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Welcome to Year 1!


I have very much enjoyed getting to know my lovely new class already! They have all settled in well, working hard and have quickly adapted to the challenges of being in KS1.


Keep an eye on this page and we will update you with what we have been up to, and ideas for at home.


Miss Clarke 




Hello to my lovely Year 1 class! I thought I'd sneak a little look at my emails, just in case there were any more photos and WOW! You've blown my socks off yet again! I'll have no socks left at this rate! I'm just so constantly impressed by all the learning, reading, building, painting, crafting, exercising, puzzling, drilling, helping, wallpapering, baking and so much else that you are all doing! I've am posting the latest photos below so you can check out what your friends are up to and be inspired. 


I am so proud of you all as always, every one of you is a little superstar!


Miss Clarke

Latest home learning photos...


Well it's nearly Friday teatime, you've reached the Easter holidays! Two weeks to see how many ways you can both relax and have fun at home. 


Mrs Clydesdale and I will post you a few ideas at the start of each week in case you are running out, but remember this is 2 weeks off school school and home school smiley


After Easter, we'll start posting more tasks, so you can have a bit of structure to your day and keep on track with all of your subjects. Mrs Clydesdale and I will take turns so that both Year 1 classes have the same, but there will always be something on the Covid-19 page for you to do. 


Wishing you a very Happy Easter, and hope you've managed to track down some essential chocolate!


Miss Clarke

3rd April 2020

3rd April 2020 1

2nd April 2020 - Have a look what your friends have been up to!

1st April 2020 - Year 1EC Busy Bee's Update!


What busy bees you all are! It is lovely to see what some of you are getting up to at home. Sophie has been busy with the lego challenge and painting rainbows, and Brandon looks like he's been non stop with school work, painting and baking, both smiling as always! Nathan has been helping out, painting, reading and lots more! I love that Joshua is enjoying a full space themed week, what a great idea! And Wyatt is in full time explorer mode, building a space ship, tracking down creepy crawlies and going on a treasure hunt!


New plan! From today, you will find the daily posts on Home > Key Information > Covid 19 (Coronavirus) > Year 1


Today's is there, ready and waiting for you. 


I believe the school has send you an email address, on which you can send photos and updates of the fantastic things I hear you have been getting up to at home, whether Maths, English, Science, reading, learning to cook, learning to make your bed and tie your laces or whatever else! I will post your updates onto this class webpage, and my updates onto the new Covid 19 page. 


Happy Tuesday!



Good morning all! Hope you had a lovely weekend. A little birdy tells me you've all be especially busy and creative at home, helping with the cooking, cleaning, building things, doing Art, Maths, English and lots more! I'm so impressed with you as always!

I have created a challenge sheet for you this week. I have put a picture version and also one you can download, then you could maybe highlight or cross out each challenge you complete on your computer (or some of you may even have a printer).  You could pick one or 2 to do a day, so don't worry if it takes you a few weeks, you can compare with friends where you are up to!

I've also explained below about a great new feature I found for you on Google last night!


Enjoy and be good for your grown-ups!


Miss Clarke

Home Learning Challenges - you could pick one or 2 a day..

Home Learning Challenges - you could pick one or 2 a day.. 1

Word document versions of home learning challenge to download...

On a phone, ipad or might work on a tablet - go on Google, type an animal, scroll down to where it says 'View in 3D'. This Tiger appeared in my room and was eyeing up my hairdrier!

On a phone, ipad or might work on a tablet - go on Google, type an animal, scroll down to where it says 'View in 3D'. This Tiger appeared in my room and was eyeing up my hairdrier! 1
On a phone, ipad or might work on a tablet - go on Google, type an animal, scroll down to where it says 'View in 3D'. This Tiger appeared in my room and was eyeing up my hairdrier! 2


Happy Friday Year 1! I hope you are all looking after your grown ups. Not too far until Easter now, so today I have found you some ideas for Easter crafts. I've tried to find crafts which only need things from around the house like toilet rolls, socks, maybe some bits of paper or card and colours. You could make them as Easter presents for your family to make them smile.


Have a lovely weekend, see how creative you can be, how much exercise you can do and keep finding time to read. 


Miss Clarke

Easter Craft Ideas


Another sunny day! Hope you are all doing well. I wonder how many of you did tasks about sound yesterday? If you just want 2 little things to do today, find a book you enjoy to read to a grown up and either practice some counting in the house or garden or try one of the maths games online. 

The weather might not stick so if you can get out in the garden then make the most of it. Think about all of your senses this time. 


Touch - Can you find something soft? Spiky? Squishy? Hard? Rough?

Smell - Can you find things that smell nice in your garden? Maybe your grown up might have herbs and spices which smell nice in the garden or kitchen? 

Sound - Sit in the garden, or by an open window, with your eyes shut. How many things can you hear? Write them down. 

Sight - Draw 5 things you can see. 

Taste - Challenge for while you are not at school. Try 5 different foods you have never tried before. What do they smell like first? Are they crunchy? What do they feel like in your mouth? What do they taste like? What did you like about it?


Happy rest of Thursday!

Miss Clarke




Good Afternoon Year 1! Another sunny day!


We had just started learning about senses in Year 1 science, so I thought today we could all focus on sound. How do we hear sound? Without doing anything to annoy your grown ups, what in your house makes an interesting sound? Pick one thing. Now test what affects how you hear this sound. What if you are further away from it? What if you have your earmuffs or hat on? What if you are having your bath later and your ears are under the water when someone makes the sound. Does it sound different? Why do you think this is?


Here's a crafty challenge for you. Can you make a musical instrument? Or a set of musical instruments? You might put bits of lego or dry rice in a bottle. You could use elastic bands round a box like a guitar. See what noises you can make and how you can make the noises change. Have fun!


Miss Clarke smiley


Good Morning Year 1! I wonder how many of you were exercising with Joe Wicks at 9am? Don’t forget all the bits I added yesterday, maybe you could use them to create your own timetable. I’ve added a new maths game below, I checked and it works on phones too. Also David Walliams is reading a story every day, you could listen while your grown ups are busy.

Miss Clarke

Good Morning!

I hope you have all been able to enjoy the sunshine at the weekend, whether in the garden or just getting all the windows open to blow away the cobwebs!

I know getting started on how to organise your time this week might be a bit daunting for some people, so I have attached some documents below with a potential timetable, ideas and activities. 

I will stress that there is no obligation to even open these! They are just there for anyone who would like. 

Don't forget Joe Wicks at 9am too if you're feeling energetic (or need a wake up!). See below!

Thinking of you all,

Miss Clarke

Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine! 1
I spotted this today, Joe Wicks is going to do live PE sessions on his YouTube channel at 9am Monday to Friday next week. What a great, positive way to start the day! Maybe everyone in the house can join in!

Maths Games

Below I have put some links for maths games which the children might enjoy playing at home, to improve their basic maths skills. 

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10a. Click on the www link below the picture

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10a. Click on the www link below the picture 1

Coconut Odds and Evens Game

Coconut Odds and Evens Game 1

Online Dot to Dot in 5s

Online Dot to Dot in 5s 1

Train Subtraction Game

Train Subtraction Game 1

Number Bonds Game

Number Bonds Game 1

Today’s music lesson

Still image for this video
I was treated to a little concert today in music, this was one of the groups.

A little insight to our science week..

Our Science Week Assembly

Still image for this video

click the link below the picture

click the link below the picture 1

Our family dance afternoon - 07/10/19


In science, we have begun to study Autumn and think about the differences between Autumn and the other seasons. When you are out and about outside school, you could look out for signs of Autumn. I have put some pictures below for ideas of what you might spot...