious. In our Creative Curriculum lesson we are going to write instructions for Mrs Ritchie to follow and make her own healthy fruit rockets!

Changes to materials!


Today in Science we looked closer at ice and how this material can be changed. We used the words melting, heating, warming, solid and liquid to describe what we know can happen to ice and then wrote some lovely sentences that we want to share with Miss Clarke in Year 3-we know that she will be really impressed!

Maths Challenge!


This morning in Maths Miss Howe set us a challenge thinking about our new topic of shapes. Working in pairs we used 18 lolly pop sticks to see how many octagon shapes we could make. We remembered that an octagon had 8 sides and then set about completing our challenge! It was pretty tricky at first but using the shapes to help we finally found a way to make 2 octagons with 2 sticks remaining and then found a way to make 3 solid octagons but we would need 19 sticks! We love a tricky challenge in year 2L!

Making our games for year 1C!


Today in our creative curriculum lesson we spent some time creating or challenge and question cards that we will use on the board games that we are making for year 1. We used our best handwriting and used our planned questions from last week thinking carefully about perfect punctuation! Then, we made some counters to keep a record of where we are on the board. We talked about some of the counters that we use at home, like a dog and a top hat in monopoly or just a flat disc in a game of checkers. We are ready to invite year 1C to come and play our games now and cant wait to see how they like them!

Chinese Dancing!


Building on from our Chinese New Year theme this week, today we enjoyed a lovely dancing lesson with Miss Lucy. She played some really fun games with us, acting out like animals found within the Chinese calendar, dressing up using Chinese headdresses, and even dancing with Chinese fans. We had so much fun and really enjoyed the music!

Chinese New Year!


Today at Lingey house we celebrated Chinese New Year! It is the year of the pig. In our assembly Mrs Jackson taught us all how to say 'Happy New Year' in Chinese, we had a special Chinese banquet for lunch, listened to relaxing Chinese music as we worked hard today and even enjoyed eating fortune cookies! We loved reading our fortunes and talking with our partner about what their cookie said! Gung Hay Fat Choy year 2!

3D Shapes!


This morning during our maths lesson we had so much fun going on a shape hunt with Miss Howe. In the classroom we enjoyed using a feely bag, drawing shapes and writing about some of the shapes properties! We love maths in year 2L!

Pippa Bell!


This morning we had such a lovely visit from Pippa Bell, she brought lots of paintings linked to our topic into school and brought them to life during our lesson. We searched for items in a toy shop from Peter Blake's sculpture, moved around the room like we were using a hoop and stick like Ethel Spowers painting, and searched for 80 playground games within the painting by Pieter Breughel the Elder. Thanks so much Pippa for a lovely morning learning all about changes to toy within Art!

Block Graphs!


Today in maths we have used our statistic skills to learn more about a different graph type. We have looked at building and creating a block graph using multi link, this afternoon we are going to challenge ourselves by drawing our own block graph within our creative curriculum lesson, showing Miss Collins' classes favourite board games.

Ordering Salat in RE


In Re we have been learning about how important prayer is within the Muslim culture. Today we ordered the Salat and some children even followed the movements!


Salat is the obligatory Muslim prayers, performed five times each day by Muslims. It is the second Pillar of Islam.

God ordered Muslims to pray at five set times of day:

  • Salat al-fajr: dawn, before sunrise

  • Salat al-zuhr: midday, after the sun passes its highest

  • Salat al-'asr: the late part of the afternoon

  • Salat al-maghrib: just after sunset

  • Salat al-'isha: between sunset and midnight

Some very special visitors!


This afternoon during our Creative Curriculum lesson we had a knock on our door from some very exciting visitors. Some of the ladies from Priory Court came to visit us and answer some questions that we had about changes to Toys throughout history. We asked lots of questions and loved hearing about the toys that the ladies remembered playing with when they were younger.

Judo Taster.


We had so much fun during our Judo taster this morning. We played some attacking and defending games, learned some holds and had some fun working with a partner! Mrs Locke was quite surprised how competitive year 2 were!

Victorian Toys.


This afternoon for our creative curriculum lesson we had a great time handling some toys from the past. We looked carefully at what the toys were made of, compared them to toys that we play with now and also had a go at playing with some of them. We noticed that lots of the toys from the past were made out of wood and talked about our toys today mainly being made out of plastic.

Science Explorers!


This morning in science Miss Howe planned a really exciting investigation for us all! We were looking closely at materials and some of the properties that they have. We made sensible predictions and then had a chance to use some of the materials to check if we were correct.

Missing Toys!


This morning after our break we came back into the classroom to find that all of our toys had disappeared! We couldn't believe our eyes and we quickly followed the clues. Take a look at the photos of our adventures today!

Timeline of Toys


This afternoon we continued our discussions about toys throughout history. We created our own timeline of toys looking closely at the years that they were created. We were surprised to find out some toys that we still use now were created a very VERY long time ago!

Explaining how our toys are used!


This half term we are learning about changes to toys throughout history. to start out topic off we brought our own toys into school from home and talked about them with the rest of the class. We talked about what our toys are made out of, how they work, how we play with them and what it is that we like best about them. Later we wrote our own descriptions to match our toys. We really enjoyed todays lesson!

Christmas Party!

Christmas Music Morning!

Children in Need!

Halloween Party!

Writing Autumn Poems.


National Poetry Day was Thursday 4th October and the theme was changes. We used our senses to describe the change of the season to Autumn and used our ideas to make a class poem. Here it is:


Autumn smells of hot chocolate,

Autumn looks like blankets made out of colourful leaves,

Autumn tastes like hotdogs with mustard and ketchup at a Halloween disco,

Autumn feels like scratchy woolly jumpers that my nana knits,

Autumn smells like chimney smoke and bonfires blazing,

Autumn looks like my comfy bed and an snuggle on the sofa,

Autumn tastes like mince and dumplings,

Autumn feels like smooth conkers inside a spikey shell,

Autumn is my favourite!

Art with Peter


This morning we had a great time working with Peter. He had brought some art work into school to share with us. We had a great treasure hunt to make us look closely at the paintings and then we created our own portraits in the style or Picasso using coloured paper. We had a great morning and loved our finished products!

Tennis with Jonathan


Today we had our first PE lesson with our tennis coach Jonathan. He showed us how to warm our bodies up and to move safely around the room. We learned all about the 'ready position' and began working with a sponge tennis ball. We had so much fun learning all of the different catches that we could do. I wonder what we will learn next week! 

Maths Spinner Challenge


This morning in maths we worked with spinners to create two digit numbers. Next talked about how we could partition the number using the vocabulary 'part number' and 'whole number'. We really enjoyed this practical lesson!

Map of Australia


Today in our creative curriculum lesson we worked hard to create our own map of Australia. This half term we are going to be learning lots about Australia. We enjoyed learning some of the names for different sections of land and ocean.

Information Posters


Today we worked in groups to create information posters all about some different locations in Australia and the UK. We worked on a different landmark and then enjoyed sharing the facts with the rest of the class. Our posters are on display in our classroom-come and see if we can teach you something new!