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Y2 - Miss Brown 2013-2014

Welcome to Y2

Welcome to Y2!

Fire of London French role-plays

As part of our topic on The Fire of London, we have worked very hard on a role-play in French. We had to concentrate hard to understand and remember the words, but we managed it! Some of us volunteered to learn the main character, while others said narrator parts, and most of us were customers at the bakery. Even if you don't understand much French, you will probably understand the names of some of the items we have asked for! (pictures and more audio coming soon)

Jack intro.MP3

World Book Day 2014

What a busy week we have had! We have been learning about Africa for our Geography Week. We have looked at different types of animals in the Savannah and the forests. We have made a key and used it to map the physical features on blank maps of Africa. We have made African masks using collage. Some look really scary! We have written African poems and we learnt directions like right, left, clockwise and anticlockwise. We had fun outside giving instructions to our partners. Here are some photos of the different things we have been doing this week.


Our Christmas Party

Here are some photos from our Christmas party. Don’t we all look very handsome in our party clothes! We had a lovely time dancing with our friends and playing party games. Santa even came to say hello!







Thank you to all the family and friends that came to watch our class assembly! We worked really hard to learn our lines, the words of our song and when to act out some of the lines. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Outdoor Learning Week


Year 2 had an exciting Outdoor Learning Week with lots of fun activities. We enjoyed our visit to the Baltic where we worked with an artist to produce water art. We learned how to print leaves and collage with texture. We worked hard in groups and the finished pictures look amazing!



On the Quayside walk, we sketched the Tyne Bridge and wrote postcards on the back. Mollie thought it was terrifying walking across the Millennium Bridge! Jamie loved it when the bridge lifted up. Everyone had a really fun day!








Outdoor Learning Week


After our visit to the Baltic, Pippa Bell from the Magic lantern brought lots of water-themed art, from a variety of artists, to inspire our own water artwork. We looked at the different techniques and colours that artists used to create water. We even did some drama based on the feelings of people in the picture.




We created our own water paintings based on ‘Sudden Rain at Atake’ by Ando Hiroshige. First we started by drawing rippling puddles with felt tip pens. Next we used watercolours to paint the rain. We then had a photo where we had to pose as if it was pouring. Finally we cut out the photos and stuck them on our paintings. Here is how they turned out:




The second painting we created was inspired by the sea. We mixed blue and white paint together to make a shade of blue. We covered a page with the blue shade. Then we used different colours to make the sea. We used long, short, wiggly and straight lines in different colours. Some of us blended the lines together with a dry brush. When that dried we cut different shapes of card and stuck it on the sea in the shape of a boat. They looked fantastic when they were finished:




We even made our own water shape poems, in the shape of a raindrop. It definitely was a water themed week with all the rain too!