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Welcome to Year 2B


We are Y2B and we love coming to school to learn something new and get better at skills we have already learnt.


This half term our new topic is 'British Monarchs'. We will be visiting a castle in May!  I have lots of lovely lessons planned for this half term so keep checking our page each week so we can share our learning with you and you can see what exciting things we have been up to!

Dine with Year 2


Today some of the children in Year 2 were joined by their parents for some delicious lunch.  Everyone had a fantastic time, followed by some fun on the yard!

The Pizza Van


Today in year 2 we had a lovely surprise to start our topic of ‘MasterChef!’ Chris and Tracy from ‘The Pizza Van’ came to visit us and teach us all about healthy foods. We found out that we were going to design and make our own healthy pizzas and learn more about some types of cheeses, herbs and vegetables we could use on our pizzas. We can't wait to make and cook them next week in the pizza van!

SATs Party Snack


Because we all worked our socks off for SATs, we had a SATs party. Here we are making healthy fruit kebabs for our party.  We had strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples and grapes. They were yummy!

Kahoot! British Monarch Quiz


The children worked in groups to create their own questions about the three British queens—Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II. They used iPads and their prior learning to research questions and answers for the British Monarchs quiz. We used these questions to create a whole class Kahoot! quiz. We really enjoyed playing our quiz. Well done to Ty in 1st place, Evie in 2nd place and Eleanor in 3rd place as well as everyone else who took part.


Our Castle Visit

Was your prediction correct?

Science Question of the week


Will the celery suck up the food colouring? We have predicted the results. We can’t wait to see what happens.

Duckling Visit


How lucky we are! We had a lovely surprise when we came into school and a cage of little ducklings were at the back of the room. We loved having them in the classroom and we stayed very quiet so we didn’t scare them. We loved giving them a cuddle and watching them swimming in the pool too!

Plants, Seeds and Trees


We have been observing plants and seeds around school and in the classroom. Here we are looking at the different plant parts and guessing which seeds grow into which plant.

Easter Craft Morning


Thanks to the families who came to our Easter Craft morning and well done to those who dressed up for our Disney Singalong.

Alien Invasion!


We were shocked to get some jigsaw pieces in our register today. Cameron tried to piece them together but we were missing some so we checked to see if Mrs Locke’s class had any. Jessica went to see and she discovered an alien in the toilets! He was a little green alien and he was holding some missing parts to the jigsaw we had. We were so shocked! When we pieved the jigsaw together we saw that on one side was a message and on the other was an aerial map. After we read the map we looked on the other side and tried to figure out where the map was showing us. Quickly, we guessed that it was Newcastle because we could see the river Tyne and the 7 bridges going over it. We tried to find the point where the alien was supposed to go to but we couldn’t. We think the alien needs our help so we thought of ideas of what we could do to help. We had some brilliant ideas of how to help the alien make it’s way to Newcastle so we’ve decided to make a map of where he is now and give him some directions to get to Newcastle. We need to hurry because the note said it only has 6 weeks before he must leave Earth or he won’t survive!


Testing our Board Games on Year 1 Children

How to play 'Making Ten'

Still image for this video

Game Designers


We have worked hard this week to plan, create, quality check, test and evaluate board games. We loved thinking of question cards and challenge cards for our games. We worked well in teams to create our games and write instructions for them. Then we invited Year 1 children into play with us. We had so much fun sharing our games with them and we think the Year 1 children had fun too…especially when they had a funny challenge to do like walk like a monkey! All our hard work was worth it!

Sketching Stars!


We have been learning how to sketch teddies and how to make them look realistic. We have been using our observational drawing skills to sketch teddy bears of equal proportions and add texture to them. We explored different ways to add texture and used what we discovered to add texture to our teddies and Jane Hissey characters. We think they look amazing and we are very proud of ourselves. Have a look …

Judo Taster Sessions


We were lucky to have the local judo club come into school and give us a taster session of a judo lesson. We loved it! We played fun games and learnt how to pin our partners down safely. We even learnt some Japanese which was cool. John and Adam were brilliant at judo. Some of us now want to join the after school club. Maybe Y2B will have some judo champs in the future.

Week 2 – Gymnastics


This week we loved having the equipment out. We were practising different travels, jumps and rolls. We learnt how to do tuck jumps, half turn jumps and star jumps off the benches. We also worked with our gymnastic coach to do forward rolls on the mats.

Week 1 of Gymnastics


We enjoyed having a coach in school to teach us gymnastics. This week we learnt some balances and rolls. It was funny doing the sausage roll. We kept rolling off the mat! We need to practice rolling so we can go straight and not crash into each other!

Boxes of Delight!


How lucky are we?! We had a lovely surprise when we came into school. We were able to borrow boxes from the Discovery Museum with old toys inside it. We got time to look at 20th century and Victorian toys. Here we are looking at them and having a great time exploring how they were used. We were very careful with them though because they are artefacts! Even Mrs Banks came to have a go!



To begin our topic of changes the children brought in a toy from home. We looked at the toys and wrote descriptions about them for a modern toy museum.


We answered these questions in our descriptions:

What are toys like?

What materials are they made from?

How do they work?

What age are they suitable for?


We loved looking at each other's toys and talking about them! Here is our modern toy museum...


Day 6: Elfie Selfie


Today Sparkles was wearing a Christmas hat and had set the camera up to take an elfie selfie! He left us lots of hats too so we are going to wear them for our Christmas party today! We will post photos later...

Day 5: Sleigh Fun


When we came into school we saw that Sparkles had used the reading teddies to make a sleigh. It looked like they had fun! We designed our own sleighs in our Elf Journals.

Moon Buggies


We have been working hard over the last few weeks to design and make a moon buggy. We thought of cool names for them: Night flash, DJ Cool, Speedy, Super Fast Moon Buggy, Astro Buggy, Dan and Super Blaster. Today we finished them and made an animation of them moving across the moon. We think they look amazing! Look at the videos of them moving.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Day 4: Sparkles Has Gone!


Have you seen our elf? He was last seen hiding in Miss Brown's desk today and when we got back from lunch time he was gone! We have looked everywhere for him. We hope he comes back soon!

Day 3: The incident


Today when we came into school we saw Sparkles at the back of the room with a pen in his hand and funny faces all over the fruit (even though we had written instructions on how to be a good elf yesterday)! We thought it was funny but we have had to write an incident report because he has been destroying school property again! We will be sending these reports to Gateshead Council to see what has to be done about it. We hope he will learn his lesson and start behaving!

Day 2: What a mess!

Uh Oh...Look Who's Arrived!


What a shock we had when we came into school this morning! The trail led from  a little elf door in the corridor to a newly appeared door in our room! We had a letter from him and he said he didn't have a name. He was called elf number 18! So we decided to call him Sparkles. He brought us Elf Journals to record his Lingey House Christmas Adventures...We can't wait to see what he gets up to in school!

Space Dome


We had an amazing adventure into the Space Dome. We became astronauts and flew to the moon to see Neil Armstrong's footprint. We also travelled to Mars to watch a Rover digging up soil samples and took a journey through Saturn's rings. How amazing they were! Finally we jumped on board with Tim Peake. He even gave us a thumbs up! Then we zoomed to the International Space Station and got a tour. The sleeping quarters were so strange. Did you know that astronauts have to zip themselves into an upright sleeping bag? We loved this experience.



We loved PE today because we got to learn some hula hoop tricks. We will be doing hula hoop for PE up until Christmas and in the final lesson we will perform a hula hoop dance. Watch this space for some videos….

More Measuring Madness!

Suitcase from Space


Mrs Ritchie found out we were learning about explorers. She gave us a suitcase filled with some things a famous explorer would need when they were on a mission. We looked at the things and figured out it was from a spaceman. We thought about what we would take if we were going on an adventure in space. We also thought of some questions we wanted to find out about space and explorers.

Halloween Measuring


On Halloween we did some spooky measuring. We had to measure the length of the straws we were given and change them to fit some measurements to make a skeleton. The body was 30cm, the legs, 17cm, the arms 13cm and the ribs were decreasing from 9 cm to 5 cm! Here we are with our finished skeletons.

Halloween Party Preview


Here is a little sneak peak into the Halloween Party! Everybody’s costumes were amazing. What a shame our camera battery died at the beginning of the party!

Thanks for coming!


During Outdoor Learning week, we wrote invitations to our grown-ups to invite them to school to share our learning from Here and There. Thank you to all the parents who came into school to see the hard work we have been doing. We loved learning about Brazil and enjoyed making Brazilian chocolates for our grown-ups. We thought they were yummy, we hope you did too!

Outdoor Learning Week


We have had so much fun learning outside, even though it’s been quite soggy! We have been measuring leaves, making leaf art, making bird feeders and doing trails around school. We were disappointed that our visit to Wallington Hall was cancelled because of Storm Ophelia, but we will have another visit in the Spring when it is warmer. Have a look at some of the pictures from Outdoor Learning Week.


Observating Habitats


In Science, we have been learning about living and non-living things as well as habitats. We went into our urban habitat to see what living, dead and non-living things we could see. We visited the pond in the park and found lots of living things as well as non-living things. Then we sorted them into categories. We were lucky to have a beautiful Autumn day for our observations.



Vegetable Printing


We had lots of fun getting messy with paint (sorry parents and careers) when making prints using vegetables. We loved using the celery stalk because when we printed it, it looked like a rose. We used a different vegetable called okra which made a pentagon shape. We thought it looked lovely!

Classify Classify Classify


In science we are learning about living things. This week we were learning about MRS GREN and what makes something living or not. In groups we looked at the pictures and decided what groups they belonged in. We had the headings - 'living' and 'never been alive'. When we had sorted the pictures, Miss Brown tried to trick us by giving us another heading - 'dead'. Then we had to discuss whether the object had ever been alive or not, which was more challenging. We worked so well as a group and it was fun sorting the objects.

Art Attack


For our first Art lesson we used a technique called collage. We had to rip small bits of crepe paper and stick them to the flag. We made sure we used the correct colours of the flag. Some of us made Brazil flags and some of us made UK flags. We noticed the UK flag was a mix of the England flag and the Scotland flag. Here we are making them. They look lovely on our topic display board.

It's a Mystery...


It was really exciting when a mystery package arrived for Year 2. We were about to do some English when Mrs Masson brought a strange delivery into our classroom. When we looked inside it there were lots of things from Brazil and things that come from the UK. We tried to sort them but we weren't sure on why they come from Brazil. We decided to write some questions about the things that had been delivered so we can find out who sent them and why. Here are some of the questions we thought of:

"What is the statue on the Brazil postcard?"

"What else can you see in London apart from Big Ben?"

"What language do you speak in Brazil and what is the weather like?"

"How is chocolate made in Brazil?"


We are going to learn more about Here and There so we can answer these questions at the end of the topic. Here are the photos of the mystery package.