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Y2/3 - Mr Taylor 2013-2014

Welcome to Y2/3!


In English we have been learning to write instructions.  We made ham and tomato ketchup sandwiches (on brown bread) and wrote down all of the steps with our partners.  We had great fun!
Our new Maths topic is 'Time'.  We have been learning how to read a clock.  To help, we created a 'Human Clock' on the playground - it was fun and we learnt lots!
We visited the park to celebrate 'Commonwealth Day'.  We wanted to have an extra ten minutes of exercise and thought it would be a good opportunity to look at the flowers (our Science topic is 'Helping Plants Grow').  When we got back we wrote some super recounts in our Writing books! smiley
We had a great time during 'Book Week'.  We took part in D.E.A.R (Drop everything and read) and we dressed up as our favourite characters.  Thank you to Miss Drummond for organising everything!
Over Christmas we were challenged with creating our own island.  We have worked really hard making them and spent time writing about our islands in English.  They will be displayed in the hall on Friday and all of the other classes will come and have a look at what we made.  We hope you enjoy looking through the pictures!  smiley

Happy Christmas!

Testing Materials!


Our new Science topic is 'Characteristics of Materials'.  On Tuesday 26th November we tested different surfaces for our toy cars and then wrote our findings onto our investigation sheet.


We found that wood and plastic were the best materials because they are smooth and concrete was the worst because it is bumpy and has lots of little stones.


We do not suggest making roads out of plastic though! smiley

Exploring Shape


Our new maths topic this term is 'Shape'.  We started by going on a 'Shape Hunt' around our school.  We worked in teams and began by exploring our playground and classroom.


Whilst in the playground we had the opportunity to explore our new building and found many different shapes and sizes. 


When we returned to our classroom we spent some time looking at the different areas and discovered the many shapes around us!


Once we had found five interesting shapes, we worked together to record our findings on the 'Shape Sheet'. 


Please enjoy looking at the pictures on the slideshow below: