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Y2B - Miss Brown

Welcome to Y2B


This week we had a special visit from Pippa Bell, an art historian. She brought us lots of art to look at about houses in the past and present. We surprised her with how much we have learnt about houses already. We enjoyed looking at the art and using drama to express opinions and feelings of the people in the paintings. Pippa showed us how the artists made the paintings and what they were about.

This term we have been growing plants and observing plants in science. We have kindly been given seeds from Morrisons and from Innocent Sow and Grow. It has been exciting watching them grow. We were able to use the cress we grew to make egg and cress sandwiches. Most of us tried the sandwiches and were surprised how tasty they were!

Jessica's granddad came to visit us in school to talk about life as a miner. He had lots of interesting information and we got to ask him questions and look at the artifacts he brought. Thanks Trevor for spending the afternoon with us.

We visited Beamish to experience what mining was like in the past. We loved looking around the mining cottages and the village that the miners would have lived in. But the best part was going down the mine and experiencing what it would have been like to work there.

We have been learning about poetry. We read lots of different poems and made some of our own nonsense poems.

We have been out looking for features and doing fieldwork in our local area.

In our new topic - Our Local Area, we have been interested in how the local area was once a mining community. We decided to have a go at being miners for the day. We used tools to try and mine the chocolate chips out of biscuits. It was lots of fun...though I'm not too sure how we ended up having dirty faces when we were only using our hands!?

In Science we have been investigating forces and how they make things move. We visited the park to see what forces were needed to make the equipment move! We had lots of fun investigating!

We have been getting ready for our Family Assembly all about transport. We learnt lots of information about the Wright Brothers and how they create a flying machine. We decided to make and test gliders just like the brothers did. It was really exciting when we threw them to see which travelled the furthest.

We were lucky to have a visit from the RSPB. We learnt about different birds and how to tell the difference between them. Then we took a classification key out and kept a tally of the birds we saw. Unfortunately there weren't as many as normal because of the snow but we still had lots of fun looking for them.

In Science we have enjoyed investigating how to change different materials. In the first experiment we investigated to see if we could change the shape by twisting, stretching, squashing and bending different materials. In the second experiment we investigated which materials change when they are heated. We couldn't believe the egg changed from a liquid to a solid.

Our Christmas Performance

Today we had a shock! When we got back inside after playtime our room was trashed! We found bread scattered around the classroom and some bird poo on the desks. The windows were wide open and the blinds had been messed up. Mr Jackson was an eyewitness because he heard a loud bang and screeching. We had to fill in an incident report to send to Gateshead Council.

We dressed up for Children in Need.

We have had a fun-filled Outdoor Learning Week! We have collected materials and made nature bracelets and nature bags. We have done maths and language trails around school. But the best part was going to Saltwell Park. We did orienteering, parachute games, sketching and we even had time to navigate through the maze, look at the animals and play in the park. We had an amazing time!

We went on a worm hunt for a Science experiment...Lucky for us it had been raining so we found lots of worms. We were investigating what type of microhabitat worms prefer. We made a choice chamber to find out if our predictions were right!

We tasted the delicious biscuits we made and we thought they were yummy!

We have been making Anzac biscuits which are Australian. We measured out the ingredients and mixed them together before baking them. We can't wait to try them tomorrow!

Today we have been on a hunt for living things in different micro habitats around school. We each took a tally of what we found. Tomorrow we are going to put our information into pictograms and block charts!