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Y2B - Miss Brown

Welcome To Y2B


We have had an exciting week back to school and have all settled into our new classroom. We are looking forward to an exciting year full of lots of learning. We are going to work hard and always try our best. 


Learn Pad Research


With it being Hedgehog Awareness Week last week we used the LearnPads to find information about hedgehogs. We loved finding out interesting facts about hedgehogs. I'm sure our writing tomorrow is going to be full of amazing hedgehog facts!

Houses Timeline


In History we have been looking at British houses through the ages. We ordered the houses from what we thought looked the oldest to the newest. We were shocked when we saw the correct timeline. We thought that the Viking's houses were before the Roman's houses from the materials that they were made from. 

Lego Homes


In DT we used Lego to make Lego houses. We worked in groups to build them. We were surprised that the houses were different from each group. Some people made large terraced houses and some made small bungalows. Some groups put things inside them to make them into a home for the Lego people. We loved making them and we worked really well together.

Wallpaper Patterns


In Art, for our new topic of Houses and Homes, we have been looking at the different patterns on wallpapers. We choose our favourite pattern and used tracing paper to trace the pattern. We found it tricky at first because the tracing paper kept moving but once we got the hang of it, we had fun tracing.

Mining Cookies


We found out how hard it was to be a miner today by mining the chocolate chips out of cookies. It was hard work using the tools to find the lumps of chocolate chips without the whole cookie collapsing. We had fun and a few chocolately faces after it!

We’re Going on a Worm Hunt


In science we have been observing micro habitats around school. Today we went on a worm hunt to collect some worms for our investigation. We were investigating what type of a habitat do worms prefer. We placed the worms in a choice chamber with dry soil in the light, wet soil in the light, wet soil in the dark and dry soil in the dark. We predicted which they would prefer and collected the results after the experiment. We found that most worms chose the dark wet soil for their micro habitat.

That History Bloke


Richard came back to see use yesterday because he heard our topic was about the local area and he had a mystery for us. He shared a grave stone with us that he found in a local church - St Marys. On the grave stone it told us about a man called Peter Barrett who died in a mining accident. We learnt lots of facts about mining to try and uncover what happened in the mine. We looked at the equipment that a miner during the Victorian period would have had and did some drama to discover how he died in the Felling pits. We had lots of fun exploring the mines and in the end we found out that the coal collapsed on him. We are so glad that mines are no longer jobs so that our family can stay safe!

We're Going on a Minibeast Hunt...


We took our magnifying glasses out into the school field today to see what minibeasts we could find. We didn't think we would find many with the weather being so nice recently but when we looked carefully we found lots of them. We kept a tally of what we found and when we got back into the classroom we put our collected information into a pictogram. What a fun afternoon we had in science!

Lingey in Bloom


Today we sketched an Autumn flower and painted it. We chose to draw a poppy, a dahlia or a crocus. We looked carefully at the shape of it first and then we mixed colours to make accurate shades and tints. We wanted our flowers to look realistic. We enjoyed doing them and think they look good. Miss Brown wants to put them on display in our classroom. 

Pippa Bell Vists


We were really lucky to have Pippa Bell come visit. She is an artist who visits lots of primary schools to show them paintings and talk about artist tips and tricks. It was fun when we did some drama to understand how people in the paintings were feeling at that time. We loved imagining what life would have been like for a miner and how small the space was where they had to spend many hours. It was tricky to find all of the things in the paintings, as some of them were really busy but we managed to spot all of the things Pippa asked for. 

Angels of the North


In Art, we have been learning about the sculptor  who created the Angel of the North, Sir Antony Gormley. We used clay to make our own sculptures of our famous landmark.

Microhabitat Hunting


Today we were learning about microhabitats so we went hunting for some in the school grounds. We found lots of them and we even saw some minibeasts there! We then described what the microhabitats were like and what type of minibeasts could live there.

Next week we are going to take a tally on how many different types of minibeasts we see in the microhabitats.

World Book Day 2017


We had a really fun day today. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and Miss Brown thought we looked fantastic! We read our own books today and we did work on our classroom book that we have been reading - The Twits. We planned, edited and wrote wanted posters for Mr Twit. It was really funny when we saw Mr Clydesdale who was dressed up as Mr Twit! In the afternoon, some Year 5 children came down to read with us. We listened to them read their favourite books and they helped us read our favourite books. We also got a book voucher to spend on a book of our choice! What a lovely day we had. We can't wait for next World Book Day!

Sculptures Sculptures Sculptures!


Today we learnt about Sir Antony Gormley who designed the Angel of the North. We looked at some of his other sculptures and we liked the sculpture with the sticks and balls. We thought it looked like a big curly slide! We used midget gems an cocktail sticks to make our own sculptures. Here is how they turned out.

Snowdog Adventures


We had a delivery from our Snowdog on Monday. He appeared outside our classroom door with photos. Over the Half Term holiday he has been on an adventure. When we looked at the pictures we noticed he had been around Gateshead and Newcastle – our local area. We discussed the places he had been and whether there are physical or human features there. We shared our homework because we found some interesting information and facts about the local area.

Amazing Poetry


We have been writing poems this week for entering a poetry competition. This morning we have written our final drafts and performed some of our poems. Here are a few:


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Thank You


Thank you to everyone who came to see our class assembly. We have enjoyed learning about transport and loved sharing it with you. We hope you enjoyed it too. Miss Brown was so proud of all of us. She said we were AMAZING!

Glider Fun


We have been just like the Wright brothers and have made some gliders this week. We read instructions and followed verbal instructions to make 2 different gliders. We tested our gliders and chose the one that went the furthest. Then we lined up and threw our gliders  Well done Taylor for making the best glider. What a distance it travelled! 

Animal Classification


Today in Science we revised what we know about animals and their survival in different habitats. Then we learnt that animals belong in certain groups based on their characteristics. We found out there are 5 types of classifications – fish, birds, insects, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. We worked in groups to sort the animal pictures into their categories. It was lots of fun figuring out which animal was in which group.

Hot Air Balloons


We have been busy making hot air balloons. We started by using Paper Mache on a balloon and letting it dry. Then we started painting the balloons a chosen bright colour. Finally we pretended we were in the basket looking around and we got our photos taken. We attached the photos to a basket and our balloons were finished. They look amazing hanging up in the classroom.

Where the Wild Things Are


After playtime we came into the classroom to find a mess. There were footprints, leaves, twigs and food everywhere. It didn't take us long to find the culprit! We found this strange creature at the back of the room and he was holding a book. We loved reading the book and we wrote some fantastic sentences describing the monster. But we did not like cleaning up the mess he left! 

Attendance Prize!


Today some of the children from year 2 went on a trip to Mr Twisters to celebrate their fantastic attendance last year with Miss Bell. We had a fantastic morning playing and loved chatting to Miss Bell about how she was finding all of the hard work in year 6! Thank you Mrs Ritchie for a really fun time! 

‘That History Bloke’


We had a lovely surprise this afternoon. Richard AKA ‘That History Bloke’ came into school to teach us about George Stephenson. We played games, sang songs, did some drama and learned lots of interesting facts about George Stephenson. Best of all we had lots of fun! Did you know that he was born in Wylam and then lived in Killingworth? We loved learning about how he invented coal lamps and trains. We think he was an amazing inventor.

Building Bridges


We had a competition today. We were put into teams and had to work together to build a model of a bridge. It had to be tall enough to let a boat go underneath and strong enough to hold a car. We had lots of fun making a bridge out of scrap paper. It was tricky to make it strong and stand up when we only had masking tape, scissors and glue to make it. We tried lots of ideas together and finally created a group model. Well done to the bridges that could hold the weight of the little car and to the teams that worked well together.

Bye Bye Buddy


We are so sad that it is Buddy's last day with us in Year 2. We will miss him very much. We made him the hero of the day for the last time! Thank you Buddy for being our special friend.


Christmas Party


We had such a fun time at the party. Everyone thought we looked amazing in our party clothes and Miss Brown thought the Christmas props were funny. Thanks Mrs Ritchie for a fun party and Buddy for the props.

Making Animations


We used the Learn Pads to make animations of the story of Grace Darling. It was hard work making them because you had to keep the camera really still. We had fun making them and worked really well as a team. Take a look! Hollywood better watch out!

Macie, Alfie, Issac and Jayden

Still image for this video

Ellie, Leon, Eva and Holly

Still image for this video

Noah, Ella-Marie, Phoebe and Lily-Grace

Still image for this video

Bobby-Joe, Kayla, Jessica, Eve and Jack

Still image for this video

Myla, Taylor, Nate and Layton

Still image for this video

Sarah, Bobby, Jay and Sophia

Still image for this video

Emily, Josh, Adriana and Lucie

Still image for this video

Christmas has Arrived


Today was our first Christmas performance. We have been working hard to learn all our songs. We hope you enjoyed it and that we have a great performance tomorrow too. Look how festive we looked! Merry Christmas to everyone!



We finished our lighthouses. Don't they look great? We are so proud of them.

Drama Time


We had lots of fun (even though it was VERY cold) acting out the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We worked in small groups and chose a character to act out. They were really funny and Miss Brown couldn’t stop laughing to read the story. 

Making Lighthouses


Even though we have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas performance we still have been working hard to make a lighthouse. He are some pictures of us working in pairs to create our lighthouses. Later in the week we will be using our lighthouses in an animation of the story of Grace Darling. Watch this space for our videos!!

Our Cheeky Elf


What a naughty elf we have! He has been keeping us on our toes and surprising us everyday. On Tuesday he drew on our oranges and we had to write an incident report. On Wednesday he disappeared so we wrote a missing poster for him. Later we found him hanging upside down in Mrs Jackson's Christmas lights. He has also been taking 'elfies' with the school camera! We are having lots of fun to see what he has done each day.

Christmas Enterprise


We have been working like busy elves making lots of lovely things for Enterprise day on Friday. We have made some beautiful tree decorations as well as other lovely things. Here we are making melted snowman biscuits. You can buy these from our stall for only 50p! Please come and see what else you can buy. We have lots of things to sell!

Our Surprise Visitor


What a shock we had this morning! When we came into school, there was a mysterious door and a letter. This is what was written:


Dear Y2

My assignment has begun, as you have guessed Santa sent me here.

 I am his friendly little helper, I will be his eyes and his ears.

Each evening I will leave, flying back to the North Pole.

Reporting your behaviour, will you get a present or a lump of coal?

Each day with a new visit, A new hiding place is where I’ll be.

 Make sure not to touch me, or my magic will surely flee!

In the North Pole we are numbered, I don’t have a name.

Please Y2 pick me one, if you think you’re game.

Love Number 7


We named our Christmas Elf Buddy Bell! We haven’t seen him yet but he left us Elf journals to write about him. So we made predictions of what he might be like and we drew a picture. It was so exciting because he left a key outside the door and when we went out for playtime it disappeared. We hope we see him soon.


Anti-bullying Week 2016


In PSHE we were given a scenario and in groups we created tableaux to show the scenario. We discussed what the tableaux showed and what we could do if we were ever involved with that situation.  



For our topic of Grace Darling we have been reading and writing about The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. In art we sketched some lighthouses and coloured them with pastels. Then we painted them with watery paint. We were surprised that the paint didn’t stick to the pastels!

Children in Need 2016


We had a wonderful day for Children in Need and we raised a lot of money for the charity. Our costumes were fantastic! A special thank you to Adriana and her family for making delicious Pudsey cupcakes! 

Crazy Golf


We have had lots of fun in PE this week. We are lucky to have Brian come teach us golf every Tuesday until Christmas. Have a look at the fun we are having.

Halloween Party


Here are some snaps from our fun Halloween party. Miss Brown couldn't believe how good we all looked in our costumes.



We finished the pumpkins just in time for our Halloween party. Take a look at them...We think they are fabulous!

Painting Pumpkins


Year 2 got a special delivery this week of 30 pumpkins, kindly donated by Andria from Morrisons. We split the pumpkins between the 2 classes and decided to paint them for the Halloween discos. Here we are giving the pumpkins their first coat of paint. I can’t wait to see the final designs!

Our Special Visitors


Thanks to everyone that came to visit our classroom today. We loved having you in school and we hope you are as proud of our work as we are. We also hope you enjoyed the chocolates we made for you. We thought they were delicious!