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Y1/2 – Miss Mundy 2013-2014

Welcome to Y1/2

Welcome to Y1/2!



Key Stage One at the beach!

As part of our topic 'Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside', we all headed to South Shields beach on Thursday 26th June. We had a fantastic time!

Hooray for Arrays!


This week we have been learning all about multiplication and division. We began by recapping some of the multiplication we know already. Something that helps us to find the answer to a sum and shows our working is an array. It is like a sum shown as a picture. We used materials we found outside to create some brilliant arrays and answer the sums...

As part of our topic on The Fire of London, we have been working on a short piece of drama in French.  Some of us took it in turn to play the lead part, and most of us came to buy something from the bakery!

Fire of London role-play - LJ

Fire of London French role-play - Cerys

Fire of London role-play - Georgia

Fire of London Role-play - Joe

Gentoo Construction- Safety First


As we all know, there is a big construction site next to our school. It is the site of a new care home which will be completed in January 2015. The construction workers from Gentoo were kind enough to offer us a tour of the site and look at how we can stay safe near a building site. They even let Miss Mundy control the crane, it was lots of fun!

Speech Bubbles

What is growing in our garden?


As part of our topic 'Islands', we are going to be identifying different plants and things that grow. We thought about what we think grows within our school grounds. As a class we went on a hunt and took some photographs of plants, trees, bushes and flowers. We identified them together and wrote some information about them. We also enjoyed the very sun-shiny day :)

Easter Eggs!

Year 1/2 does Sport Relief!

We Love Science!


This week was Science Week at Lingey House and in key stage one, we decided to make moveable vehicles. We received a letter from Horrid Henry explaining that he was entering a race and needed a really fast car. It had to have space for two passengers and be able to move across lots of different surfaces.


We worked in pairs to design and make our cars and the tested them out across different surfaces. We enjoyed using the real tools like the saw, hand drill and glue gun!

Wear Your Trainers To School Day!

Measuring Madness!


In maths this week we have been learning all about how to estimate and measure. We began by using non-standard measures such as our hands, feet and blocks to measure objects. It was lots of fun, we even measured Miss Mundy!


We then looked at rulers and tape measures and began to understand how to measure in centimetres and had some really good guesses (estimations)!



Read for Pleasure Week


This week, across the country, schools have been celebrating world book week! Year 1/2 had lots of fun bringing in their favourite books and sharing them with their friends. We enjoyed our 'Drop Everything And Read' times, where Miss Mundy rang a bell and we had to stop and read as soon as we heard it! We have been doing lots of writing about our favourite books and characters. Each story time, somebody became the teacher and shared their favourite story with our whole class. On Thursday 6th March lots of us also came dressed as our favourite book character too, our costumes were brilliant!

Partition and Addition!


This week, year 1/2 have been adding 2 digit numbers together. We used our skills partitioning numbers to help us.


32 + 21 = 53

(30 + 20 =50)

(2 + 1 = 3)

(50 + 3 = 53)


We practised our skills all week and then applied them by playing some brilliant board games!

One Direction...


We have been learning all about directions and learning our left and right. We worked in partners to direct our friends to the spot. We are well prepared for our island treasure hunts this week!


We couldn't learn about directions without talking about our favourite... ONE DIRECTION!

Our job was to direct the 1D boys to their destinations using directions and half or quarter turns! We were fantastic and managed to direct Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry safely to their microphones!



Christmas Fun!

KS1 Christmas Party


We all had a brilliant time at our Christmas party this week. We put our best party clothes on and all looked brilliant. We played lots of games and showed off our fantastic dance moves. There was also a visit from Santas Claus, who brought us lots of presents!

Cooking up a Gruffalo Storm!


Year 1/2 received a letter this week. It was from the mouse from the story 'The Gruffalo!' The mouse explained that the Gruffalo was coming for tea, but he didn't know how to make any of the Gruffalo's favourite foods! Uh oh! Some disgusting ingredients arrived in our classroom. There were snake eggs; owl feathers and fox bones to name a few. We set about exploring the ingredients to make the following foods:


  • Scrambled Snake;
  • Roasted Fox;
  • Owl Ice-Cream;
  • Gruffalo Crumble.


We had to write some instructions which told the mouse how to make the foods. Our instructions were fantastic. Lots of brave children tasted the foods we had made. As you can see by our faces, they were not so delicious, but we hope the Gruffalo enjoys them!

Highway Rat Found!


Following the Highway Rat's appearance at school last week, we were all relieved to know that he had been found. Year 1/2 had lots of things to ask so he was brought in for questioning. The children wrote their own questions and they interviewed that beastly rat!


Jonah, Lucie, Elijah, Cerys and Joe then did a super job of pretending to be the Highway Rat and answered some tricky questions from our class!

Money Money Money!


This week we have been learning all about money! We have been recognising coins up to £2 and learning how to add coins together to find the total. We have been shopping at the Lingey House Shop and making sure we have the right amount of money to give to the shopkeepers! We have all been working really hard and some of us have even been learning how to give change to the customers.



On the morning of Wednesday 13th November 2013, a serious crime was committed at Lingey House Primary School. When year 1/2 returned to their classroom, they found chairs and tables pushed over; empty food packets and broken objects. It was a crime scene! The clever detectives in year 1/2 looked at the clues we had:

  • Rat footprints;
  • Horse shoes prints;
  • A sharp sword;
  • Empty food packets.

They knew just who was responsible, 'The Highway Rat!' That beastly baddie from our story book had come to our school and eaten our food. Worst of all, he had eaten all of Miss Mundy's haribos! We took action immediately and created wanted poster and a recount. We were also interviewed by a familiar looking police officer. Hopefully we will find that greedy highway rat soon...

Highway Rat Crime Scene!

Boat Building


We have been learning all about 'Noah's Ark'. As part of this we have been learning how to design a boat. We experimented moving a cup (boat) across the table. We then looked at different ways of powering and moving boats. We decided that adding a sail might help it to move it faster. We used tissue paper and straws to design and make our own plastic cup boats.


We found out that the sail helped our boats to move faster!

Shape Superstars!


We have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We can name all regular and irregular 2D shapes so we moved on to look at trickier 3D shapes. We have been learning to recognise spheres, cuboids, pyramids and cones. We can even sort them according to their faces, edges and vertices! 


Come to our classroom shape shop where you can buy shapes, as long as you can describe them that is!


Shadows All Around!


As part of Arts Week, we all enjoyed looking at the National Gallery painting, ‘Bathers at Asnieres’. We looked at the different shadows in the picture and had fun exploring our own shadows. We looked at how the shadows move and change, before drawing around our friends’ shadows. We then made shadow puppets of the men and dogs from the painting and performed a show!                                                             

Shadows All Around