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English is divided into five key areas:


  •  Speaking and Listening
  •  Reading
  •  Writing
  •      Spelling & Phonics
  •  Handwriting


Phonics is taught from Nursery to Key Stage One daily. Children are assessed and placed in small groups of children of equal ability. We use the Letters and Sounds programme. When children reach Stage 6 and no longer need phonics, they move onto taught spellings through the Nelson scheme. Children have statutory spellings that are taught and assessed at the end of every half term.


Reading is taught discreetly through Accelerated reading, Guided reading and comprehension. Accelerated reading occurs daily. Children choose their own text to read and when they feel secure that they have understood what they have read, they complete a short quiz on an ipad. This quiz tests the children’s understanding. Guided reading takes place once a week where children read a text in a teacher-led group and verbally answer questions set by staff. Children will also complete work based on what they have read. During comprehension, reading skills are taught to help children answer questions using the text to find the answer to the questions.


Children have access to a wide range of text types from reading schemes such as; Project X, Ginn Star, Big Cat, Pelican, Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star and Nelson Thorns.


Writing happens daily and is taught both discreetly and through Creative Curriculum topics. High-quality texts are used to give children content for writing. Children are taught a wide range of grammar skills throughout the year and apply their learning into their writing. We strive to ensure our children write through a range of different contexts e.g. real-life experiences, visits/visitors and fiction and non-fiction text types.


Handwriting is taught daily through a Prime Ed scheme. Children from Year 2 onwards are taught joins to improve fluency.