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Y2 B

Welcome to Year 2! This year we are going to have a fantastic year because we have lots of lovely activities planned to do and to learn about. In our topics we will learn Year 2 skills through fun topics like Australia, Space, Toys and much more! Fingers crossed we learn some cool facts along the way! In my classroom we always work hard and try our best. Remember it’s OK not to know something and it’s good to make mistakes because that means we are learning. Let's have the best year together!

Picture 1



In science we are learning about animals including humans. In groups we played a matching game. We had to match the baby animals to the adult animals and we had to match the names of each animal to the picture. We found out that a baby elephant is called a calf! We loved looking at the different classification of animals and learning the names of the baby animals.

Looking at Artefacts 


The children have been exploring how toys from the past are different and similar to the toys we have now. We have been looking at 20th century toys and Victorian toys and describing them e.g. what they look like, what materials they are made from, how they might have been used and who played with them. We have been asking questions about them and using non-fiction texts to find the answers to our questions.

Christmas Party Snaps

He’s Back!

Making a moon buggy

The Space Dome

We loved the visit from the space dome! We learnt so many interesting facts and felt what it would be like to travel into space. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take any photos inside it but we still had an amazing time! 

Money Work

The children have been working hard using money in Maths. Here they are busy making different amounts.

 Halloween Party Ready 

Week 7

Thank you to all of the parents who came in to school today. We loved sharing our topic learning with you and we hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been doing over the last 7 weeks. Well done to the children for working hard this half term! You learnt lots of facts and impressed your parents and staff with your new knowledge. Have a lovely half term break! 


Week 7

Year Two made Anzac biscuits to share with our adults. We were sure to read the recipe carefully, weigh and measure the ingredients accurately and follow the instructions to ensure we had a successful bake! We really enjoyed baking but we enjoyed eating our biscuits with our adults even more! 

Week 6

Leo's mum came to visit Year 2 this week with a special guest...Rod. Rod grew up in Australia so he volunteered to answer any questions we had about what life was like in Australia. We prepared questions about the weather, famous landmarks, Australian animals, special occasions (like is Christmas different to the UK) and areas of Australia. Rod was brilliant at answering our questions and he shared many stories and facts. Thank you Leslie and Rod for helping our understanding of Australia grow and for bringing in the pictures for us to look at. I think we were all shocked that millions of spiders made webs across the town were Rod used to live after a bush fire! We hope you liked the letters that some of us have written to you. 

Week 6

In PSHE we read a story about Milton who worries about everything. In the story he meets a man who gives him a jar with courage inside it. Towards the end of the story Milton loses the jar and is worried that he will never find his courage again. Then the man tells him that the jar was just an empty jar and his courage was inside him all along. We enjoyed reading the story and we liked that the story had a special message about courage being inside of you. We made some worry monsters using cups and craft materials. We hope that our worry monsters will eat our worries and remind us that courage is inside of us, just like it was inside Milton. We think our monsters look great!

Week 5

What a treat for PE! We had some coaches show us skills from futsal. It was fun trying the skills out with our partners. 

Week 5

This week we have been creating lots of different Australian art. We have made boomerangs using traditional aboriginal colours and techniques. We also included some native Australian animals as well as some traditional aboriginal patterns. In another art session we have used chalk to draw indigenous symbols that were used over 40,000 to tell stories and pass messages on to others.  

Week 4

This week we were lucky to go to the zoo to see some Australian animals and find out about their diet and habitats. The Australian Galah called Jacob was really funny because he kept saying achoo…bless you! We also thought the wallabies were very cute. We saw two different types of wallabies and we saw some kookaburras…we even heard them laugh! Some of our favourite part was when we saw the clown fish in the coral reef tank. It was so colourful! We looked at reptiles and amphibians that are found in Australia like lizards including a frilled neck lizard, snakes and some toads. We thought the rhino snake was funny because it had a horn on the end of his face. We learnt about marsupials and how they are native to Australia. I can’t wait to see some of the information reports that we will write about the animals!

Week 3

This week we have been reading Percy the Park Keeper stories by Nick Butterworth. We have been reading ‘The Rescue Party’ which is about Percy and the animals rescuing the littlest rabbit who fell down a well. We have been acting the story out and re-telling the story using language that Nick Butterworth has used in his stories. Here we are putting the story in order and retelling the story to our partners. We are nearly ready to write the story!