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Welcome to Year 1C

Welcome to Year 1C and your Grown Ups! We have had a lovely start to the school year and the class have been brilliant at getting quickly back into school routine. 


Keep a check on this page, as I will put photos and updates of what we have been up to, and links or ideas for bits you can do (if you would like) at home. 


Miss Clarke


Home Learning


Every day we will be posting online lessons. These will not be posted here on our class page. You will find these on the website under 'Key Information' and then 'Home Learning 2021' and finally our year group page. Please send any photos or messages to

Friday 12th February

Wishing you all a very well deserved half term break, and leaving you with a few of your lovely photos from this week below...

Friday 29th January

Yet another brilliant week of you all being superstars! Congratulations to Ethyn for being our home learning star of the week (I will put a summary of some of his work below, but this was a difficult decision with some very close runners up!


As promised, the current top 5 for Numbots (I looked at the scores just over the last 7 days to give any new enthusiasts a chance!):


1. Poppy D

2. Edward G

3. Mollie

4. Max

5. Darcie


Definitely some newcomers on that top 5, so well done! I'll have another check next week!


Enjoy the pictures and video below and have a lovely weekend! (If you send photos through after now, I promise we'll still get them shared, I hope I'm forgiven for clocking out for the night now and we'll look at them on Monday!)


Abbie doing an amazing job counting in tens!

Still image for this video

Thursday 28th January

You should all be so proud of yourselves how you have done writing these stories and story endings! You have also had some quite challenging maths this week, but are all again doing a brilliant job! You can enjoy some of your friends stories, maths, geography and other photos below, and even a video of Olivia T reading her story ending. 

Olivia T

Still image for this video

Wednesday 27th February

I can see you've all been doing a great job on your story plans and stories! And we've had some really good geography work these few weeks too! I'm keeping an eye on that Numbots scoreboard too...

Tuesday 26th January

Your Tuesday updates from Y1C...smiley


Also, I've just had a sneaky look on Numbots and these are our Top 5 Scorers as of today...


1. Max is in the lead with 2483 coins

2. Poppy D has 1521 coins

3. Abbie, with 1304 coins

4. Darcie has 1111 coins

5. Jorge is fifth place with 739. 


Well done too to Anna, Edward, Ethyn, Olivia T and Liam who are the current runners up. Let's see if this changes by the end of the week!

Monday 25th January

Look at the pictures below to see what a brilliant start to the week Y1C have made!

Friday 22nd January


Wow! What a fantastic way to end this week Y1C! We are blown away with the work you have done. Edward, you have been working so hard all week. We love your stories and know your friends do too and your bead creations are brilliant! Jorge, you have written some fantastic sentences and we love your human and physical pictures. Turning number bonds in Maths into a game is definitely a fantastic way to learn them so well done to you! Ethyn, what can we say about that guitar except WOW! It's amazing! And that was a fantastic idea to look for human and physical features whilst you were out on your walk. Abbie, we can tell you have been working really hard this week too. We LOVE your musical instrument with your rainbow. We can tell a lot of hard work has gone into that. And thank you so much for sharing your photos of the local area like we have been looking at in Creative Curriculum. Olivia, well done! You have done a great job in English and Maths today and we love that you did it whilst being a princess! Well done to you all and we hope you have a lovely, well deserved rest this weekend. smiley

Stories with Edward. The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Thank you for another fantastic story Edward! We love listening to you read :)

Friday 22nd January - School Bubble

Our little school bubble have been working hard this week, so we thought we would share some of what they have been up to. They have been working hard developing their understanding of question marks, exclamation marks and full stops. They have been doing lots of work on adding numbers to 20 and have enjoyed a variety of work and games to get increasingly confident with number bonds to 20. They have shown they are now really confident with the difference between human and physical features for geography. And they are finishing the week thinking what would be the best materials to make musical instruments in Science (pictures to follow). Below are some pictures of their PE lesson, some of their maths and phonics and some socks puppets we enjoyed in our creative time. The pictures of the children lying on the floor was our meditation time for our wellbeing!

Thursday 21st January


Wow Y1C! What a busy day you have had! We have seen fantastic work including tricky maths making ten to add, lots of brilliant questions with question marks and wonderful creative curriculum work exploring human and physical features of our local area. We have loved seeing you in videos too and seeing your talents including acting and reading! Well done! smiley


Olivia playing the character of the troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Still image for this video
What super acting Olivia! :)

Stories with Edward. Jack and the Beanstalk

We hope you all enjoy this as much as we did :).

Wednesday 20th January


Fantastic work Olivia! We can see you have been working really hard in English, Maths and Creative Curriculum. We love your human and physical features! 

Tuesday 19th January


Wow Year 1 we are so impressed with the great start you have made to the week! We have seen lots of fantastic work in English, Maths and Geography as well as lots of other learning taking place during walks, cooking, dancing and even science experiments! Well done and keep it up. We love seeing what you have been doing. smiley

Stories with Edward

Wow Edward! What a lovely idea reading a story every day. I am sure your friends will love listening to you reading The Ugly Duckling :).

Friday 15th January

Thursday 14th January

Good Morning team! We were sent yet more photos of brilliant hard work at home yesterday, so we thought we would get them posted for you to see straight away this morning! You should all be so proud of all your amazing focus, hard work and progress! Keep it up!

We will hang on until Friday evening to post the last batch of photos for the week, so let's make this your best work of the week (though you have done so brilliantly already this will be a big challenge!) for a Fabulous Friday photo display smiley

Wednesday 13th January

Y1C's latest superstar photo evidence! These latest photos show some amazing hard work in maths, children working at developing their map skills for geography, reading, plenty of exercise and some of your friends developing their culinary skills in the kitchen! What a busy week already!

Tuesday 12th January

We hope you have all had a lovely day today! I could see from your photos that some of you definitely had worked hard but also enjoyed lots of creative time and got out to enjoy the beautiful blue sky smiley


Thank you so much to those of you who have sent photos already today. We will get them uploaded in the morning, as I know some of you don't have time to email until later in the evening. 


I had a little sneak peek on Numbots today, well done to Darcie, Abbie, Jorge, Max and Olivia T who I can see have been on practicing their maths already! If you have any problems logging in please let me know. 


Missing you all but it makes me very happy to see the smiley photos you send with your brilliant efforts on the work we are setting. 


Miss Clarke 

Monday 11th January

It looks like Year 1 have got off to a flying start to the week! We have been sent photos of your brilliant writing, Numbots work, maths, keeping fit and lots more. And thank you to the 3 girls for the photos of your amazing trolls today, which put a big smile on my face smiley 

Keep up the good work and keep sending us your photos and updates. 


Miss Clarke and Mrs Conlin 

Friday 8th January

I am so impressed with all the hard work at home and in school this week! Here are a few photos below so you can all see what your friends have been up to. Lots of people have been busy learning the Three Billy Goats Gruff story and getting super confident with their numbers to 20, counting forwards, backwards, learning the words, splitting them into tens and ones and lots more. 

I'm very pleased to see people finding lots of time to exercise, play, relax and explore as well as getting their work done. Keep sending us updates, it is lovely to know how you are doing and helps us makes sure the work is right for you. 

Miss Clarke smiley

Just a little handful of pictures from Forest School...

Friday 18th December

Fair to say there was more than a little excitement at our visitor yesterday (see the video below!)


Just a mini message to wish you all a lovely two week break, I hope you all find ways to relax, have fun and celebrate despite being a little restricted at the moment!


I will look forward to see you all refreshed and ready to go in 2021!


Miss Clarke smiley


Still image for this video

Tuesday 24th November

Hello Year 1!


I promised I would keep adding new online maths games to help you with your learning. Even just 5 minutes a day, or a few mini sessions a week, will really help your confidence. At the moment, we are only doing adding and subtracting up to 10. However, by Christmas we will be starting to count to 20. So I would start on the easiest levels, but if you get too good, feel free to challenge yourself with higher levels! I have also included the games I have previously added, as I know these have disappeared down the page!


Just click on the links below to play. 


Miss Clarke smiley


I hope you have all had a good weekend! Please look at the Covid 19 Year 1 page for your home learning lessons. We will keep adding to this so keep a check each day. 

Miss Clarke smiley

#Scratchjr Computing Challenge


Friday 20th November - Scratchjr Challenge #4

Friday 20th November

Last few home learning pictures! What I most enjoyed finding out today is that a good few of you have been chatting to your parents and grandparents about the toys they played with when they were little. I look forward to hearing all your new knowledge next week!

Have a lovely weekend (I think we will have some sunshine for you to get out and about!) and see you on Monday smiley


Miss Clarke 

Thursday 19th November

You are all continuing to impress me, both with your home learning and also your imaginative activities you have been getting up to in between! Anna made her beautiful pink cupcakes, Mollie has been keeping up her exercise, Jorge found some relax time to make some mushy pea coloured play dough and Max has been practicing his Polish as well as English! Olivia T has enjoyed making bracelets as a break between work, and Olivia N has just been a superstar with all her learning!


One more day of online learning, then I look forward to hopefully seeing you all on Monday. smiley


Miss Clarke

Thursday 19th November

Wednesday 18th November - Scratchjr

Tuesday 17th November

Wow, I was so happy to be positively BOMBARDED with amazing photos of all your hard work when I opened my emails just now! I was impressed last week, but you have taken it to a whole new level!


Keep it up and keep sending me your brilliant pictures and updates! I have just celebrated your hard work with a chocolate brownie smiley


Miss Clarke 

Monday 17th November

My emails looked very quiet from you all today, I wonder if you were all sleepy after the weekend? I would love to hear some updates and see some photos of how your work from the website or your pack is going (or perhaps you've done your own ideas based on the work, which would also be lovely to see). 

Missing you all!

Miss Clarke smiley

Friday 13th November

(Don't worry - 13 is my lucky number! smiley

Another day, and yet more fantastic learning. Today there has been amazing maths and writing going on again as you will see in the pictures. And Ethyn was very lucky to spend time baking cookies today to practice his imperative verbs! What a great way to learn. 

Maybe those of you who are on here every day could encourage your friends to send one picture of their best work too smiley If you email today after now, I apologise in advance as I temporarily have no internet at home, but promise to get back to you on Monday!


In the meantime, have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you again on Monday. 


Miss Clarke 

Thursday 12th November

Another day of you all making me proud! In between exceptionally hard work on your maths, writing and phonics, lots of you are beginning to settle into a great home learning routine and finding new ways to relax in between work. Mollie got creative making a puppet show, Olivia T is doing yoga to relax, Max and Edward have discovered they can play lego 'together' online, so having time with friends. 


I have seen amazing handwriting, hard work on adding and number bonds to 10, brilliant bossy verb poster, and people remembering to use sounding out, capital letters and full stops when they write!


Keep up the great work and have a happy Friday!


Miss Clarke smiley

Wednesday 11th November

Some of today's work superstars! Thank you so much for sharing your work again, I was very happy to see both your brilliant work and your smiling faces. 

Miss Clarke smiley

Tuesday 10th November

Some of your brilliant work at home, keep it up!

Miss Clarke smiley

Supporting at home

A few parents have asked how they can be continuing to support learning at home. The children are working hard at school, so healthy food, regular bedtime and exercise are the most important things. 


If you are keen to help more, reading at home regularly will support your child's writing as well as reading. Furthermore, if you have written at least 3 times a week in their reading record to inform me they have read at home, they earn an extra house point at the end of the week (towards an end of term treat if their team wins). I have posted some mini maths games below, and will try and keep these updated to match their learning.


Miss Clarke

Some little online maths games to practice your numbers to 10 and 20. Click on the links below the pictures.




Year 1C thoroughly enjoyed the Halloween Day! We made science skeletons, number bond pumpkins, more pumpkins in art, made witches from shapes, played some games, did some dancing, ate a spooky lunch, made potions with 'worms' and various other yukky things, and lots more! 

Year 1C enjoying making a potion for friendship in our English lesson!

Today in science we investigated which materials were best to clean up spills

A small selection of our PE adventures, finding different ways to move and travel

Science - We enjoyed investigating where woodlice choose to live...

Year 1 are experts on telling the Gruffalo story. Can you tell it to your grown ups? A mouse took a stroll through a deep, dark wood...