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Y1P - Miss Procter

Welcome to Y1P!

The Summer Term 

This half-term our topic has been all about growing. We have loved planting our own sunflower seeds and creating our own Year 1 vegetable garden. The highlight of this half-term though has to be watching chicks hatch in our classroom!  

The Chicks!

Our vegetable patch!

Planting our sunflower seeds!

The Spring Term

We were very excited when the Easter Bunny visited!

Sketching daffodils

This half-term our topic is Islands. We have found out lots about islands and we were very interested in learning about Christopher Columbus. We discovered that the boat he sailed on had a leak in it and that they had to keep pumping the water out to stop it from sinking! We decided to design and build our own boats that would not leak!

Our Science Investigation

The astronaut Tim Peake wrote to us to tell us that during his mission to space his space glove ripped! He asked if we could help him find a good way to fix it. We worked as teams to explore using different materials to fix a glove and to make sure it would not get another hole in it. After repairing the gloves we tested them by filling them with water to see if they still leaked. We then discussed which materials worked best and we decided that strong, waterproof materials were the best. 

World Book Day 2017

We loved celebrating World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite book characters, read our favourite stories and did fun story related activities. Our favourite activity was decorating gingerbread men after we read the gingerbread man!
In our first half term our topic in Science is 'materials', and in Creative Curriculum we are looking at the Great Fire of London.

The Great Fire News!

We have been reporting about the Great Fire of London 1666! We really enjoyed learning about how this happened, and what it was like in London at this time.

We have learned a lot about what happened with the help of Samuel Pepys and his diary. We planned our own news report about the events, the sights, smells and sounds, and presented this to the rest of the class as official news reporters. 

Exploring Shape

In maths we have been exploring shape, both 2D and 3D, and recognising these in everyday objects. We have enjoyed making pictures using 2D shapes, using a computer programme and using wooden shapes. 

Autumn Term 2016



In our first half our term topic in Science is Animals including Humans, and in Creative Curriculum we are looking at our school and its environment. 


In our second half term our topic in Science is 'plants', and in Creative Curriculum we are looking at families of the past and our families today.


- - - - - - - -

Christmas Show


We enjoyed performing for our Christmas show. We practiced hard to learn all the words to the group songs, and to our class song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town. We hope you enjoyed it too! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party


We had a fabulous time at our Christmas party! We played Farmers Den, Pass the Parcel, Musical Corners and Musical Statues, and won prizes! We loved dancing with all our friends and having party food in our classroom, where we had a surprise visit from Santa! 

The Victorians


We really enjoyed learning about the Victorians and how their way of life was different to ours today. We were very lucky to have a visit from Richard the Historian, who showed us what it was like to be at school as a Victorian. We had to sit with girls on one side of the classroom, and boys on the other. We used slate boards for writing and maths, and had to practice calculations using an abacus. We learned about Grace Darling in history and created a chalk picture of the lighthouse. We loved exploring Victorian toys together, using flip books, spinning tops, shove ha'penny and looked at moving pictures on the zoetrope! 

Bonfire Night

​We have been looking forward to bonfire night and what fireworks we might see! We learned about Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. We made some fireworks displays of our own, using black card and coloured chalks. 

Halloween Disco

We had a super spooky time at our school Halloween disco! With our fantastic costumes we danced to creepy music, played games such as 'creepy corners', 'musical statues' and 'pass the bean-bag'. We also had some hotdogs and crisps, and a tasty ghost chocolate afterwards. Happy Halloween! 

In the first half term our topic in Science is 'animals including humans', and in Creative Curriculum we are looking at our new school and its environment. 


- - - - - - - -

Number Bonds to Ten

We have enjoyed learning about number bonds, making patterns in maths using two different coloured cubes to explore the different ways to make up to number ten. We counted how many of each colour cube we had used in our line of ten and recorded this as a pattern and then as a simple number sentence.

Outdoor Learning Week

We have had a wonderful time exploring the Washington Wetlands Centre, and learning about the wildlife that we could find there.

We went on a forest bug hunt and made our own insects from natural materials. We went pond dipping, and visited the otters to watch them being fed. We also learned about the birds and saw the flamingoes being fed, and we explored the play park after a walk around the grounds. 


- - - - - - - -

Artsweek 2016

We have enjoyed looking at this years painting for Take One Picture: 'A Roman Triumph'. We talked about the people we could see and the animals surrounding them. We discussed why there was food and fire, why there were so many different types of people and the temple they are walking towards in the distance. We looked at the beasts in the painting and practiced drawing them ourselves, looking at animal features and use of colour, and some of us created our own version of the painting. We also enjoyed making our processional crowns  to wear for the school processional walk around Oliver Henderson Park, using celebratory colours and fingerprint flowers.    

Learning about the painting

Making crowns

The Gruffalo

We have been studying the Gruffalo, learning about the characters and retelling the story. We thoroughly enjoyed practicing a Gruffalo song in music, using different instruments for different rhythms.

Taking Care of Our World

​In RE we have been looking at ways to look after our world and the environment around us. We talked about what makes our world a beautiful place, and how people can look after it, such as recycling and protecting nature.

We sorted images into two categories: looking after our world and destroying our world. We had lots of questions answered and really enjoyed talking about recycling at home and caring for nature in our local park and gardens.


Starting Year 1

We have been settling into our new classroom and new routines, ready for all the exciting work we will be doing in year 1. We have enjoyed exploring model making, reading The Gruffalo and making pictures about our summer holidays. We have also enjoyed movement in PE, exploring different ways to move our body and using spaces.