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Welcome to Y2B!



I'm so excited to be your new teacher and to help you become the best you can be! I hope you are going to work hard this year and have lots of fun learning new things. Remember to always try your best and don't worry about making mistakes, that is how we learn. So get ready to make lots of mistakes this year because nobody is perfect and together we can learn from our mistakes and grow! 

If you are in isolation, I will try and post things that we are doing in class on here for you to do at home! Keep safe and I will see you soon!

Week 2 - Isolation work



Open the Powerpoint (below) and read the class story. Then try some of the activities based on the story. There is an animation of the class story on Youtube. After you have completed the tasks, watch the story. Is it the same or different to the book? Did you like the story? Complete a book review of the story.



We are focusing on numbers to 20. Can you complete the sheets with different representations of the numbers? 



Practise the beginning of the alphabet A, B, C, D, E, F, G both upper case and lower case letters. Make sure they are sitting on the line and capital letters stand up tall.  



Have a look at the spelling powerpoint. This week our spellings are the ee sound made with a y on the end of words. Practise them in rainbow writing and have a mini test at home. Good luck!


Creative Curriculum

We are learning about where we live. Open the documents and tell me about the continent, country and town we live in. Can you label the parts of the UK on the map? Use the wordbank to help you. Find out information about the country that we live in. What is the weather like? What is there to do there? What language do people speak? What currency do we use? Write a factfile about it.