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Friday 29th January

Materials Science: Today your task is to do a science hunt around your home. Try and find:

  • Something rigid (not bendy)
  • Something bendy
  • Something transparent (see through)
  • Something with moving parts
  • Something which can hold liquid
  • Something with lights in or on

It might be helpful to make a table to start, have a look at the example below. What is each thing made of?

Thursday 28th January

Back to Geography today. On Tuesday you thought about South Shields beach. Have you been to Tynemouth beach? If not, look at some photos of it online. Imagine you were in charge of improving it. What features would you add? Create a map to show the new improved Tynemouth beach and surrounding area. You might include a key to explain your map. See the slides below to help you think.

Wednesday 27th January

Today is fitness day! Have a try at the workout video below. We tried one in class and it was a great workout as well as being great fun. You choose a character each time, then do the exercise which appears behind them. Maybe you could persuade your grown-ups to join in too!


Super Mario Fitness Challenge - PE Distance Learning At Home

Directions: Students have 10 seconds to choose which of the 2 options is the safest against that particular enemy, and they step to either side of the room o...

Tuesday 26th January

Today we are continuing our geography topic 'Glorious North East'. 


Have you been to South Shields? What is there? What human (man-made) features are there? What physical (natural) features are there? What do you like about South Shields? Use you knowledge, pictures online or the slides below to help. 


Make a postcard sent from a pretend (or real) day out at South Shields sea front. Draw a picture of your favourite thing there on one side, and write your message on the other side. There is a template below for you to look at (or use). 


Monday 25th January

In our Three Billy Goats Gruff story, the troll lives under a bridge. Can you make a bridge? It could be a picture of a bridge, a Lego bridge, a bridge you can stand on, a bridge between 2 tables in your house. Use your imagination. You could even put the troll under it (or dress as the troll and hide under it!). We will look forward to your pictures!

Thursday 21st January

Tuesday 19th January- Creative Curriculum

Friday 15th January

Back to our Materials Science. Did you know there are people who are 'Materials Scientists'? Their job is to study and design different materials. They might find ways to make materials stronger or more flexible (bendy) so that they can be used to make different things. 

Today you are going to be a Silly Materials Scientist. Imagine if I made a house out of custard! Why would this be a silly idea? Or a car out of chocolate! Draw and describe an invention with a silly choice of material. Why is it a silly choice?


Thursday 14th January

Back to our 'Glorious North East' geography topic.


Have you ever been to the Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside before? If you have, what is there? 


The Quayside has lots of bridges, can you name any of the bridges? (Don't worry if not!)


Have a look at the slides below to find out more about the bridges. Which is your favourite? Can you draw a picture of your favourite, write its name (and if you can add any extra information about it that would be fantastic!) This could even be a great rainy afternoon art project today. We look forward to seeing your pictures, paintings or however you choose to create your bridge. 


Wednesday 13th January

Today is fitness focus day. What exercise would you most enjoy that gets your heart beating fast? Maybe it's dancing, running, dribbling a football, cycling...... The more you do this, the fitter and healthier you get. Then this week's challenge is to practice your throwing and catching. This could be by yourself, with a sibling or with a grown up. If you don't have a ball, a rolled up pair of socks is just as good!

Tuesday 12th January - Geography topic work

If you can, go on Google maps and use it to find where you live. Look at it in street view.


Can you spot your house?

What do you live near?

Can you see anything you recognise?

Which route do you take to school?

Can you locate our closest city: is it Newcastle or Sunderland?

What information can you find out about your closest city?


You could then have fun zooming out on Google maps to see where we are in the world. 


Monday 11th January

Think about our Billy Goat's Gruff story. Think about the troll. What do you think he looks like? Can you make a troll? Use your imagination, it could be a puppet, a picture, a model, a collage or something completely different. 

We would love to see photos of your trolls! If you take one, remember our email address is